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  1. Honestly, I thought we'd all agreed to keep this wonderful area of the ship a safely guarded secret?? Now the cat is well out of the bag! 😎
  2. I hope I am not going to get into trouble for this but I thought this was perfect for this thread - albeit perhaps more 'cautious' than 'optimism'! (Credit to Johng75370 on the SS water cooler thread.)
  3. Kool Kruiser is right to reflect on the wave of optimism felt here in the UK. If we can get the logistics right and the virus doesn't trap us in new ways it does feel like this might be the beginning of the end. However, on today's lunchtime news it was being suggested that, actually, it was likely to be Summer before sufficient numbers would be vaccinated for us to get back to life as we knew it. By Spring we might have worked through the high risk groups but, obviously, it will take longer to start working through more of the population to get to the point where there are sufficient people v
  4. I had a quick look at some old Silversea daily programmes this afternoon. One of the enrichment speakers on that particular cruise was a certain Dr Herb Keyser. Now where else have I seen Dr Keyser....?! (the more you cruise you more you run that slight risk that enrichment / entertainment is a repeat of what you have seen before. And I believe I have read about that problem on these boards before!) Adrian
  5. I am not renowned for serious posts and this attempt may, if you read it, still leave you wondering why you wasted those two minutes of your life but, seriously..... I think sometimes we get a bit hung up on our likes and dislikes. Of course, every experience is different - and that includes every cruise line, every cruise and even every cruise day. Some are better than others and having favourites is good and proper and helps us make informed choices for the future. But wouldn't life be a bit boring if we decided we really only like one restaurant and because every other one we ha
  6. Hello May B - I was wondering where you May have Been - and I am sure others have too. Of course there is much less of interest to read here than when folks are reporting on their experiences - where they May Be having fun or May Be not. And if, May Be, you have an upcoming cruise that is really, really, going to depart rather than May Be not then that is another reason to visit these boards. We have booked an SS cruise - for 2023! Well, there are 24 hours in every day and there's not much else to do. Surely (May Be?) we will be through all this by then?! Although there is a worry that th
  7. Thanks to Roy I have been off cruising again! Well, as near as you can get these days.... As many of you will know, Roy keeps a splendid log of every trip and as he has done so very many trips there is quite a back catalogue. Fortunately I had the foresight not to read every one when he first posted and I have quite a few unread ones to enjoy. Roy, thank you - and as far as I am concerned you are about to board the MS Oosterdam in Vancouver. I am only just 'back' from your Blount cruise to Nantucket etc and with no re-packing or laundry necessary I'm all ready looking forward to
  8. We have some Canadian cruising friends with whom we have had fun times on several cruises. You have just helped unlock some of the mysteries about them! (odd formal dress, partial to snails, pronouncing an r in 'coffee' - and being unable to spell correctly...😎)
  9. From many years of studying how contrasting products work perfectly in combination (eg gin and tonic) I believe they may be on to something here.....
  10. Hi Stumblefoot Yes, that's the order we did it in - saving the luxury until the end! The Toucano is very comfortable and operates like an expedition cruise for just 18 guests. There are early starts and after dark trips most days in the equivalent of zodiacs. Photo shows the breakfast buffet and the boot cleaning service (so a bit like SS!). In fact, following the Toucano week we travelled south from Manaus by land and speedboat to quite a remote treetops lodge for more immersion in this wonderful area. The lodge was very comfortable too - but we did find ourselves sharing our r
  11. If I may offer a 'top tip' for anyone considering an Amazon cruise. We were lucky enough to cruise from Manaus on the Cloud a few years back (and passed through the Breves Narrows - an extraordinary experience). But the highlight of the whole trip was a week on a small boat (MY Toucano Riverboat) that took us up river from Manaus. It gave a totally different insight to the region and really got us up close to the real river and Amazon rain forest experience. A little more hard-core than the Cloud (!) but Magical.
  12. There's not been a lot happening on Cruise Critic for a long time now. (Can't think why!) But in browsing around places I haven't visited in a while I stumbled across this thread and it struck me that more fun is being had here than anywhere else I've looked. And in my book fun places are the place to be! It has been a while since we cruised with Silversea but an agent called me the other day (I had browsed the web site and that was enough for them to pounce!) and told me I had 70 days on their VS records. Crikey - more than I thought. Well, one thing has led to another and it l
  13. Here is a fascinating video showing how Dream are managing their operation. (with apologies if this has been posted already) https://eur05.safelinks.protection.outlook.com/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DBwBApK3hHEU&data=04|01||6cbd93629cfa49b37d7408d8969ea422|84df9e7fe9f640afb435aaaaaaaaaaaa|1|0|637424955379613359|Unknown|TWFpbGZsb3d8eyJWIjoiMC4wLjAwMDAiLCJQIjoiV2luMzIiLCJBTiI6Ik1haWwiLCJXVCI6Mn0%3D|1000&sdata=2kxmNDfXMLBZ9TAYnXg5umbDRgzt3XFzJrgaVjuo36A%3D&reserved=0
  14. Yes, I see the argument - and you might well be right. But what a disaster it would be if the first re-positioning trip with passengers had a covid mishap... What's more - I guess you either choose to hire your staff several weeks before a Singapore restart to train / retrain / covid train or you hire a little later and carry out your training whilst you are underway. Given that, among many other issues, passengers you embark in Singapore will have inter continental flight considerations, I would think there is much lower risk to plan your restart with a 'return to depa
  15. Yes, indeed, thanks! Somehow, given the earlier dates involved plus the many borders to be crossed I don't feel very optimistic about any of those three cruises and wonder whether Crystal have concluded that their best chance is to get back to Western Europe. Or perhaps these new cruises are just an exercise in keeping morale up in the planning / sales departments?! What a guessing game it is..... Adrian
  16. I'm wondering whether one of these trips is worth a punt... It's a bit earlier than my recent late summer restart prediction but the UK to UK routing might just improve the potential for it to happen. (subject to a thousand things going right between now and then) However, whenever the restart happens, just what are the chances of Crystal quickly rebuilding the whole service / product package after such a long stop. After all the crew have all been let go a long time ago... And don't tell me they are all standing by for the re-hire call. Some roles can be quickly filled / trained but
  17. I've just read that I am approximately number 15 million in the line for the UK vaccine. Now, I've stood in some long lines at Disneyworld in my time but never one that long.... The suggestion is that my turn will come around June! (OK, Colin, which cruise....3rd or 11th?)
  18. Well, I realize that those in the US have a little distraction going on at the moment but does that, alone, explain the difference in perspectives here?! We are being told a vaccination programme is planned to start in early December. The cold temperature issue is not nearly as significant an issue as being made out ('vaccine is stable for up to 48 hours after defrosting') and a million per week will be vaccinated, starting with those in care homes, then front line staff, then in 5 year age bands. Now, for sure, it will take a while but if it happens like this it will be an extraor
  19. Well said, Colin! I logged in earlier today and checked this thread expecting significant debate around the extraordinary news of the Pfizer vaccine. No mention at all. I have come back several hours later and, at last, one comment! Surely this is at least the beginning of what we have been waiting for? On the down side it seems to me that we might find a restart is further postponed. After all, why would you not want to wait 'a bit' longer for a vaccine now that we seem to be so much closer to one? Interesting to see the (UK) priority order
  20. Hello Roy. A small point in the overall scheme of things but my understanding is that Yellow Fever vaccination is not given to those over 65 because the risks of adverse reaction are too high. So it is a case of 'you'll have to hope you've got lifetime protection' rather than you have it! Adrian (disclaimer - I'm not a medic!)
  21. Knowing your sense of humour never leaves you, can I just say that, if I was in charge at Crystal I would undoubtedly award you free laundry for life for reaching this significant milestone..... And, in what I would like to think is a positive sign, I received the final part of a refund for a cancelled 18th March cruise (not Crystal) only yesterday. Do you believe in signs, Terry...? Adrian
  22. So, why when looking at Crystal's website for more detail, does it lead you to a PDF which is marked as being version 2.0? (and, in any case, only has subject headings with no detail at all)
  23. I had wondered about this. And as a parallel bit of fun wondered who, here, was most qualified and able to pull off an 'I'm interested in buying one of your ships' conversation. My suggestion - among many clearly able contenders - would be Stan and Jim!
  24. Well I must admit I had plumped for Oceania because I thought I had spotted an OLife poster in the photo taken outside the spa entrance (I think). But closer inspection of the blurred enlarged photo suggests I'm wrong. (Eyes aren't quite what they used to be...☹️🙄) I hope it isn't an Oceania ship!
  25. I know they say that every ship is always 'for sale' but I was surprised to see this on a 'cruise ships for sale site'. The photos could be old and they have done their best to disguise the ship but an eagle eye might suggest it is an Oceania ship? (pre face lift. obviously) https://www.qpsships.com/copy-of-s2127
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