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  1. Has anyone heard anything about the Sensation? I know she's in drydock (or just coming out), but we are booked on the 2/10/20 sailing. This morning I logged in to start my online check-in...and it wasn't there!! Hopefully just a glitch with the website?? This sailing also does not show up for booking, but it could be full?? Should I worry?? (I will definitely be calling this morning, just asking if anyone knew/heard anything)
  2. yes, get two cabins! This happened to me and a friend on the Escape last year. We had booked adjoining studios and about 10 days before sailing, they dropped the prices and the single supplement charge and we each got our own balcony cabin for $50 each. It was great! (I even got an aft balcony)
  3. This is a great list! Where did you find it? I looked at all the links provided, and links from those links and did not see this. (I even googled images and did find this). Do you have a link directly to this? Thank you!
  4. esm: Let me as specific as I can with my question.... A few years ago, someone (on this board) had compiled a complete list of everything that was in the suites that were not in regular cabins. This list was so detailed it even included 'a scale in bathroom' ....(not sure who would want that, but it was there)....also, different class suites had different amenities. This list was compiled before the creation of the Havens. Much has changed since the introduction of the Haven suites. DOES ANYONE KNOW IF THIS LIST IS STILL FLOATING AROUND? Thank you.
  5. Very Interesting...personally, I could do without a butler and concierge....one or the other, don't need both. This is our 4th time in a butlered suite. 3 times we had excellent service from the butler, we've had no interaction with the concierge and 1 time, we hardly saw the butler at all. This is our first forward facing penthouse as we are usually aft travelers, but this cabin looked so interesting. (Gem 10000)
  6. Thank you...I saw that page and found it pretty vague....years ago, someone had a complete list.... that’s what I was looking for
  7. Yes, thank you Captain Obvious.... didn’t find the information I was looking for.... therefore I asked here....
  8. I'm sure this has been covered over and over again, however, I cannot find the information I am looking for. A few years ago, we had an Owners Suite on the Dawn and it came with a long list of amenities including a bar set up in our suite. We just booked a forward facing Penthouse on the Gem and now I cannot find a Suites Amenities List anywhere. Does someone have a link to it? Has it changed?
  9. This was my first Platinum cruise......a lanyard?? really?? 🙄
  10. We were in 7428, an aft balcony. I agree, the make-over was not impressive. Areas were crowded, lines were long. If you don't get to the theatre early, good luck finding a seat. The cabin was the biggest disappointment. NO DRAWERS! and only 2 shelves....3 closets, lots of hanging space...but where should we put our socks, underwear, folded pants, shirts, etc?? Our cabin did not even have the drawers under the couch. We had to have the room steward remove the bulky mattress (for the couch/bed) from under our bed so we could store our suitcases. The bathroom still looked (and smelled) old. I wonder if they are not completely done since our cabin did not have the new cabinet hardware that I've seen on youtube videos and in other cabins. On the plus side: My Time Dining check in on your phone was amazing!! And the movies on demand in your cabin, very nice!! (mostly free)...
  11. We've done the cabana 3x in the past. Now they are so outrageously expensive we skip it and opt for a clamshell near the pirate ship so that we can watch the games they do. I've got a secret on how to get a cabana. Once they are 'sold out' (which is usually immediately) I send an email to the excursion desk requesting to be put on the waiting list for a cabana. I make sure I print off the response email from them stating that I am on the list. As soon as I get onboard, I check in with the excursion desk, sometimes they have me on the waiting list, sometimes not (this is why I bring the email with me)...We've gotten a cabana everytime. The cabanas are nice, comfy...it includes sodas, water, lots of fresh fruit and chips, padded loungers, misting fan, table and chairs, air conditioner, rafts, snorkel gear, outdoor shower...the further out you go, the more privacy you have...this does not stop people from trying to use your stuff (like the shower)...the last time we had one, around 1pm a group of young ladies (ship workers I'm pretty sure), came along and camped out right next to us (in the shade of the cabana) and they were quite loud and played music and helped themselves to our shower....it was a little annoying. I think everyone should try one atleast once. They are very nice, we just don't think they are worth the $300+ for two people. I think when we got them, they were about $270-ish.
  12. Yes, make sure you get in the 'priority' line. Last time we were there, they directed us to the 'gen pop' line and after waiting for 20 min, they told us, oh...you want to be in the priority line....grrrrrr....so, to the back of the priority line for us....(as your looking at the building from the front, it is the doors all the way to the left) 🤬
  13. We almost always go suite or at a minimum, aft balcony. Carnival offers the most affordable suites. You should try it at least once and judge for yourself. IMO, the Vista Suite (available on select ships, Miracle, Pride, etc) is my favorite. It has 2 rooms and a huge wrap balcony with a beautiful view from the back of the ship (along with a walk in closet, huge bathroom with whirlpool tub and a vanity area). I recommend it, especially if you're the type that just likes to spend time with your significant other away from the crowds.
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