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  1. We recently stayed at the Marriott Biscayne Bay Hotel before our cruise. The hotel is close to the port and has a great view of the ships. The hotel was spacious in the common areas, the room was excellent, and the staff were very helpful. There'are a few shops and restaurants attached to the hotel, and we had dinner at a nice Chinese restaurant in this area the evening before the cruise. We will definately stay at this hotel in the future when we cruise out of Miami.
  2. We are cruising on the Fantasy soon and we're looking for parking options that are less expensive than the terminal parking ($18/day). We will be staying the night before with relatives in the area so we don't need a hotel for the night. Can anyone suggest safe, less expensive parking options? Do any of the hotels allow parking without staying a night? BTW, I've already looked at bestparking.com. Many thanks for any suggestions.
  3. We have our second cruise on the Fantasy in 3 weeks. On our first Fantasy cruise, I found a super specialty coffeeshop but I can'tremember where it was. I had a coffee drink that tasted like a Toasted Almond! I definately want to go there on our upcoming cruise. Does anyone kow where this coffeeshop is lociated? Thanks for your help!
  4. Many thanks for the suggestions!
  5. DH andI are going on Breakaway for the first time soon. We've been on quite a few cruises but this is only our second on NCL. On another ship I found a small coffee shop that made coffee flavors, for example, a Toasted Almond! Is there any place on Breakaway that makes specialty coffees? Thanks for your help!
  6. On several cruises, I have taken the individual sized liquid hazelnut creamers in their original box and put it in my checked bag. I've never had a problem with the creamers breaking during the flight. More recently, I have switched to the hazelnut powder creamer that's in a plastic container that I put in a gallon plastic bag, and it goes in my checked bag. The creamer works just fine in my coffee and there's no worry about it spilling during the flight. I take a couple of small plastic bags, and each day, I pour some of the creamer in the bag and take it with me for my coffee.
  7. I have had bouts of motion sickness far more often on land than on ships, but I always bring something on cruises in case I get motion sick. I've used the patches, Dramamine, etc. with varying success. On our last cruise in June, I had some motion sickness and I used Motionease for the first time. It relieved the motion sickness almost immediately! It is topical, not ingested, so there are no side effects and it can be repeated as needed. A drop is applied to the finger and then placed behind an ear. It also has a pleasant smell. I first heard about it on this site and have carried it with me for a number of cruises but I had not used it until the last cruise. BTW-it is available at Wal-Mart and I also saw it in the ship store with aspirin and similar products.
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