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  1. look forward to it being updated, the port was pretty beat up as of November and along with the construction it was a mess. Love the area though.
  2. sage advice that only 5% of the US population probably knows about...
  3. Keep in mind almost all trading platforms are trade-fee free now 🙂
  4. I'll wait to guess when they start sailing again, and just wait until they ACTUALLY start sailing again to book. Until then we've been very happy with AI's, been even better than before.
  5. if your sailing out of Manhattan, then yes. Try to be on the Starboard side. Best sail away in the world, IMO
  6. we have two booked for next year, and will do a last minute one this fall/winter--if available.
  7. Its was only ever the land border. Many US flights paused during the spring, but all the AIs are open for business. No testing requirements. Just FYI. Headed to PDC in October.
  8. We'll take our $$ to the Mexican AIs until cruiselines are back up and running. Hopefully thats soon,
  9. why do you find that odd....good financials, good bookings, restarting Europe. Spot trading cruiselines and airlines the past 5 months has been gold...
  10. you do understand its not a US company, and does not pay US taxes...correct?
  11. sell it, harvest the loss so you win at tax time....buy back in in 30 days to avoid the wash trade.
  12. We're looking also. Be interesting to see. Also heard MSC is going to have a ship up there 2021, so that might be the option we take depending.
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