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  1. Booked OOS June 2020 Alaska cruise throw Costco, with Travel Guard trip protection. Still deciding whats a better option for us 125% or refund to cc. Anyone in the same boat?
  2. Big IF for Ovation June 5 sailing. Remaines to be seen...
  3. Time will tell. I guess our best option to wait for RC to cancel that cruise so we have an option of 125% FCC or 100% money back. We haven't purchased air flights yet. And for some reasons I am not in the mood for Alaska right now, especially w/o Victoria which we enjoy a lot a few years back. Also living 20 min away from Port Everglades and Port of Miami it's hard to justify $$$ for airfare, hotels, and cruise by itself. I just hope they bring Anthem class ship down my road for my personal convenience and curiosity sutisfaction.
  4. We booked a family cruise for Ovation out of Seattle June 5-12 with nonrefundable $500 deposit from Costco. Already paid in full and also purchased travel guard for this trip. Any suggestions from super smart CC people? Is anyone in the same situation?
  5. on Dave's website is a bus tour for about 3 hours. is there an option to take a bus back to cruise terminal? How much is a separate price for a rail road? Any discount for kids?
  6. thank you very much for your informative response!
  7. our group of 19 (7 kids) is planning a day in Victoria, We want to go to Butchart Garden, Fisherman wharf and just enjoy a day in Canada. Any suggestions? Group discounts? Maybe a small bus private tour. In 2014 my dd and I took a cruise excursion just because we had 5 hours in port. This June we have all day.
  8. On Ovation this June with a group of 10. A few Q's please. Is a naturalist on board of the ship? Can we do Butchart garden and Fisherman wharf after? What not to miss on board? Thanks in advance!
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