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  1. I would say 17. The balconies are larger. You’re right off the bar/lounge. The Horizon lounge is right there with an espresso machine for early morning pick me ups. You’ll have to go up to the restaurant, but not a biggie. No sound issues from pool area.
  2. I’m impressed this thread is still going. Good news if your kids are older Marco- Pfizer just filed for extension of EUA age down to 12. So if your kids are 12+ then your problem is solved. In some states- they anticipate being able to get the vaccine by June if approved. im very fascinated to listen to the VRBPAC because there were a few pediatricians who were uncomfortable with 16-17 year olds being approved under EUA. Will be interesting to tune in! Big question was: is the risk/benefit ratio in favor of the patient? Stay tuned!
  3. Damn. I was hoping the polite wave would be enough... seems the drama keeps them coming back for more. So here I am stirring that pot. im still trying to figure out where I can go and who I can leave my kids with! Grandparents are all vaccinated, so just need to figure it out.
  4. And in the scenario of a child in kids club testing positive, because it can happen- the protocols would likely require that their entire cabin would likely have to quarantine. Then parents come here and complain that they had to quarantine and will never go on NCL again... lose-lose situation. But in this situation- they are likely to be able to get some revenue, refine protocols, and see what happens in other markets.
  5. It’s only “Herd Immunity” if the threshold is met for the herd. That would be 60-70% of the groups that congregate. Kids club members wouldn’t reach that threshold, and people would bring their snotty kids- as you mentioned yours come home with runny noses so frequently and you want to bring them so much that you’re breaking up with the cruise line in a dramatic burn the place down post. you seem to be sticking around and awfully lot on a board for a cruise line that will never have your business again.
  6. This isn’t addressing the concern at hand, the concern is: can a cruise ship sail without becoming a super spreader event in which the entire ship has to quarantine. Unvaccinated persons may be less likely to develop serious disease but they are still capable of being superspreaders and the cruise lines don’t want another diamond princess fiasco it would be much more damaging.
  7. 1) I didn’t have math in my post, but If I did, I’d have references and you’d likely be incapable of following. 2) you have the choice to take your money elsewhere if you don’t like the policies of a company. That’s the whole point of “money talks.” These messages boards don’t talk to the cruise line. So please, take your $ elsewhere. I don’t think I’d want my kids hanging out with yours anyway. Cheers to having the choice to do what you want - you can choose to follow the short-term policy or you can choose not to cruise.
  8. But the children congregate, don’t distance, and may or may not mask depending on age. From experience with 2 in daycare and one in-person elementary, to keep outbreaks to a minimum within schools/classes, there are strict protocols for keeping kids in pods, distancing, and outdoor space. That is pretty much the opposite of kids clubs, kids decks, etc. I wouldn’t want to bring my kids on a cruise right now, because it wouldn’t be a normal experience for them. Would I want to go on one solo? Once there are a few that show I don’t need 5 weeks of grandparent coverage for a 1 week vacation and po
  9. Wow- I know these posts go in rabbit holes about masks on board, mandatory vaccines, etc. but you’re going after the stimulus now. Interesting. I can’t fit my comments on that part of your post in this forum. But agreed, the debt added sucks, maybe there are some corporations who under pay employees that made a ton of money that could be taxed a bit better... As someone who didn’t get a check- I’m very thankful they were sent because I know people who needed them.
  10. Oh, I didn’t miss it. So it’s about “me” when I try to work in an environment that doesn’t make me sick, but it’s not about “me” when he says that he can smoke wherever he wants? Ok just wanted to make sure I understood we were going with the double standard. Edit to add; oh and people can’t have business that allow drive through bars. There are laws to protect people. Owning a business doesn’t give anyone carte Blanche to do what they want inside the walls.
  11. If I had to guess, they may do provisioning in the Bahamas. May figure out logistics to private island or may even stop for a non passenger stop at Nassau to provision only. With vax crew and vax port staff, they can provision pretty safely.
  12. For those thinking about the excess mortality stuff: here’s a good datavis of it- with their sources listed. https://www.ft.com/content/a2901ce8-5eb7-4633-b89c-cbdf5b386938
  13. And I am still so thankful that they happened. As a waitress during high school and college, I remember the difference in cleaning routines from smoking section to non- the color of the cloths from the smoking section and how gross the cleaning bucket was. I remember having to pay other waitresses to work the smoking sections (they were smokers and didn’t mind). So glad that service/bartender health mattered.
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