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  1. Loving this review so far. I’ve been curious about Norwegian for a while and having sailed Royal Caribbean and Carnival previously I’m loving the detailed comparison
  2. Also CSPA20 for Cyber Monday for 20% off spa services
  3. I’ve been on a Carnival Spirit class ship (Pride) and Royal Radiance class (Brilliance) and prefer Carnival. The size and age is similar (smaller, older). I thought the MDR food was better on Carnival. Although I did find the dancing each night annoying. The buffet food was better on Royal but I didn’t care because if I was eating on the lido on Carnival I would rather eat the burritos, burgers, pizza, etc which were all amazing and much better than anything on Royal. We didn’t order room service but I believe Carnival still has free items available before 10pm if that’s important to you. the production shows are reportedly worse but we’re not production show people. We typically just go to comedy shows so I like that Carnival has a dedicated comedy club and multiple shows most nights. Cabins are noticeably bigger with good storage. staff were more personable in my experience. We had avoided Carnival for years because I thought it was an inferior product, but I actually personally found it to be much better for less money.
  4. BPIX20 for 20% of Pixels BFSH10 for 10% of decorations and selected merch I don’t see one for excursions but he said there would be more on Monday for cyber Monday
  5. The vegetarian Indian! It’s different every night but some of the dishes were the best Indian dishes I’d ever had.
  6. Bermuda is amazing! Very easy to get around with no excursions. Beaches are gorgeous and they have very affordable ferries and buses to get around the island so also look at what there is to do all over the Island. Very clean and safe.. Since the ship stays over you could experience the nightlife if you want. I would say definitely worth the extra money. The only real drawback is that weather is cooler than Caribbean since it’s further North so depending on the time of the year you are going it may not be beach weather if that is important to you (think weather in South Carolina).
  7. DId out do a review of the Disney Cruise? If so can Post the link? Would love to read it.
  8. We were on the Pride with a TON of children and it rarely felt crowded.
  9. RCCL and Carnival are mostly the same. Here are some thoughts about the food on carnival as compared to RCCL: -Pizza is much better on carnival. Salads are worse (less creative options) - Fast options are really good (Blue Iguana Tacos and Burritos, Guys Burgers) -MDR food is similar. Warm chocolate melting cake is really good. So is vegetarian Indian. - There’s a lot of singing and dancing in the MDR timed for early and late dining times. This may be a positive or negative for you depending on your preference. Have a great time!
  10. Here’s a different one going on now too: https://wordchallenge.seussville.com/
  11. https://www.carnival.com/Registration/Promotions/Choose-Fun-NY.aspx
  12. In the breakfast burritos make sure to get the crunchy potatoes with your eggs and whatever else you get. Gives it such good texture. Fish tacos are awesome. If you haven’t tried the Quattro formagi pizza its soooo good. Also the new cakes in the Lido at lunch are really good. For MDR food, the Indian vegetarian was the best. And it’s different every night.
  13. Everything else being equal sailing out of Tampa is awesome, both in terms of how easy the port is to manage and in terms of sailing under the Skyway bridge which is really cool.
  14. No, you have to check in with your cabin number for ATD and cannot check in twice. But you could get eat dinner in the buffet and then dessert in the MDR or vice versa. Most of the options are the same in both locations.
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