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  1. Interesting. I just did the search myself, just to see what it's like... found the pros, if that's who you use? See your Bliss is up to 270 now available - maybe you'll score a haven upgrade? Also- I think the reduced number of cruisers is probably going to be similar to some of the inaugural trans-atlantic sailings. If you look for Doug-Outs postings on them, it may show the type of environment and crowds, although- it's spring break, so may be a bit rowdier than the ta's. Enjoy!
  2. We did the Bliss to Alaska and while I agree with the poster above who said it’s more of an Alaska ship (it was built for Alaska after all) it still had amazing features. If you’re a sun worshiper, there are two 18+ options for you- Vibe and SpiceH2O. Vibe will be more comfortable and less crowded. If you decide on vibe, get your speed walking shoes ready and be in the first non-priority boarding group. the entertainment is top notch. We loved Jersey Boys, saw the Beatles twice, and two different comedy shows. Jersey Boys sold out both of our showings- and the theater was full. Make sure to get tickets and get there on time. the comedy club is small, plan to get there early, not much standing room. the atrium gets full for shows. We liked it show up early, grab a drink and sit for a bit ahead of time. other not so mainstream fun things: we enjoyed the escape room, tried cocos (‘mmmmm, worth the up charge) we tried a lot of gelato. Our sailing had painting, my sister in law did that twice and brought her own drinks 🙂 have a blast!
  3. In June, they do not allow ships in the Johns Hopkins Arms, as described on our Bliss Sailing last June. We were on the port side of the Bliss and got up quite early because of the time difference from NY. So around 5am, it was somewhat light out, and I got some incredible pictures off our balcony, including some wildlife as the ship slows down to a crawl. For the approach into glacier bay, I would be outside/on the bow.
  4. So if someone shows up to the port, and is standing in line (closer than 6 ft) will they deny the people in line around them boarding?
  5. Clearly this is Italian food. So I’m sure it’s not from the restaurant that I referenced immediately above in my post...
  6. There will be some times available, but they sell out pretty quickly. As for location- we had some surprise winners: - los lobos was really good. If we go back on bliss, I think we would return for the guac and street corn, so good. - food republic was a good value for us- 4 items per sdp, so four of us ate on two SDP. And it’s open for lunch on sea days which was a nice variety and not crowded at all
  7. Do you have any dailies you would be willing to share? We’re considering this itinerary for next year. Which Haven room were you in? There are very few courtyard that aren’t 2BR it seems.
  8. My guess is that they are trying to limit people who may have been in recent contact with others who are from/have recently been to areas of concern. While it may not hold true 100% of the time, I would guess that a citizen of country x is more likely to come in contact with someone who has been to x in the past 14 days than someone who is a random Canadian citizen. But this is interesting. I wonder if there is research on this. That may be what they’re trying to prevent. it sucks in this situation, and I hope they issue your family a full refund for all expenses incurred through their offerings.
  9. Also, my suggestion would be to call NCL and confirm. They will know their policy best- although it seems to depend on which agent you get.
  10. You may want to try a subject line that is more representative of your question. “Visas for Egypt and Jordan”
  11. Yes, usually mid week. It was a large amount returned folded within a day. $20
  12. I think there are definitely options that can make this work- much easier than sandy beaches. as someone mentioned, wheelchair service to the seat of an airplane is possible. I would caution if you aren’t flying direct, you need a long layover as they are last off the plane. Otherwise between wheelchairs and trans, should not be a major issue. as for on the ship, one of the walkers that converts to a seat is best. Easy to wait for elevator, wait outside theater, etc. as for language, they may find some staff speak their native tongue. for excursions, some are handicap accessible- bus rides to glaciers, etc. why doesn’t the doctor think it is a good idea?
  13. If you have the 5 free offers, soda is included and you don’t need to buy an additional package. how old is your daughter? That will help us guide you a bit. Bliss is awesome and you’re bound to have fun!
  14. This was my husbands biggest disappointment on our cruise. First world problems!
  15. We met ambassadors on the Bliss last summer. They were often in the Haven lounge or restaurant talking to staff and other guests. Very friendly. At one point I got mosey as we were turned down for a window seat at breakfast as that table was reserved for them for the duration of the cruise, or so I was told. So when we next saw them, I asked why they got special treatment (more respectfully of course) and they told us they were Ambassadors and live aboard the ships for a good portion of the year, often in the Haven, although they prefer aft penthouse suites. They had badges like staff with their country flag and with the title “Ambassador.” They had the option of taking staff corridors to quickly move about the ship in less crowded areas, which at times, I thought could be a nice perk (ie hopping in a staff elevator to the Haven after a show instead of waiting for another full elevator.) they welcomed people back from the ports with waves in the afternoon from their balcony. Very friendly. that aside, I think this perk is ridiculous. It should be 7 night in a balcony with current perks included. I understand charging taxes and port fees. I also think that whatever the balcony rate is, should be able to be applied to a higher level cabin 1:1, so if the balcony is 1200 and Haven is 3,000, the people should be able to pay $1800 per person and have the room of their choosing. They’re really missing the mark here.
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