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  1. Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd you just made his point for him.
  2. You are deflecting on the discussion here. Example: If NCL advertises the LeBistro restaurant as having a particular dress code such as a collared shirt, slacks, no sandals and I want to go there because it creates a certain ambiance that I want to dine in then I should have an expectancy that everyone will be dressed appropriately. Pretty simple to understand. If you don't choose to wear slacks and a collared shirt there are specialty restaurant where the dress code allows you to wear shorts, jeans, etc. Again, simple to understand. In other words, there is something for everyone. No customer is more important than another but the cruise lines cater to the old adage of "different strokes for different folks". Can't make it much simpler to understand than that.
  3. Have you ever heard of the term "ambiance" , especially pertaining to venues that are advertised as being more upscale?
  4. In my experience during the theme parties the Spice H2O is open to kids until about 10 then it's adult time.
  5. Funky, perhaps I'm reading the OP's question wrong but are you saying you haven't had to show your edocs to get past security and it to the terminal? I've taken many NCL cruises and always had to show my papers. Cheers.
  6. This is a hotly debated topic around these parts. Some say it is two different things. Some say since the Service Charge replaced the old "envelope tipping system" that the Service Charge is indeed the tips. Some will say it is semantics, some will say phooey. 🙂 You are under no obligation to tip above and beyond what the automatic charges are. If you choose to do so feel free. That is your business and no one elses. Here are a couple of links from NCL.com FAQ's that may help: https://www.ncl.com/faq#!#what-about-gratuities https://www.ncl.com/faq#!#what-is-onboard-service-charge Do what you feel is appropriate. Personally I rarely tip above the automatic charges.
  7. That is their policy. "Corkage fee" doesn't mean them opening it for you. https://www.ncl.com/faq#!#can-i-bring-alcohol-board
  8. Many people save for years to be able to afford that cruise. If they pay the gratuities that are included for drinks there is no reason for them to tip extra if THEY don't choose to. If you do, great. That's nice. It's a personal and a budget decision.
  9. There are no self service laundromats on any NCL ship.
  10. What sh Yes, which ships are you comparing?
  11. LOL...I was just having some fun. Here is the info on the SDP for you. https://www.ncl.com/onboard-packages/dining-packages
  12. Hi, here is NCL's policy: https://www.ncl.com/faq#!#can-i-bring-alcohol-board
  13. Awkward situation. Hope it works out for you and you enjoy your cruise.
  14. That's the same for everyone. Seems really weird about your TA. Is this someone you know? Seems odd to have a TA so far away from you that works from home.
  15. Yep, same person. lol Dude, you have to change up your M.O. some. It's too obvious. I give you props though for your other thread. Pretty creepy trying to get phone numbers from posters.
  16. If she is with you in the same area working out I have never seen a problem with that. I have seen them kick out people with younger teens and of course kids by themselves. So, no worries. 🙂
  17. Here you go.. https://www.ncl.com/termsandconditions/promotions
  18. Please don't bump up 8 year old threads. They are full of outdated information. You already have a thread about your 'friend'.
  19. No offense but I doubt people will post their emails let alone give their phone number to an internet stranger. Common sense dictates that to be a terrible internet practice.
  20. NCL has bus transfers available https://www.ncl.com/getting-to-the-pier/transfers-and-car-services
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