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  1. Thanks.  I just wanted to be sure.  We have never had a problem with the wait times for the any time dining.  We did an Alaskan cruise last year with my folks and did the anytime,  I think one time they gave us a pager, but before we got our drinks the pager was going off to get our table. 



  2. Have booked an Alaskan cruise for this year with some friends.  We just met up to go over things and discovered that they had booked the Early Dining option and we have the As you Like it (or the flexible dining option).  


    We would all prefer to dine together, though I'm not keen on a fixed dining time.  I haven't done that in so long and with the shore excursions I think we are planning on the Early dining (which I believe to be 5:45 p.m.) might be a bit rush.  


    So question:  Can our friends simply decide to skip their Early dining time and come join us on the As You LIke It (hope that is the right phrase) when they feel like it or should they just switch to the flexible dining time? What happens if you miss your assigned dining time? 



  3. We were on the Osterdam in May this year and loved it.  We just booked for the May 9th cruise out of Vancouver.  It will be a week earlier so will see how the weather is.  But we loved the scenery and snow capped mountains, we saw bald eagles and whales, but no bears.  We were told the day before our Juneau tour they saw a bear.  Overall with exception of some short term drizzle in Sitka, the weather was awesome. 

  4. I did not read through the other responses.  I can say that I have been on 5 HAL cruises - 2 this year (NA and Oosterdam) and I have one booked for next year.  We have cruised Oceania and that was the best, but not comparable in pricing to HAL or Celebrity.  We have cruised 4 or 5 Celebrity cruises and frankly that is my preference of cruise line, but their itineraries are sometimes lacking for us.


    Anyway, to compare Celebrity v. HAL on food - MDR - I think Celebrity is overall better quality.  Though we did have many nice meals on our recent HAL cruises, there were some misses.  The buffet, which is not my preference I found Celebrity a bit better, but it may have been due to the way the buffet was set up/organized as I find the Lido a bit too chaotic.  


    I think you'll be fine either way, but I thought HAL service had gone a bit down hill and the menu options were not as much as Celebrity offered.  But for the most part I found them fairly equal. 


    Specialty dining options are a different animal and I'm not sure you asked about that. 


  5. 1 hour ago, Jammu2 said:


    So true. And we know to ask specifically to have the package explained. First stop - Lido bar. (Blah blah blah...) "Ok thanks. Ill have a bottle of Evian." He brings out the 1 liter. We just spoke for 4 minutes about what was and was not included. Do I need to ask again? No.


    Second stop - Ocean bar on 3. Explain the SBP please (mil had additional questions. (Blah blah blah.) Ok I'll have an Evian. Again, a 1 liter bottle!


    Next stop, Guest Services - my spouses family has to know every detail about everything...


    FF to next morning. Check folio. 6 charges of $6.33 for the water.





    Oh this is so troubling!!!  the 1 liter should be included as it was on our recent NA cruise.  Did Guest Services remove the charge for you???  I know what a pain it is to visit them daily to have your account adjusted (I posted on this site about it last month).  I'll ask for the 1/2 liter I guess to avoid, but I like the 1 liter as I drink a lot of water. 🙂


  6. On 5/11/2019 at 12:53 AM, Despegue said:

    I highly suggest that you talk with the Beverage Manager as you are being scammed.

    ANY DRINK of 11$ Or less is included. 

    We will be on the Oosterdam this weekend.  We were just on the Nieuw Amsterdam when they raised the $11 beverage limit - it did include all alcoholic beverages - we had some hiccups with it - but it got cleared in the end. All non-alcoholic drinks were included.  I never drank so much Evian in my life. lol.  


    Anyway, I'm hoping the Beverage Manger on the Oosterdam follows suit for us - but with this posting, I'm doubtful.  However, most of the liquor is under $9 anyway, it really is just the wine that for $9 or under is not that great of selection (or taste), still very limited up to $11, but at least a few other options. HAL in general needs to upgrade their wine selections and pricing.  I'm probably back to Celebrity for the next cruise - but we will see.  

  7. Just off the NA -  went to afternoon tea - just OK - tea was all in bags.  They did bring around a nice assortment of snacks.  There was no bubbly served.  It was in the MDR and no music or sense of atmosphere.  Very disappointing to me . I was on an Oceania cruise a few years ago and they did the afternoon tea up big.  So much better.  


    HAL was nice but not great.  I will be on another cruise in a week and will check out the tea again, but with less expectations.  

  8. Yes, we were on the NA last month and no fee for the additional entree was noted - we are on the Oosterdam this month - so hopefully same thing as we are sailing with my parents and I know my Dad may be tempted to try 2 entrees!!


  9. We were just on the NA and I'm writing a review soon - loved the cruise - BUT if I could have a walk in shower and not he shower/tub combo - to me that is a reason to choose NS over NA.  Also the seating in the BB Kings was so limited - sometimes we were "shut out" - sounds like the NS has a better -more seating option.  

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