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  1. DId out do a review of the Disney Cruise? If so can Post the link? Would love to read it.
  2. We were on the Pride with a TON of children and it rarely felt crowded.
  3. RCCL and Carnival are mostly the same. Here are some thoughts about the food on carnival as compared to RCCL: -Pizza is much better on carnival. Salads are worse (less creative options) - Fast options are really good (Blue Iguana Tacos and Burritos, Guys Burgers) -MDR food is similar. Warm chocolate melting cake is really good. So is vegetarian Indian. - There’s a lot of singing and dancing in the MDR timed for early and late dining times. This may be a positive or negative for you depending on your preference. Have a great time!
  4. Here’s a different one going on now too: https://wordchallenge.seussville.com/
  5. https://www.carnival.com/Registration/Promotions/Choose-Fun-NY.aspx
  6. In the breakfast burritos make sure to get the crunchy potatoes with your eggs and whatever else you get. Gives it such good texture. Fish tacos are awesome. If you haven’t tried the Quattro formagi pizza its soooo good. Also the new cakes in the Lido at lunch are really good. For MDR food, the Indian vegetarian was the best. And it’s different every night.
  7. Everything else being equal sailing out of Tampa is awesome, both in terms of how easy the port is to manage and in terms of sailing under the Skyway bridge which is really cool.
  8. No, you have to check in with your cabin number for ATD and cannot check in twice. But you could get eat dinner in the buffet and then dessert in the MDR or vice versa. Most of the options are the same in both locations.
  9. For the kind of differences you are asking about the only real procedural difference we noticed is that for Anytime Dining there are no reservations and they do not try to give you the same waiters each night unless you specifically ask (which could potentially increase your wait time). Other than that most things basically work the same. Also, I am generally a rule follower but I don’t think anyone would notice or care if an 18 year old is in Serenity as long as she’s not with a group of teenagers or acting obnoxiously.
  10. I’ve seen the occasional dish like pad Thai or a green curry usually as a vegetarian dish on a few lines but nothing exceptional. Specifically on Carnival I don’t think there’s any Thai dishes on the current MDR menus and none of the food we had at Chopsticks seemed particularly Thai
  11. The Steakhouse actually gives you a free bottle of wine on the first night (or half off any bottle on their wine list) so I think it’s a great idea. I don’t think it’s a problem with the MDR. If you are worried about not meeting your table mates you could make the reservation for a little after your MDR dining time and go say hi and explain.
  12. Pasta bar is free at lunch. Becomes Cucina which is $15/pp at dinner.
  13. Maybe fun toppings for pancakes and French toast other than maple syrup? I think there are plenty of options, they are just very normative versions of breakfast dishes, but nothing really creative. Doesn’t really bother me, but it’s nice to have some more exciting options at Blue Iguana and the MDR. My real gripe about the Lido breakfast was lack of fruit variety. I would have loved some berries or pineapple, but every day was just honeydew, cantaloupe, and citrus segments.
  14. What ship? The buffets differ somewhat in terms of lunch offerings, etc like some ships have chopsticks and some don’t. For breakfast the options are more creative in the MDR vs more standard in the buffet but you can get made to order omelets in both. For dinner it’s basically the same choices with more options in the MDR. Lobster is not served in the buffet. The new buffet cakes are great! My only issue with them was they didn’t seem to repeat at all so there were some delicious ones I would love to try again but they never reappeared (although I didn’t check every day) Also they were only at lunch. At dinner they mostly have the same options as the MDR minus the WCMC. Some of the the best food like the pizza and blue iguana are in or near the buffet too but Carnival seems to count them as separate venues.
  15. Evanbob posted that it was available on the Magic last week. I think all the ships now have the new Steakhouse menu that does have it so if you saw a menu that does not have it I believe that’s a mistake/ the old menu.
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