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  1. Only Congress can overturn the law barring widespread commerce with Cuba, and there's almost no chance that will happen anytime soon. In order to travel to Cuba, you have to enter through a gateway, or a third country, I believe that Cancun, Mexico is the most popular as a US Citizen doesn't have to pre-clear US Customs. I think Mr. Obama is trying to "normalize" relations with Cuba, but he can't reverse the law (Helms-Burton Act).
  2. ......if you're looking for other members of "The Community" on your ship/sailing, don't forget to post on G&L Roll Calls.
  3. Don't think it will be happening anytime soon. You may be interested in this thread on the Oceania Board: http://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=2009358
  4. Let's get back to the subject of this thread.
  5. Our fervent prayers go out to those who lost their lives and their families. One has a hard time wrapping their head around what they must be going through. I am so proud of the O CC members who have posted here and the tremendous outpouring of love and support. I recall a recent tragedy on a competitor's ship and some of the posts were less than supportive. Even some of the CC members arguing with CC members that lived through the disaster. It's obvious to me, that all of you are a class act. Kudos to all of you that ask the important questions and remain supportive of the pax and even O.
  6. I moderate the Oceania forum (among several others) and have for quite a few years. I actually asked for it, because I enjoy so many different things about this cruise line. In fact, I've been following and have travelled on their ships since the "R" brand. It is important to remember that even as moderators, we have opinions too.....and guess what???? I've even seen a couple I agree with!:D:D:D Happy Travels To All
  7. Host Tyler


    I've had a great time co-moderating the board with you as well Andy. I've been with Cruise Critic since the AOL days and it's incredible to see how much CC's boards have changed through the years, but always with the same goal in mind, providing a safe place where we all can discuss our cruise experiences/questions, in a safe atmosphere, where you are not attacked for stating your opinion. I believe that the members on the Oceania Board embody this and are some of the most knowledgeable and sophisticated cruisers on Cruise Critic. Everyone is to that one single purpose, following the Community guidelines, sharing valuable tips. Maybe I'm prejudice, but I think Oceania members are among the best! I am always amazed at the brand knowledge that as a group, you have. I was a moderator of the Renaissance board, when they were in existence. We were all devastated when they shut down their operations years ago, but saw that Oceania was launching, with many of the R's fleet and former R employees. today I think they have tried to grow with the ever changing market and generally, keeping up their brand, small ships, port intensive itineraries. Thanks again Andy. I know we'll be seeing each other around.
  8. There's great information here....but closing the thread, let's get back to talking about cruising. THAT is what this board is about. There are other arenas to discuss issues that our community is challenged with. Let's keep up the discussion about cruising....and it is perfectly fine to discuss that topic from a GLBT point of view. Thanks for your cooperation.
  9. I think great information has been given here and since there are quite a few threads of this sort in the archives, I'm going to close the thread. This topic is a popular one, so you should find many threads with great information provided. You should be able to bring up these past threads by doing a simple search.:) Thanks!
  10. Hi Guys......great thread and topic. I just want to caution you to review Cruise Critic's Community Guidelines http://http://boards.cruisecritic.com/faq.php?faq=guidelines Basically, you have to be careful about advertising a group cruise, or advertising for a roommate......just advertising in itself. Suggestion; if someone happens to book a certain cruise, post it in the Roll Call section of the board and in the title use South Carolina, or whatever states, in the title. Again, just be careful in attempting to form a group cruise. Good luck and enjoy!
  11. French Polynesia. We've been fortunate enough to sail to many beautiful ports/cities, but Tahiti is a true paradise. I was totally fascinated by their culture. Mahu's and Rae Rae's (spelling). Check it out.
  12. I'm sure you inquiry is about meeting other GLBTA for social reasons, dinner....drinks.....etc. Since posting for any other reason would be against Community Guidelines.:) Enjoy your cruise guys.
  13. This is a forum that alllows one to give their opinion/s. Please refrain the temptation to flame other members. Perhaps a review of the Community Guidelines is in order. You are not expected to agree with everyone, but respect IS expected. This thread contains good informtion, pros and cons, regarding PP. We're trying to keep form pulling it. Stay on topic and deliever YOUR opinion. Thanks, Tyler
  14. Some of the CC staff have been out of the office. I'd give it a few more days, then email our Community Manager, Laura.
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