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  1. We got what we paid for. In saying that I am saying I did not know about FTTF so I didn't pay for it so I did my online thing as normal and got a later arrival time as what I am used to. I got a lot of flack for not liking this new system and voicing it. I have cruised Carnival a lot in the past and didn't like to be told I couldn't use my 1st day as a 1st full day as much as I wanted. It was only an hour and a half but to me it was not a happy feeling. The food in the dining rooms and the Italian restaurant was yummy yummy yummy! Lido buffet was smaller than what I'm used to and there were always lines. Guys Burgers and the Pizza were also real good. Room stewards, dining room staff and the cruise director were fantastic. The shows were so-so but it was this groups first week together so I am sure subsequent sailings will be better. Our room smelled like sewage most of the time. We were on deck seven in balcony cabins. Alchemy Bar made some super powerful and fun drinks. There always seemed to be a lot of people in the public spaces so it always felt crowded. There were excellent things and some not as excellent but we had a fabulous time as I expected we would. Thank you again to everyone in the beginning who reminded me to get over my disappointment.
  2. we just got off the magic yesterday. had 2 balcony cabins close to the aft elevators. the sewer smells were overwhelming at times. no clue how/where the smell was coming from. didn't ruin our vacation but I would stay away from any rooms in that area. Our room steward was incredible and kept the room clean at all times so it must have something to do with the ventilation system. there were bad odors in many areas of the ship. we just chalked it up to being on an older ship and carried on with our fun.
  3. best drinks we had on board the Magic last week were in the Alchemy :)
  4. update on our experience with check in. I didn't arrive too early as I didn't want to be sent to a naughty area. We arrive maybe 20 minutes prior to our window. nobody ever checked our paperwork to turn us away. check in was the same pace as what I am used to. thanks all!
  5. Thank you. I really didn't mean to bring out the hate in people. I was voicing frustration and something that makes me feel negative. I appreciate the feedback and all the great ideas and reminders that I AM GOING ON VACATION!!! YAHOOOO!!! I don't completely understand the haters but I guess that's what I get for voicing my opinion on social media. LOL
  6. I knew people would think I am being ridiculous and that is OK. It is only an hour and half but why can't I choose my time? I've been on a lot of cruises and while the lines are sometimes long they've never been so bad that I would say they would need to be staggered. Again though, maybe Carnival just couldn't figure it out without putting themselves first and the cruiser 2nd. Will it ruin my cruise, absolutely not. Does is leave a bad taste in my mouth, obviously yes, as I started the silly thread. I'm only Gold status so I'm not considered loyal, which is deserved. We chose Carnival as it's the line we took our kids on when they were young and we're traveling with a little this time. I'm not expecting them to be as good as the others so I don't have my expectations out of whack. This one just threw me for a loop. It's like flying Southwest. I'll accept I'm getting what i paid for. Thanks for sharing your experiences. Looking forward to fun times in the sun making great memories!
  7. So, we leave for our cruise on Sunday. I haven't sailed Carnival in over 5 years but have been on over 35 cruises. For the first time I am experiencing this annoying arrival appointment system. I called as the soonest I could get it online was 1pm. I have NEVER gotten on a ship that late. Usually we arrive between 11/11:30 and are on board shortly after. Is Carnival really so disorganized that they can't handle cruisers arriving whenever? I am not typically a grumpy cruiser (other than laughable bad burgers on another line) but this new system sucks. I called and was told if I arrive earlier than the 1pm slot we could be turned away. Has anyone experienced being turned away because you were early? Makes me feel like I shouldn't known better than to jump back to Carnival again. I hope this isn't a precursor on how the rest of the cruise will be. Trying to get over it but booooo Carnival for starting with a negative. Yes, I know I'll be picked on for complaining about this but, really?
  8. A troll? Serious? LOL. No. This was my first Celebrity cruise and I don't come on these boards much more any more. And I must've forgotten if I'd posted this already. Certainly not intending to offend the brand loyal.
  9. we didn't complain. we probably should have but I always feel so bad complaining on a cruise.
  10. All we could assume is maybe they had a problem getting the regular meat from their vendor and had to deal with whatever PR had for them. Also, I do not recall the menu saying it was lamb. I think it was just really bad beef.
  11. Is Lamb normally served full of gristle? I gag again even thinking of it.
  12. It has been 7 months since we sailed on the Celebrity Summit but I was talking to my husband last night and we both shared a laugh at how horrible the burgers were. To back up .... We sailed on the Summit out of San Juan last December. We knew it would be an older ship so we didn't have grand expectations on that but we did expect a lot more from Celebrity based on all the positive reviews. We were sailing with 2 other couples. One of those couples have sailed many times with us on NCL in the Haven. Back to my original thought tho, the burgers were by far the worst burgers we'd ever had in our lives. Full of fat and gristle. I actually gagged. My husband who will eat anything didn't even finish his. And this was in the "suite" restaurant. We thought maybe we just got a bad batch but them in speaking with both of the other couples we traveled with they all had them on different days and said the same thing. So my question is, is this normal for Celebrity out of PR or was it maybe just a sailing that got some bad meat?
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