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  1. elcuchio24

    Is a passport card sufficient?

    Doubtful? maybe...maybe not. I mean anything is possible. And this is just conjecture. What is true, is that if you have a passport book you have access to and from most countries in the world. I would rather know that myself and my family is covered rather than hope for the best and see if the bureaucracy goes my way. Obviously this is the age old debate on here. People can do whatever they want. When I leave my home country, I carry a passport. Seems pretty simple.
  2. elcuchio24

    Is a passport card sufficient?

    Yes, 'as soon as they know'. That verification can take any number of hours/days.
  3. elcuchio24

    Flights and shuttle to the ship

    Not sure where you are staying but we have had free hotel shuttles from the airport I believe all the spots we have stayed in SJ. Then its typically a cheap and short uber or taxi from hotel to pier....
  4. elcuchio24

    Is a passport card sufficient?

    Its not that you cant. You just may be stuck in immigration control in either the departing country or the US for an indeterminate amount of time.
  5. elcuchio24

    Is a passport card sufficient?

    A Passport card is for land travel. Up here in Maine alot of people have them to go in between Canada (for folks who dont do other international travel other than that.) Its pointless for a cruise. Either get a passport book of just use your ID/BC if you are comfortable with that. For us, Passports made for international travel, so if we are leaving US soil, we have our passports.
  6. elcuchio24

    Best Hotel near Ft. Lauderdale Port

    Thanks. We love the Conrad, stay at the one in Manhattan often.
  7. elcuchio24

    Jeans on "elegant" nights

    I do too. Cut off jean shorts though, I find its alot cooler and more comfortable and they go better with my AC/DC tank top.
  8. Looking for recommendations. We always stay in Miami at the Intercontinental, but are cruising out of Ft. Lauderdale with family who all wants to stay near the port. Suggestions?
  9. elcuchio24

    Gratuities Increase!!!!

    I have zero problem with this.
  10. elcuchio24

    Carnival Vista Itinerary Change

    I just had them switch DR ports for a cruise next year.....Amber Cove to La Romana. Doesnt matter to us. But you are right, no email/heads up of anykind....
  11. You've got it all on this thread....inferring criminality/moral highroad/questioning parenting. GOLD. Thanks for the laughs!:D
  12. elcuchio24

    Return Flight out of FLL?

    It is super close, but that is a very early flight. I would shoot for noon myself.
  13. elcuchio24

    A Good Reason to Choose the Late Seating

    So yes, you will have to be at dinner at that time. Depending on the size of your party they will either have you at a table by yourself, or with a larger table with other folks. If you request to be sat by yourselves, they will do their best to accommodate. We have not done set time dining in quite a while, but I feel two hours is an overstatement. In general I would say hour and fifteen, of course that will vary by ship and evening. Enjoy your cruise, you will have a blast!
  14. elcuchio24

    Dream: Suchi for dinner?

    I want to say 2012 is the last time time I can really remember....