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  1. Once threads go over 3 pages, zero chance I read them all. I just start to glaze over drift off.
  2. Did a non-balcony ONE time.....never again.
  3. airport is very close to the port in FLL
  4. I dont have all day. Just nostalgic over the free heartburn sessions.
  5. Remember the FAREWELL parties too? I think those got axed even before the past guest party. That one was even boozier (if) memory serves...
  6. Precious memories of our misspent CCL youth!
  7. still remember drinking like 5 mellon ballers in 45min...#heartburn....
  8. Pretty sure Jen is jumping ship the cruise before the TA....
  9. Well, they did do them for years....
  10. We are booked on the TA before this, going to Greenland/Shetlands, etc, no concerns
  11. I think most people dont realize you get a bigger reward on redemptions on charges over 1500
  12. just make sure to have your TA use the carnival card for payment and you should be good
  13. Great review, doing this same itin in Nov on Magic except DR vs HMC. Thanks!
  14. http://cruisett.com/content.php?s=af169f4aedaf5c982d92a64ad39f6f5a You can use this site to see what ships will be in what ports on what days. Gets more accurate closer you get, but usually within 9 months or so its dead on.
  15. Yes. Up through the time the benefit has been approved through (July 2020 I believe). Neither of mine were paid in full when I got the approvals.
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