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  1. We booked a cruise after our January cruise was cancelled but we forgot to use the link that they sent asking which method you preferred, future cruise credit or refund. So we went in and filled out that form saying we wanted future cruise credit. Do we need to do anything in order to apply the future cruise credit to the sailing that we just booked?
  2. I was hoping to get clearer information from the CDC today on whether or not they are going to allow cruising to resume. It looks like that is not going to happen. We have a 14 day cruise scheduled for January. I honestly don't think it will go, even if cruising on some form resumes, but its only a guess. We booked with an early saver plan. Our final payment is due in a little over a week. If we go ahead and pay it in full but then decide we are not comfortable going, will Carnival let us move it (including the deposit) to another cruise? I'm thinking that I read somewhere that we will be able to move it but have to pay another deposit and will lose the deposit on this one?? We don't want to move it yet because if Carnival cancels than we will receive the on board credit. To gamble or not to gamble, that is the question! (Unless they will let us move it without penalty.) If it makes any difference, we did book it preCovid.
  3. They have removed all cruises that are 10 days or more except 3 leaving from Australia. We are suppose to go on a Journey's cruise in January.
  4. I understand what you went through because we are in the same situation. We have a January cruise scheduled and our final payment is due in October. I am afraid that they will cancel for the rest of this year but begin sailing at the beginning of 2021. A lot of people are saying they don't see that happening but if they are wrong, we would be on one of the first ships going back out. It is a journeys cruise so I really think that it will be canceled but who knows? We have discussed the option of moving it to another date late in 2021. It is like playing a really weird gambling game!! We still haven't decided what to do. I'm glad that you were able to make a decision and hope you have a wonderful time on your trip when it happens.
  5. We are scheduled to sail out of Baltimore on the Pride in January. Our final payment is due in October. I know that no decisions have been made as of yet as to when Carnival is going to start sailing again but I am afraid that they will end up cancelling until the beginning of the year. I'm not sure how I feel about being on one of the first ships to go out. I was thinking of calling Carnival to see if we could delay our final payment until December (30 days before sailing rather than 90) which will give us a little more time to see what is going on and how we feel about things. Has anyone ever asked for a delay in the final payment? I thought that I had read that they were doing that but now can't find where I read that so don't know if it was Carnival or some other line.
  6. I just read an article that said as of March 16, the shipwreck has been removed from Governor's Beach. How does everyone feel about that? I think it's kind of sad. It was a pretty rusty hunk of metal but it was kind of cool seeing it there. The last time we were there we watched a girl and guy climb up onto it and explore a little bit. I would never do that. It looked pretty dangerous, but they survived. I'm going to miss seeing it there.
  7. We have never missed the ship but saw something rather amusing once. We were scheduled to leave Nassau at 4:30 I believe. 5:00 came and we were still there. We had a balcony room in the forward part of the ship and we could see the Captain pacing back and forth. He did not look happy. The guys with the walkie talkies were down by the ramps talking back and forth. We assumed that they were waiting for someone who hadn't made it back. Almost an hour after we were suppose to have left a van pulls up to the ramp and a couple of guys get out with clothes in plastic bags. Crew members uniforms maybe?? They never told us but apparently it was something they had to wait for! They handed them off to the guys with the walkie talkies, the ramps were pulled up and we left. So people didn't miss the cruise--but laundry almost did!!
  8. I just read that the Pride is moving to Tampa. Are they replacing her with something else in Baltimore? I love sailing out of Baltimore so am hoping that Carnival plans to stay there.
  9. We have a cruise scheduled for next February leaving out of Galveston. I am curious--does Carnival ever charter a ship leaving Galveston and if so, how can we find out in advance if our ship is chartered the week of or week before our scheduled cruise?
  10. Thank you. I think it sounds like a fun thing to do with my granddaughter. I appreciate the information.
  11. I am thinking of booking the Royal Court Royal Tea event with my Granddaughter. Has anyone done that? I am wondering if it is worth the cost. What type of food do they serve? Is it usually in between lunch and dinner? Andy details that you could provide would be very helpful. This is our first Disney cruise so our booking window doesn't open up as fast as others. I am also wondering how fast it fills up.
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