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  1. Thank you everyone! As always... big help! 😊
  2. Hello... Hubs and I just recently signed on for a fall New England cruise on the Regal this month. I have a couple of questions (unfortunately there are no members in the roll call for that cruise) ...we have never cruised in cooler weather, only Caribbean. Will the interior of the ship be warm at night? I'm wondering for my evening outfits if I could still wear short sleeves or if I should plan warm evening attire. Will ladies still be wearing strappy kinds of club dresses and sandals at night? Plus, I assume they offer more blankets on the bed, correct? Thanks for your help...
  3. We've been seriously delayed on 2 cruises. One time we lost an engine just off the coast of Roatan and hobbled back to Tampa slowly. Arrived at 2:30 p.m. so not only were we late getting off, but the cruise terminal was jam packed with angry cruisers who hadn't been able to board yet for the next cruise! The second time we were on our way back to Fort Lauderdale and my husband noticed the ship was turning. Sure enough we were doing a U-turn. Finally was announced on the system that we were headed BACK to Puerto Rico to drop off a gravely ill passenger. That time we got back into port by 10:00 a.m. for disembarkation. You don't always get off the ship in a timely manner.
  4. I'm with Meatloafsfan... we seldom have dessert immediately after dinner. We usually will go to the show or for a walk, and then go to Cafe al Bacio and have dessert and tea/coffee there. Such a treat. We will order several and share.
  5. I am a chronic slopper. Seriously I cannot go 4 hours without slopping food down the front of me. Because of that I honestly need to have at least 2 T-shirts for each day and cannot count on being able to re-wear an evening outfit -- because most likely it will have food down the front of it after the first wearing. So I DO pack a lot of clothing and I usually DO go through it all. Getting it all in a carry on is never gonna happen. However I have learned to pare down on my purses and shoes. I now only pack one evening clutch, one day purse, one pair of evening flats, one pair of sandals and one pair of walking shoes. I don't even bring heels anymore because I have given myself permission to never torture myself in heels ever again. My husband doesn't hobble around on heels, so neither do I! I also force myself to use their terrible hair dryers so I don't have to bring mine. I don't bring near the beauty products and make-up that I used to bring -- although I do always prefer my own soaps and shampoos/etc, I can manage fine with the refillable 3 oz bottles from home. My decadent anal obsession is my fabulous fully stocked first aid kit. Hubs used to tease me about my first aid kit until he needed it a few times. Now he says "I hope you're bringing the whole drug store, right?'
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