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  1. Its been posted elsewhere so probably folks know, but the benefit was voted on and now good through July 2020 cruises I believe
  2. I wonder to myself, how many of these cutbacks I would even have noticed except for reading these boards. Under 50% for sure. Probably way under that!
  3. I bring on 2 12pack of Tonic water 😉
  4. Southern Itin is one of our alltime faves. I would not do Fascination though. Freedom or Horizon.
  6. For sure, love it. We'll bank $450 in the next 16mnts
  7. Hey Bob--my mistake, meant Aft, period. Too used to typing aft wrap I guess :-) I love the wraps, I dont like the plain aft facing...too much soon and not enough privacy.
  8. Haha, yep...I have gotten plenty of these sweet 'upgrade' offers over the years. We always book balconies, so its always upsell to a Suite. Often for the same price as what it would have been if we had booked the Suite to begin with. I think they are hoping they rope in people who are just excited to see the offer and dont spend the time to look at the price or think it through...
  9. Styles of dining/food options change over time and the lines change along with the trends. Some folks have a tough time with that, but listen the dining options arent going to be the same as 1995, they just arent. We really like NCL, been cruising them a fair amount these past couple years, mainly out of NYC. I'm sure you will enjoy the experience when the dates and itins match what you're looking for.
  10. I do agree. I think the 'dining room with set dining' will be gone sooner than later. I think what the younger generation is looking for is more options and more flexibility. Nothing wrong with that.
  11. try go go a day early. Three words: fake food poisoning
  12. Check out Catalina Island also. Its a much much shorter boat trip out then to Saona, and in my opinion a nicer area and less crowded.
  13. I'll bring a few past ones just in case. The kids use them for necklaces/slingshots currently.
  14. I dont like the aft wraps, but LOVE the extended. You will too.
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