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  1. Post from Equinox FB group about yesterdays sailing: "Celebrity Equinox can hold up to 2,850-passengers. Our current sailing that departed yesterday only has 350 people. So that’s only traveling at 12% of its capacity! "
  2. Reflection's first revenue cruise is November 6, 2021.
  3. From additional term: All cover charges are per person. Restaurant reservations are subject to availability, and reservations are non-transferable. Additional items such as beverages, menu supplements, food and wine pairings and gratuities are not included.
  4. Cabins on the "hump" (angled) offer a larger balcony and are convenient to the elevators. The room is the same size.
  5. I loved the Century, such a beautiful , classic ship.
  6. We always book 1605 or 1610 (S class)on the hump, no problem with noise from above, huge balconies.
  7. Deck 5 Port side has two smoking sections, one by the entrance to the theater and one by sushi on 5. They briefly switch to starboard, occasionally, in early AM to swab the deck and refueling while in port. There is smoking, at the tables only, located at the Mast Bar. Sunset Bar, port side, at the tables and along the grass. Smoking port side on the pool deck was discontinued two years ago.
  8. Agree, OP is trying to AVOID being downwind of a smoking area.
  9. You were at the Sunset Bar. Click on the menu for Sunset Bar https://www.*****/community/resources/celebrity-cruises-bar-menus-with-pricing.48/download
  10. Webcam: https://www.ftlauderdalewebcam.com/
  11. If there are cruises in January they certainly won't be 12 day cruises.
  12. Royal has cruises every weekend to Cococay. It"s a sea day, stop at Cococay and back home.
  13. My daughter came to live with us, she had one Celebrity Cruise, and I called Captains Club and they made her Elite (my status). She took a cruise with her boyfriend without me. Her Seapass was marked Elite as we're her luggage tags. She received all ELite benefits on the cruise. She cruised again 6 months later, same thing. However she only accumulate her own points. So in order to make Elite Plus she must earn 750 points on her own.
  14. We had a cruise booked for 11/21 prior to covid $3034 for two of us, it is now $4852!
  15. Edge is the mother ship to the Silhouette, Equinox, Summit and Reflection. She picks up supplies for all of them. They are all moored just west of Coco Cay.
  16. 1 billion dollars to build the Edge!
  17. 11 nights in October of this year , not happening.
  18. Actually the upper limit to be considered a temperature is 100.4 which converts to 38 degrees Celsius. Normal temperature of 98.6 converts to 37 degrees Celsius. This was Celebrity"s policy back in early March: "Effective Friday, March 6, mandatory temperature screenings will be conducted for all guests, crewmembers, and visitors prior to boarding any vessel. Your temperature will be taken via a noninvasive digital scan. If your temperature registers above 100.4°F (38° C), you and your traveling companions will be referred to a secondary health screening. Secondary health screenings will be performed by medical professionals who will check for flu-like symptoms and pulse oximetry readings. Any guests who are denied boarding due to concerns during their health screening will receive 100% refund. "
  19. I think that the cruise lines will be lucky to sail by Thanksgiving.
  20. Not to demean status ,but to me, it just means you have the time and more importantly the money. I don't see it as a true "achievement" , more of a financial "perk"
  21. Just a way for OP to brag about making Pinochle
  22. We have been cruising since 1992 and probably won't cruise again. After seeing the way ships were treated by various countries, I don't want to be stuck at sea, especially if we happen to catch the virus.
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