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  1. We are on the Imagery 11 and there is a short clothesline in the shower. I have used it every day!
  2. My dad was originally from around Odessa, and that's why we did that cruise. What a special Kaddish for your husband to recite for his mom...so nice.
  3. We are doing the Danube on August 14, Budapest to Prague with Avalon. We have our fingers, toes, and eyes crossed for decent water level along the way.
  4. Sure wish I had had all these great posts before our Odessa to Kiev cruise last July! Lots of helpful info here about excursions, money, food, etc. We enjoyed our Ukrainian cruise and Viking. We even had our own Shabbat service aboard the Sineus!
  5. We were in Ukraine last year, about this time, and did our tips in leftover Ukrainian currency plus American money. You can also add tips to your credit card on your account with Viking.
  6. Enjoy Ukraine. It is definitely a unique part of our world!
  7. Thank you for your recommendations. We are looking forward to experiencing both Budapest and Prague, as well as the Danube, and the people on the ship.
  8. We are booked on the Blue Danube and Jewish Heritage cruise beginning August 13 on the Imagery 11, and have extended our Budapest and Prague days before and after the cruise. Has anyone else been on this cruise to recommend certain excursions or sites to see? Is anyone else booked for this cruise?
  9. The Odessa Opera House is beautiful...definitely worth seeing!
  10. July was a great month weather-wise to be in this area...not sure about other months. Enjoy your cruise!
  11. We have signed up to do this cruise. Is anyone else here on the same cruise? We have done one Viking ocean and one Viking river and thought we'd try Avalon.
  12. We did this cruise July 16 from Kiev to Odessa, and I would recommend taking it this way rather than from Odessa to Kiev. Odessa is the grandest city on the voyage, and a nice way to finish the trip. My husband's family and my dad are from this part of the world, and we wanted to experience what was once their world. Being Jewish, this trip was depressing because of all the atrocities done to Jews and others in that area, plus the cities between Kiev and Odessa are very depressed and still building their way back from the devastation of 70 years ago. The Odessa opera house was so impressive, but the show we saw did not sit well with most attendees. We saw “Queen Forever”, a band who sounded like Queen. They started the performance 45 minutes late due to technical problems, and the first 30 minutes were poor due to those problems. The band was very loud, and many of our group left way before the concert was over. This was our first Viking cruise. We thought the ship and the crew were marvelous. Everything was immaculate, all events were on time, buses were on time, and the tour guides were so knowledgeable. As for the food, soups were marvelous and the best part of the cuisine. There were some regional foods each day, but not many and the menu did not offer much variety. The wait staff were so pleasant, and the house wines were nice and plentiful. There was little or no entertainment in the evening aside from the talks about the next port. We did have some historical lectures from Michael, our cruise director. We met such nice people onboard. The many who were repeat Viking customers rated this cruise much lower than we did as first time cruisers. They cited the boat, food, and ports among other items not being up to the previous Viking standards. Not having anything to compare this to, we thoroughly enjoyed the boat and staff. Viking is an impressive company, and we intend to cruise with them again.
  13. We just signed up for this cruise this week, and would like to meet others who are on this cruise. Also, looking for some savvy cruisers who have been to Cuba. Questions about money exchange, credit cards, ability to walk around by ourselves without a group, etc.
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