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  1. i think it is less about telling the cruise lines to stop and more about just closing the ports. if there is no port open, no port staff and immigrations staff, the cruise lines have no choice.
  2. @487 it says on https://www.princess.com/news/notices_and_advisories/notices/temporary-cancellation-policy.html Can I use my FCC to pay for more than one cruise? Yes. You can choose how much of your future cruise credit you want to use on new bookings and can use the credit against more than one. You just need to use it before the expiration date of Dec 31, 2021.
  3. i wish they had just changed last payment to 60 days for any cruise, i'm still 70 days out. would have been better than filing an insurance claim.
  4. maybe i am naive, but i think i can get this virus as easy at home as i can on a cruise, so i'm not too worried. i'm still excited about my alaska cruise in may. i think they learned hardcore, a cruise ship is not a quarantine environment. i'm basically following along, washing my hands, and not panicking. maybe i'm wrong, but i hope i'm right. and i'm trying to get a refare or upgrade on my cruise.
  5. i really wonder what people expect, ships are constantly being repaired and painting and sometimes things need to be closed for maintenance. people seem to think that if they ever experience any maintenance at all, the ship is "showing her age" i think the star is fine and most of the people who write these bad reviews have unreasonable expectations. on every single cruise i have been on i have seen the crew painting or repairing something. it is a fact of dealing with salt water.
  6. suites have always been just above my price point so i haven't looked into them, but what makes a suite undesirable?
  7. another place i saw ir was on the page where you can buy the addons, scrolll alllllllllllll the way down and my wifi shows there. mine was a part of bse though not the cyber thing.
  8. i've found that usually the MDR lunch has a souffle option for dessert. my rule is never say no to a souffle. and if it is the orange one, it is my favorite.
  9. thanks for the assist everyone, i wasn't going to be great in explaining and refer to the forum link in the upper right for the Q&a with Insure my trip to learn more about different types of insurance. i'm reasonably healthy, and we sailed a few times with out insurance thinking it's local and mexico is technically driving distance for us. but now i just get insurance because, in my logic, if i can afford the cruise, i can afford the insurance, and i'd rather pay and not use it than have an oh 💩 moment while cruising and need it.
  10. this forum is not maintained or officially monitored by princess. i recommend you check their official announcement on the website about how they are refunding for cancelled cruises. they are very busy processing all requests, so you should expect some delay in response. but at the end of the day, you chose to travel without cancel for any reason insurance, this was always a possibility. you should temper your over the top statements when this would have been avoided full stop for cancel insurance. i don't expect you will get a lot of sympathy here since this is yo
  11. can't wait to hear how this works for you. looks great, i love the ingenuity. i just feel i'm a wrist basher, my graveyard of broken fitbit bands and fitbits as testimony. i'd be worried i'd knock it off despite the magnet.
  12. oh, i find the ship is still the destination with out those things. i like peacefully watching the waves and sunsets (i'm never quite awake for sunrises). i will also say, that as fin as those thing maybe, you have a valid point about them being better locally, because it is dedicated to that thing, a water park is going to have better design that ship, sure it is novelty, but *shrug* quality might suffer a bit. and just to be contrary, i totally do novelty things on a ship just because, i once did a couple games of bowling on a cruise just because it was hilarious novelty, but entirely poi
  13. i am not a gambler, but for some reason i enjoy reading these thread. i believe i have also seen people where the currency exchange might be in the favor when they book but OBC to gamble the exchange rate will be worse on ship at sale date.
  14. i live by the san pedro port, so i very frequently* go "let's cruise" and find a cruise inthe next month or two. but my folks have to fly in, so this time we planned ahead and i booked before final payment. *shrug* the prices are what they are and i'll just have to stop looking so i don't lose my mind buy when you can as your wallet allows and then don't second guess. you can very easy get vacation paralysis if you study it too hard looking for the absolute best deal, as there will always be someone who does better. *not as frequently as i like but as
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