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  1. September 3Multiple shipsLos Angeles Times reportsthe Danube River has been particularly hard hit by drought in Europe, leaving cargo ships, day cruisers and river boats high and dry. River cruise operators have been forced to find alternative transportation, which usually means passengers will be traveling by coach and perhaps staying in hotels instead of ship cabins. The Upper Danube, which is the most popular river boat destination in Europe, has been especially plagued by low water issues, particularly the area between Passau and Regensburg in Germany. Budapest, Hungary, another popular Danube destination, has been closed to cruise traffic for more than a week. River boats aren't the only vessels in trouble; many cargo ships also are stranded, according to media reports. iking Cruises, the largest river boat carrier in Europe, announced on its website that: "Unseasonably hot and dry weather in Europe has resulted in low water levels on several of the European rivers ... To varying degrees, these low water levels will affect select itineraries. While ideally your ship would carry you along the full length of the river, due to water levels on sections where sailing becomes restricted, we may need to make adjustments." Those adjustments may mean travelers will be touring on a bus instead of a ship.
  2. I think some of us learned something from your post. Tom
  3. Yes Capt_BJ. Cormier Beach. Drove there in a bus (if you call it that) The guy there was a tall, tan with blond hair, called himself Jean Claude or something. We were told not to give the small kids begging any food, money, even cigarettes, also went to post office/bank and exchanged $1 for Haitian, some coins were dated 1908. My wife was crying about their poverty. But it was one of our favorite memories. Thanks Tom ps...they had divers at the dock diving for coins.
  4. Was there in '74, on the Sitmar Fairwind. Went to a beautiful beach. Does anybody remember the name of it. It could be the same beach RCI has its resort?
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