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  1. On the bliss, the balconies on 17 were all larger than those on 18. Probably by 5 ft, on 18 we couldn’t look down to the water we looked down to the deck 17 balconies
  2. Bliss pool was heated last week in Alaska- there was light steam coming off of it. Kids were packed in the kids pool and many adults were riding the slides, when they were open.
  3. I feel like I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the ipads, because it was a noticeable difference for me. And maybe other lines do it now too, and you can call me old fashioned. I didn’t care for the fact that servers were staring at iPads and tapping away at your order instead of making eye contact and pleasantries. Made it a bit colder. On Royal, I remember waiters would memorize your meal, and it would show up accurately. Maybe it is easier because they have the same people for 7 days? Not sure, but I didn’t much care for the iPads while ordering- and it was everywhere.
  4. Last week on the bliss someone is our group handed over their card to pay for a drink- and got quite a long “what does your card color mean?” Line if questioning. It wasn’t in the “oh, interesting info” type way, and it made the Haven guest uncomfortable.
  5. 1. There are many ways to know: they ask you for your card when you go to the restaurant, they ask for your card when you order a drink, if you ask the concierge to help with anything, they ask your room number. 2. As a Haven guest, I would hate to have to make reservations for the Haven Restaurant. It felt like the last place on the ship that wasn’t truly freestyle- without reservations required. 3. It was implemented on our ship on June 13th. Who knows if it impacted us. But there was a wait for a table for two on Saturday night (15th).
  6. The bliss horizon lounge has mini m&m, gummy bears, peanut m&m, fruits, pastries (chocolate croissants, raspberry chocolate croissant puffs, sweet biscuits with frosting drizzle) as well as a few breads/pound cakes- pistachio pound cake, walnut bread, strawberry pound cake, muffins, and yogurts a few other items that are kept refreshed next to the espresso/cappuccino machine all day.
  7. That’s likely already accounted for in the space for the restaurant, along with peoples’ preferences with dining times, time spent at the lounge, etc.
  8. I thought so too, but took the perspective of “can’t hurt to ask.” And it didn’t!
  9. Part of the Muster Drill should include mandatory elevator etiquette instruction. Things like: 1) if there is someone waiting on an elevator standing with a walker/cane, it’s courteous to let them go first, pushing them out of the way is not courteous 2) don’t stand in the middle of the door blocking all entering and exiting passengers. If you must stand there, exit to allow people to get off. 3) don’t press the up button again until the doors on the current up elevator close, they will re-open and the others will pass us because it isn’t pressed. 4) don’t fart on the elevator.
  10. We had Food Republic for lunch. You get 4 items per specialty voucher. So two of us used ours- we got 8 items- enough for 4 of us to share! We had a bit of a hiccup checking in. They said we were all out of specialty plan. So we had to work it out. We found out that teppanyaki charged us twice. So it took a bit to work that out but then we were able to order and the food started coming quickly- very quickly. Maybe we could have ordered things in pieces and it would have been staggered? Not sure how that works with the dining plan.
  11. We tried the gelato bar. My brother tried every single flavor and he ended up with the raspberry and lemon sorbet cup. Reasonable prices- $3 for a scoop in a cone.
  12. Dinner in the Haven last night was delicious. One note- they must have run out of romaine because the Caesar salads were made with ice berg lettuce. The Mocha Moose was delicious! Wish I had tried it earlier 🙂
  13. Agreed. All that said, who knows if it was just a busy Haven night or what. But if it is already that busy, what would it be like with more people?
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