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  1. Ok - thanks for the advice - 500 ml Evian for us I guess. Just more trips to the bar.....
  2. Oh this is so troubling!!! the 1 liter should be included as it was on our recent NA cruise. Did Guest Services remove the charge for you??? I know what a pain it is to visit them daily to have your account adjusted (I posted on this site about it last month). I'll ask for the 1/2 liter I guess to avoid, but I like the 1 liter as I drink a lot of water. 🙂
  3. We will be on the Oosterdam this weekend. We were just on the Nieuw Amsterdam when they raised the $11 beverage limit - it did include all alcoholic beverages - we had some hiccups with it - but it got cleared in the end. All non-alcoholic drinks were included. I never drank so much Evian in my life. lol. Anyway, I'm hoping the Beverage Manger on the Oosterdam follows suit for us - but with this posting, I'm doubtful. However, most of the liquor is under $9 anyway, it really is just the wine that for $9 or under is not that great of selection (or taste), still very limited up to $11, but at least a few other options. HAL in general needs to upgrade their wine selections and pricing. I'm probably back to Celebrity for the next cruise - but we will see.
  4. Just off the NA - went to afternoon tea - just OK - tea was all in bags. They did bring around a nice assortment of snacks. There was no bubbly served. It was in the MDR and no music or sense of atmosphere. Very disappointing to me . I was on an Oceania cruise a few years ago and they did the afternoon tea up big. So much better. HAL was nice but not great. I will be on another cruise in a week and will check out the tea again, but with less expectations.
  5. Yes, we were on the NA last month and no fee for the additional entree was noted - we are on the Oosterdam this month - so hopefully same thing as we are sailing with my parents and I know my Dad may be tempted to try 2 entrees!!
  6. We were just on the NA and I'm writing a review soon - loved the cruise - BUT if I could have a walk in shower and not he shower/tub combo - to me that is a reason to choose NS over NA. Also the seating in the BB Kings was so limited - sometimes we were "shut out" - sounds like the NS has a better -more seating option.
  7. Bottled water recently was Evian and it was included. Smoothies were included as well as vitamin water.
  8. Wow thank you. Very helpful. What does outside dock in Sitka mean?
  9. We just off the NA - we just brought cash and used that. Min BJ was $6....it was a fun time. Slots where not very loose IMO.
  10. We were just off the NA recently - though from Mexico. They started disembarking right at 8 am per the schedule we were given the day before.
  11. So just looking at our upcoming trip and our itinerary - how do I determine if we dock or tender in the Alaska ports? It does not seem to indicate either in the itinerary as I look at it on line. I'm interested to know about Ketchikan and if we tender there. Thank you!!
  12. Are you still here in San Diego or have you left for Alaska?
  13. Oh sorry didn't list the port. We are looking at the one in Juneau. Thanks for any info!
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