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  1. State Department is a good resource. You can check any country and it will give you visa and other info https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/international-travel/International-Travel-Country-Information-Pages/Indonesia.html
  2. I have stayed there. Nice little place with a good restaurant right on the intracoastal. Not really many decent airbnb near the beach. Most are $$$$ per night. Small apt airbnb's that I have seen are just ok. Early april is HIGH season and wherever you stay, if by the beach or Las Olas, it will be costly. We usually stay at the Conrad while in FLL
  3. I am fond of Shippy McShipface
  4. On the Explorer the pic of the princess is in the Atrium reception.
  5. Agree with this wholeheartedly. We have had a butler on almost all Regent Cruises. Butler service is very inconsistent almost 50/50. We are low maintenance and do not ask for anything special. No special in suite meals, preparing drinks, baths, etc. Maybe a specialty dinner reservation is all we ever ask for. Even then they are 50/50 on getting the basics right.
  6. Stay in Bergen. Its a beautiful city and you can do it on your own. Take the funicular to the top of the mountain for incredible views. Hardanger is not one of the best fjords in my opinion and really not worth 7.5 hrs on a bus. You can figure out the bus route and google map it and then click on the street view and you will see the fjord views from the road.
  7. Have you looked at the R ships that have gone thru the recent refurbishment? The ships look beautiful from the pictures I have seen. Far from old worn out decor that they had. We are planning an Asia cruise on the Regatta for Nov 2020. Looking forward to trying one of the smaller ships for the first time.
  8. Sometimes I just remember the name of the lotion/potion. Go on Amazon right after the treatment and buy it for 1/3 the price.
  9. Over the years we have got on late and left early on a few cruises. Got on late on one Oceania. Just get the "OK" and you are good to go.
  10. I still have Marks, Lira, Drachma, franc, guilder and pesetas. I am just going to keep them.
  11. Yes, USD for tour guides and drivers. Its expected and they know where to exchange. USD, being the reserve currency for the world, makes the USD a little different than say the pound or canadian dollar. In most underdeveloped countries or countries with struggling economies, many would rather have USD than their own currency. I was in Argentina earlier this year and they LOVED the USD. You could spend it anywhere and get a better exchange than at the banks or by using ATM's.
  12. Being a capital city and a well known name Helsinki stays on most itineraries. I think Riga and Gdansk are far superior places to see than Helsinki. You don't see these two ports often on the basic Baltic Itinerary On a CPH/ARN cruise either port could fit in nicely.
  13. Not making excuses for Regent, but city center CPH does not have very many upscale hotels with lots of rooms to accommodate a big group. Most Regent hotels are the same or similar to what you had in Tokyo. Most of the Nordic cities do not have the upscale brand hotels like Ritz Carlton, Conrad, Four Seasons, etc. Really not sure why. I am on the Explorer in 3 weeks leaving from CPH. We chose to stay in a small boutique hotel on Nyhavn.
  14. 9am has been the standard. On the Azamara Cruise, Did you help unpack the next guests luggage when they got to their cabin at 2pm. LOL
  15. To be honest, There really isn't much to see/do in Helsinki.
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