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  1. I don't really want to have to pay the balance for a cruise 6 months in advance when we only have to pay our balances in the UK ten weeks before departure. I was told (by a Viking agent in the UK) that the whole booking system on board is totally different and that to speak to someone regarding your booking afterwards is a bit of a job?
  2. Has any one checked the temperatures for this week for the Northern Lights cruise - it's more like summer in the UK temperatures! Just checking as we are doing it for January 2020
  3. We always book direct with Viking and the credit was on our account shortly after we received the notification e-mail about not stopping at St Tropez - we were advised that any unused credit prior to our sailing would be added to our onboard account on embarkation. We also had some onboard credit for booking the cruise early and the leftover from the missed port credit was added to that. As you will see we are in the UK and know that the operations in the USA are different to those here i.e. we only need to pay our remaining balance approximately ten weeks before departure.
  4. And you can only purchase them on the river cruises having been told on the Sky recently that they don't issue them!
  5. On our recent xmas cruise on the Sky a single lady on her own and on her first cruise had been upgraded to a cabin with a bath - the only cabins I can find with baths are the explorer suites - bit silly if you ask me - no upgrade for us and we were on our eleventh and twelfth cruise for myself and OH - where is the logic in that?
  6. We got our credit and used it beforehand to purchase the drinks package and a couple of DIY trips to Nice and Lucca and then what was left was added to our onboard account on our Christmas cruise last week
  7. Ignore my last post - modern technology accidentally quoted and posted! Sorry to hear about the shooting in Strasbourg and feel for the family of the person who has died and for the injured. We will be there next week now on the Idi rather than the Mani for our cruise on Friday - hope they catch the gunman soon
  8. This was a section of the e-mail received from Viking:- "In our time operating this itinerary, we have learnt that the unpredictable nature of the seas near St. Tropez has affected our ability to visit the port more frequently than we would like. Because of how our ships anchor in the bay of St. Tropez, guests must be transported ashore by the ship's tender vessels. When seas are rough, we are unable to transport guests, resulting in a missed port of call. Therefore, in order to ensure the best cruise experience possible, instead of visiting St. Tropez during the holiday as originally planned, we will now cruise the Mediterranean Sea on Day 3 of your itinerary and proceed to Marseille on Day 4"
  9. We are doing the Iconic Med Holiday on the 23rd December this year so will post when we get back - St Tropez was originally on our itinerary when we booked it as 'Iconic Western Med' holiday but due to tendering at that time of year Viking dropped it from the itinerary and we now have a day at sea on Christmas Day.
  10. We were in 3077 on the Sky at end of October and we could hear next door's TV or radio and it vibrated on the wall - also problems with slamming doors. In cabin 3022 on our Xmas cruise so will see if it is any quieter up the front end! Had quite rough seas and sliding wardrobe door and hangars were a bit bothersome too
  11. I thought something was up as it hadn't moved - thanks for the info!
  12. Have noticed this morning that the Mani is in Niehl - may be going to stay a while so that it doesn't get to Amsterdam too early. I don't think it is carrying passengers at the moment as it has only just started to move since the 9th November if my investigations have been correct. There is no time for it to get to Amsterdam and Basel and back again before our cruise on the 14th December. I am, therefore, hoping that when we arrive early in Amsterdam on the morning of the 14th December we will be able to get in our cabins and leave our valuables whilst we go exploring Amsterdam. I have not known Viking River to store hand luggage before if we have been unable to get into our cabins and don't fancy carrying our passports and all our euros around with us in such a busy city.
  13. Let's just hope we don't have the reverse problem - all this rain may cause the rivers to swell and the ships won't be able to get under the bridges due to high levels lol!
  14. Good luck! Hope she stays in Amsterdam for our 14th Dec departure!
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