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  1. You got this! Keep on taking those steps, and you will achieve your goals! This original post was made a little over a year and a half ago, and after we got back from that cruise, I started taking steps to get where I need to be too. I'm thankful to report that I have now lost 110 lbs! On the cruise I was asking about, I totally rocked my "fat lady swim dress" and my son and I had a blast making memories on the slide! I wouldn't take anything for those fun times. I'm so glad I decided to go ahead no matter what anyone else thinks, and not let my worries hold me back. Thank you so much for your encouraging words, and happy cruising!
  2. HI! We are cruising with our best friends next month, and I couldn't find the link info online...I called Carnival directly, and they were able to look it up for me and confirm that out bookings are linked. So I would just call Carnival. :) Hope this helps!
  3. If I try were me, I would cut out the drinks package...that is over $400 towards what you are needing. We don't drink, so that one would be my choice. Have fun, enjoy the spa and fabulous dinners! $400 is a big chunk of change!
  4. Someone said in a thread here from several months ago that the smaller Reflections dining room was for assigned dining while they were in Europe earlier in the year. Is this true, or did they reverse it after coming stateside from Europe?
  5. Hi! Did a search but couldn't find an answer...we haven't parked at the port in a long time and usually use off site, but will be on Carnival Horizon from Miami, and decided to park on site after reading opinions from other CCers. Dumb question: with Carnival, do you pay upon arrival, or after the cruise when you pick up your car? And do they take cash only or do they also accept debit/credit cards? Thank you!
  6. Hi everyone! We have a cruise coming up, and have never cruised from Miami. Usually, we do a park and cruise or we book with an offsite parking. We found a Quality Inn that we made a reservation for which offers parking and shuttle for around $200 total after tax and all, but after reading reviews, we may cancel that and go another route. I keep reading caution about parking in Miami. I'm thinking we may need to just pay the extra to park at the port. If we do that, we need to find a cheaper hotel within an hour of Miami. We thought about Ft Lauderdale or something like that as we are coming down 95 from the north to port. We aren't too picky, we just want a clean room and one with free breakfast...like a La Quinta. Bonus points if it is under $100. Anybody have suggestions? Thank you!
  7. Would love to see the Fun Times from Horizon's 6 day sailings if anyone's has them and is willing to post them here. Thank you!
  8. I did, and we had a blast! Thank so so much for your kind words!
  9. Hi all! I have a chance to move from deck 6 to deck 7 on our upcoming Horizon cruise. Problem is, it is only about 4-5 rooms down from the thrill theatre...is this a noisy area? Can you hear sounds from the theatre in those cabins? I like the balcony better in the higher decks as it is further from the wraparound promenade, but am concerned about the noise.
  10. I know this is an inactive thread, but was wondering how y'all's tours went with Marks?
  11. Hi! I haven't been to Jamaica in 6 years and when I was there before, it was Falmouth. We are wanting to do Mystic Mountain and a good family friendly beach for part of the day. Can someone recommend a good tour company? We will dock in Ocho Rios. TIA
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