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  1. Thanks for blogging and the more the merrier. Enjoy your world cruise. Helen
  2. What a lovely photo to have. That is a cruise I would love to do but I can't get DH interested at all. Glad you enjoyed your cruise. Helen
  3. Thank you for all your research, now when we go aboard tomorrow we will just be able to relax and sing your great carols ? songs? whatever, they were all great. Enjoy your last night aboard the Eurodam. Helen
  4. Thanks everyone for all your Bon Voyage's. We fly to Fort Lauderdale on Thursday' so we will have a day to sit out at the pool or shop (horrors). There are only a few on our Roll Call for the first week but we have a great group and a M&G is planed for the 2nd week. Helen
  5. Have a great cruise, it seems that you will be very busy documenting all that info; and I will be reading every word so I'll know what to expect, We get on just after you get off, so please be quick about that. Now I will have a hard time packing as I will be too busy checking every hour to read anything new. Oh well it will be worth it. Helen
  6. In the Crows Nest? Which will be renamed and now used for speakers. Perhaps after 16 cruises I'll have to look elsewhere. Helen
  7. Thanks for sharing the wonderful video of Half Moon Cay; the most beautiful place to relax. Yeah, I'll be there doing just that with my DH on Christmas Day. Beats slaving over a hot stove cooling turkey all day LOL. Helen
  8. Thanks for posting all the great pictures of my favourite ship. Helen
  9. Dave thanks for keeping us all informed about your travels; I know that I will most likely never get there so I certainly enjoyed reading about your adventure. I hope you and Mrs Dave have a great post cruise time travelling around Australia and seeing some of the interior of Australia. So safe travels and I shall be looking forward to reading more about your adventures. Helen
  10. The 1, 2, & 3 blasts for Muster has been on our last 2 cruises. One 2 years ago on the Stantendam, and last year aboard the Prinsendam. It seemed to work out really well, however we were on the Promenade deck and not inside in the showroom. I am enjoying your reports very much and I make sure I check every day for anything new. Enjoy the rest of your trip. Helen
  11. Wow, 8 more Sundays of watching and we will be setting sail on the Eurodam. I hope she toots. Helen
  12. Great read so far and can hardly wait for more. You are on my favourite DAM ship and now I am wishing I was there sailing with the Grouch. Oh well, I'll just have to put up with my own grouch until our next sailing and I can hide out somewhere on the Eurodam where he won't find me, Helen
  13. Captain Albert was on board the Veendam this morning, he hasn't posted since yesterday, but he did say that the Captain had a lot of things for him to do aboard the Veendam. Helen
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