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  1. Thanks for the heads up. We had one like that on the Liberty and I just assumed it was a fluke. Reading that its common problem I'm start checking after embarkation.
  2. Why do some ships have more shows than others?
  3. I too was faced with this dilimia. I ultimately decided on Rotana because I couldn't find anything else we would like to do tere. We leave Sunday for our cruise and I will be sure to take lots of pictures, and update when we return.
  4. I applied the first week of November.i sail 12/09 got it Today!
  5. It's on your cruise documents. Under your charge totals.
  6. Surprised you didn't like the Mexico coke. Here my local health food store sells Mexico coke because it is made with REAL sugar and not HFCS like "real US" coke. I'll admit it does taste funny at first if you don't know that it's made differently.
  7. We leave Sunday, and today I was shoppin in Kolhs and kept seeing cute stuff I thought I would want to wear in the cruise and I was like in exactly one week I'll be having a sea day!
  8. The OP was writing about a cruise in 2008. A LOT has changed since my first cruise (2010), I'm not bashing carnival(they are the only cruise line I've sailed) I'm just wondering how relevant this post is today. I guess i Don't understand why this was resurrected..
  9. I've only sailed the Liberty and both times it was across from the first buffet set. In other other words, as it is on the deck plans. However, both of those sailings where before the 2.0 upgrades.
  10. Or you could pack a small French press. They make awesome coffee! If I want a GOOD cup of coffee at home I use my french press if I want fast I use the Kuerig.
  11. So I was looking at the deck plans on my Cruise Ship app and I noticed on the lido deck across from the deli is an "Asian Corner." When I was on the liberty this was the Burrito bar. Is this still there? I haven't heard of it before but I am a HUGE lover of Chinese/Japanese food! Also, what is it exactly? Thanks!
  12. I too notices this recently and thought it strange. Especially because they consider a 4a an "upgrade" equal to a deck upgrade.
  13. I slept on it on our first cruise which was aboard the Liberty. I don't remember thinking it was uncomfortable, but I did prefer the twin bed over it on my second cruise. However, I do like softer mattresses..
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