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  1. i was recently on a medallion cruise. i don't understand the fuss about not using medallions. the door locked when i was approaching it, i would see it unlock while i was a few steps away. it does lock as you walk away. i did some testing to find the perfect spot to hang out lanyards so we didn't trigger the door (the edge of the bathroom wall by the light switch to the bathroom) we played the deck trivia in the app because we like trivia. you do not need to do anything in the app unless you want to. you don't have to interact with the wall panels unless you want to.
  2. i had an excursion i was on the same cruise as idahospud. i pre-ordered my excursion online. i'm glad i did as they sold out of most of them the first day. in my room the tickets were in an envelop on the desk. there was in large letters on the ticket what time to meet in the theater. once you go to theater, they have someone at the doors directing you to a couple of rows for each excursion. we were given a sticker of a certain color and a number. i think i was yellow 2. so all of the yellow 2s sat together. they called them in some order and you were led to either the front or midship tender depending on color. its actually very similar to disembarkation with colors and numbers. as we exited the tender on the docks, just outside of the princess, the excursion guys were making lines, they were looking for your sticker color and number combo, but there is also a big number on your ticket, like G1005 so they have that number too. it is really easy to find them, you literally stumble over them leaving the velvet roped area. they ask you to stand in line while they collect everyone form that set of tenders, then they walk you off the docks, through the shopping area to the bus. make sure you tell them you have to use the bathroom or not, the bathrooms are by the bus area. then enjoy excursion.
  3. i'm utterly confused by your question. ship anchored near cabo, close enough to get cellular. i just turned off airplane mode. the phone would choose which signal was stronger, ship wifi or cellular. if i wanted to force cellular i turned off wifi.
  4. wow this thread is a rollercoaster! what a really fun idea. you are a cool mom. have a blast. and for the record, i'm available for surprise cruises 😄
  5. i love the ship's water. i also love seltzer. yes you can bring on as much seltzer as you want, just be warned you have to take it on with you. sometimes the porters will take it, but likely you have to just carry it on yourself. i recommend a small roller with nothing else in so it is easy to have your water checked by security. they opening mine and looked in the cases
  6. i've yet to attend a tea. i meant to, but we went extreme relaxation on this last 5 day cruise and missed most things as we did a lot of naps and sitting on the balcony.
  7. as of last week, the royal has slots and the slot was pre-populated with a card that said this room was equipped with power saving lights and to leave this card in the slot.
  8. i was in port onboard, once i got off the ship my phone switched to using the Mexican mobile provider. so while you are on board the ship the medallion wifi is always working., they do not turn it off in port. i am not sure about cellular at sea, i didn't try to use it. i do have a smart phone, and my mobile package with tmobile does include wifi calling. i don't fully understand your use case, cellular at sea is expensive and you can incur charges anytime your phone downloads data at all. i've never tried to use it, but i have read horror stories of people who left their phone cellular on and incurred a bunch of charges.
  9. we were just on the royal, and catalina from argentina made a new form of trivia that was super fun. it was guess the word/spelling when all of the vowels were taking away. for example *x*mpl*. you had to have the word and the spelling correct. it took a bit of time as each team had to go down to turn in answers. we missed most oft he trivia this time as we were doing other things. i thought the scheduling on my last cruise was not great as many things were at the same time and clustered together
  10. yes, in cabo when i was in my room with cellular turned on, the wifi took precedent because it was a stronger signal, but when i moved to a place where wifi was less strong it would switch to cellular. basically if you are on ship, the wifi is stronger so it will win unless you explicitly turn it off. i had cellular coverage in mexico so i left both on and let which ever was stronger take precedence and it was seamless to me except when i was expressly watching to see which was being used.
  11. Just off my first medallion cruise. i was pretty pleased. embarkation, they changed the order of things in los angeles, first you go through security, then you check in. security was easy, we had our medallions, touched the medallion point, it turned green. didn't have to show anyone anything else. Security checked out my cans of soda. then in the next room you go into an area with a bunch of people checking you in. we had our medallions, i think there was a different line if you need to pick up your medallion. so in the check in they scan your medallion again, and you show your passport. we were there somewhat early and they were still doing onboarding groups. the numbers went really fast. i will say all in all, we were through the whole thing and on ship in under an hour. onboard, i had prepurchased the internet package, which didn't work until around 12:30, but once hey flipped whatever switch, i was able to log in and internet as needed. i was oncall for work this day, which is why i had the internet package. we liked to enjoy a drink or two a day, and we used the medallions with no hassle. the bars tended to like to use the medallion, waitstaff tended to use the room number. i kept an eye on the room charges, and they all seemed accurate, nothing i had to dispute. on every previous cruise i had a charge to dispute. so i'm happy i wasted no time in line at the desk, one last thought about the medallion itself, the door functionality was great. we were in a cabin at a bend in the hall so we could see our screen as we walked up and it would unlock easily while we were in view of the door. i brought magnetic hooks, and i hung them up by the bathroom door instead of next to the room door to make sure we weren't triggering the door. it worked great. the apps i am less pleased with. it wasn't real clear why you would use your medallion at the big boards. i did see some kids playing a game, but i couldn't figure out how to do that myself. the trivia on deck was fun, but a little bit laggy and buggy causing you to miss questions when you restart the app. it also doesn't ever show you what the right answer is. i wasn't able to figure out the other app games, and i don't gamble so i didn't try those games. but the real frustration is the patter. there is very little information about any of the activities on either the printed patter or the app. the way the app has the schedule is difficult to read. the printed patter is so minimal now, if a show is happening twice, it's hard to tell as it only shows at the first show time. it seemed that neither was the best resource. we still carried our paper patter around. staff also seemed to have trouble finding things on the app schedule. i think i'd prefer a list view to compliment the schedule view they have, and better descriptions of what the activities are. and the find and chat functions are great except there is still no push notifications for the app, so it is useless to try and coordinate with your shipmates. i sent my partner a message and he didn't see it for 2 days. so knowing where someone is is useless if you can't message them and they get a notification of the message, at least in my experience. all in all, i liked the medallion, i found it unobtrusive. they are at a good first step and i can see building upon this to really smooth out the kinks.
  12. everything i'm bringing to wear next week is skulls, bats, crows or ghosts. 🙂 for me everyday is halloween, but i'm going to live it up on the cruise. i will also suggest hitting up your dollar store, there are some super cute hair clips or headbands that can be used for custumes and take up practically no space and weigh next to nothing.
  13. i'm well impressed with your spare packing. i do not have that ability. i do tend to wear almost everything i bring though. i've already put aside everything i want to bring for outerwear, i haven't yet packed underthings and bathroom supplies.
  14. i'm localish, i live near pasadena. but i've never parked at the pier nor at a hotel. i usually just take a lyft or the blue line becuase when i calculate the parking and cost of a lyft, it is almost the same. I also typically go down the night before and spend a night in long beach so i don't have to deal with commute traffic on the 110, but i see you have some mobility impaired travelers, so that won't work for you. it might be worth it to just park at the pier. trying to park off site for a little less and then having to schlep from pier to car sounds like it might not be worth your while or comfort. i think the real thing you have to consider is post cruise, what is going to be easiest on you and your travel partners. dropping people off to check in is easy, but dealing with disembarkation after waking up early is a different story.
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