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  1. We wee on deck 4 window fine and yes it took 60 seconds to get on deck, not worth the extra! Have funx
  2. We went with RCCL a while ago, did not find it scary at all, local people help with beach chairs, etc so take some $1 bills for tips, Labadee is basically beaches, snorkelling, swimming, one 'side' with more rocks/waves in sea and a sheltered side, there is a coaster and zipline, they were around $125 to go on the two. Go onto You Tube and type in RCCL Labadee and watch the videos, they give all the info you need. Have fun, enjoy!
  3. Would you have grounds for cancelling and getting your deposit back as it is more than one major change? Why would you spend all that money on going back to places you do not want to re-visit? Hope you get something sorted, maybe even change cruises with them but carry deposit to another cruise? Good luck.
  4. Maybe they are all so early because Azamara think everyone will then do their own thing? In Bay of Island the Treat House tour is, if correct at my last look 7.30a.m. I am doing my own tour for 1/4 price all day from 9am! What are they up to? Still I am sure we will have a good time!
  5. Interesting, all the tours for Christchurch have disappeared again, and how do you find out when the Azamazing evening is? We are sailing on Feb 8th, mainly doing our own tours, just one booked through ship. Hope the 'changes' are not going to spoil things, we were caught out 10 years ago when they had a change of 'image'.
  6. Hi, interesting to see the vegan menu says, with advance order, does this mean a vegetarian could not order from this or others if they fancy a change? Thanks, we are sailing Feb 2020.
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