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  1. We have a cruise scheduled for next February leaving out of Galveston. I am curious--does Carnival ever charter a ship leaving Galveston and if so, how can we find out in advance if our ship is chartered the week of or week before our scheduled cruise?
  2. Thank you. I think it sounds like a fun thing to do with my granddaughter. I appreciate the information.
  3. I am thinking of booking the Royal Court Royal Tea event with my Granddaughter. Has anyone done that? I am wondering if it is worth the cost. What type of food do they serve? Is it usually in between lunch and dinner? Andy details that you could provide would be very helpful. This is our first Disney cruise so our booking window doesn't open up as fast as others. I am also wondering how fast it fills up.
  4. Our CD on the Pride was Dr. E and I thought he was hilarious. I didn't see him on this list? Not there anymore?
  5. Wow. That is a great tool. Thank you so much for telling me about it.
  6. What, if any, differences are there between the Vista and the Horizon. I thought they were both the same but was looking and it looks like only the Vista has the Kaleidoscope slide? Does anyone know if there are any differences? I'm not really meaning things like the color themes, just things that are distinctly different. We are trying to choose between the two and am wondering which would be better.
  7. If I ever hit it big in the casino (anything over a thousand dollars) who do I tip and how much do I tip?
  8. Thank you to everyone for the information. I guess sending postcards will not be a good idea. I appreciate the input.
  9. We are getting ready to go on a Carnival Journey's cruise which will be 14 days long. Since we will be gone for an extended period of time I want to send my granddaughter some postcards. We will be in the Eastern Caribbean. Should I just put a US stamp on the postcard? If not, how do I know how much to put on it and where would I get the stamps? Does the ship have anywhere that collects mail so that I can mail them onboard? Thank you for any information on how to do something that at home is a simple process. I am just not sure how to handle it in a foreign port when I have no access to a car to go to the post office.
  10. Thank you to everyone for your advice. I totally understand. I live in Columbus OH and sadly there are areas close to the downtown area that I would not advise people to walk in either. I suppose that is true of most large cities. I guess we will make a decision when we get there. In the meantime, I am getting in gear by memorizing Poe's most famous poem; The Raven. I am up to the second verse. I don't think I will have it all memorized by the time we leave in January haha. It is a great poem though.
  11. We are taking a cruise out of Baltimore in January on the Pride. Are the Muster Drills done outside? Since the ship doesn't leave until 6:00 I was thinking that it might be pretty chilly standing out on the deck. Does anyone know if they do them outside?
  12. Thank you Tony O. So are you saying that even if we went earlier in the day such as around noon or 1:00 it would not be a safe walk
  13. We are staying at the Marriott Camden Yard pre-cruise in January. I would like to walk to the Poe museum in the evening but am wondering if it would be safe to do so? Thank you.
  14. I read on a document that the Carnival Pride has free WiFi. It then goes on to say that you can purchase WiFi packages. Does anyone know what you can do with the free WiFi that they offer?
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