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  1. Nah, You just must have read and posted before you had your coffee! All good.
  2. Squirrels! They are constantly taking our tomatoes @nd running along our privacy fence with them
  3. Good Morning all on a much cooler morning here in sw Ontario. Cheers to those on the celebration list and prayers for those on the care list. i don’t often respond to the port of the day, many I haven’t been to and those I have I don’t have interesting pictures. But Skagway is special. We have been a couple of times, in 2001 and 2007 both on RCI. But 2007 was the highlight. We went with 3 other couples. We (all of us) have a friends who live in Skagway and she was the town nurse for many years. He works for the white pass railroad. Mike was able to get us VIP passes on the train and we rode in the front car with the conductor and the announcer, so our own private car. It was great being able to move from side to side and outside. When we got back to Skagway mike had reservations at a local restaurant near the train dock. We bypassed the long line waiting to get in - truly like VIPs. Doesn’t happen often in an ordinary life. We had a great visit with mike and Mary. Skagway will always be special to us because our friends live there.
  4. The departing storm clouds tonight caught the rays of the setting sun. Unfortunately the pink colour didn’t come out in the photo. And you can tell I live in an older part of the city with overhead power lines!
  5. Just checking in, have had a busy few days. We started celebrating my birthday this past Saturday with family and have continued every day so far this week with various friends. Tomorrow will be the last celebratory dinner with another friend. (Tuesday was the day). I thought I would post my bouquets and some of my garden flowers to cheer those on this daily dealing with sad things and generally cheer everyone. Prayers to all who need them and raising a vodka on the rocks for those celebrating. The first bouquet is from my grandson’s girlfriend, a very thoughtful young lady. The second one is from a friend’s garden. Then my crocusmia and my hibiscus. Enjoy!
  6. The farming practises used to raise fish in fish farms. I won’t eat any farmed fish or shrimp, etc from Asia or South America. Stories of chicken coops over the fish tanks, etc. I will buy farmed fish from Norway or here in North America because there are fairly rigorous standards for raising them. Even here in North America there are issues with diseases that run rampant in fish farming communities. Wild caught always are more expensive but that is what we prefer.
  7. Try dawn even though it isn’t grease. The other thing I like to use is oxyclean to soak overnight. Good luck.
  8. Good day all. Just announced, the US border will remain closed to non essential travel until august 21. This does not affect Canada’s decision to open our border to vaccinated land travellers on August 9th. Not sure why the USA decision but there it is. cooler here today but still hazy with smoke from the fires out west and in northern Ontario.
  9. Made me go look too. It was 11 years in February that I joined. Where does the time go? hope everyone has a good Sunday.
  10. The border opening relates only to land crossings. So if the border opens, fully vaccinated Americans could come up here. It also needs to open the other way for Canadians to travel to the USA. We can currently fly in but not cross at a land border. So, the cruise ship thing doesn’t change until November and isn’t related to the opening of the land border. No cruise ships will be permitted in Victoria or Vancouver until November. I wish it was otherwise but both issues make it very difficult for Canadians to book a cruise. It leaves us unable to get the necessary health insurance coverage or trip cancellation if we wish.
  11. In other good news for Ontario we can eat inside restaurants once again. Just in time since today as a total rain day stretching into tomorrow. We can meet up inside with friends and have larger gatherings outside. Lots of things are open again with limited capacity but open. We are still masking indoors but finally making some big steps. Essex county has no new outbreaks as of this morning. Still being careful and hope others are too
  12. I don’t think it will make any difference this year. If all remains equal (delta or other variant not taking hold) cruising should return to pre pandemic ways.
  13. So along with shortening the cruise ship ban in Canadian waters to November 2021 rather than February 2022 prime minister Trudeau is hinting that he might open the border to fully vaccinated visitors by the end of august. The cruise ship change won’t do anything for this season on the east and west coast but it may make a difference for Canadians looking for insurance on cruising elsewhere this winter. The border opening will depend on what happens with the delta variant and details on how it would actually work are still lacking. I do know a Covid testing site is being set up on the Canadian side of the ambassador bridge but again actual details of how things will work are still lacking. But certainly a light at the end of a long dark tunnel.
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