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  1. What terminal does Adventure Of The Seas depart from in Port Everglades? Is the parking in midport garage?
  2. Anyone know why this cruise is still so overpriced? I have been watching for months and very little movement on prices.
  3. I am on Oasis Dec 1. Anyone know what terminal ?
  4. Asking casino hosts is a waste of time. I am on Allure and host told me, “oh they just came out 6 weeks ago so no new ones soon.” Last ones did come out July 10, so due in about a week or two.
  5. One thing to remember about your slot bonus play being converted to slot play. You do not receive casino points for the amount converted.
  6. Can you unlink a husband/wife account to get 2 blocks?
  7. We will be cruising on Allure and I have been told it docks at pier 18 in Fort Lauderdale. From google maps it appears the drop off road circles back to the open parking lot. Upon debarkation and retrieving car how do I return to pickup people and luggage.
  8. Price for Rhapsody cruise has been “stupid” high and unchanged for the past 3-4 weeks. I find it hard to believe anyone is booking at this price.
  9. As prime, you only get one day internet each for one device for a one week cruise.
  10. If you made prime before March 31, 2019 you will get free drinks in the casino, while the tables are open, (not necessarily when just slots are open) until March 31, 2020.
  11. When you sign on it will list the WiFi options and prices. It will also show your credit discount. Usually for me I believe it has been a net cost of $0 for stream and $7 for VOOM.
  12. New cruise certificates dated 7/7 have updated list of dates. I have a certificate from 6/30 and was told by Casino Royale that I was not able to use it for the new dates. I could only apply the dollars off portion. I was told the certificate did not roll over. Anyone have similar experience?
  13. Has anyone had success with shareholder perk on a cruise booked through Club Royale since the June 1 change?
  14. We were in Harmony solarium bistro two weeks ago. Nice casual dining. Limited light menu and less crowded. Waiter service for entree.
  15. Off Harmony last week and they cannot punch hole in sea pass.
  16. We were on Harmony last week and tried JR for breakfast. They made a decent omelette and experience was nice enough early morning. One disappointment was that they offered chili as an omelette ingredient and instead of true chili they served chili peppers! Not the same. Better option was Mini Bites on Deck 15.
  17. Also got off Harmony on Sunday and we were told by host that they did not have any new dates yet. They were hopeful for early July. Not much help to you.
  18. Bought a 2” California King topper for our Harmony cruise last week. The topper made all the difference in the word. Also purchased a Gomez 150L bag. Perfect fit! Took about 5 minutes to roll up topper & stuff in bag. Easy to carry off and ready for next cruise.
  19. On Harmony this week in St Maarten slots open all day and tables at 10 am
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