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  1. I saw a few taxis but I think they were pre booked. It might be worth checking if Uber work in the area or finding a local firm you could call before debarkation.
  2. 5 hour journey home but made it in one piece. We got off the ship at 6.15am with our own luggage and on the road at 6.40am. We we both had a great cruise, regardless of the little niggles here and there. Our favourite cruise line is still Celebrity but Royal Caribbean is up there as well. Those of you who are going on soon, have a great time. All the best ian
  3. Last day before home. Plenty going on on the ship. 20C outside, sunny but blustery on the outside decks. Formal last night was ok but lacked atmosphere due to the MDR being less the half full. There was a parade and an individual birthday cake for each couple for RCCL 50th birthday. Time to pack and get ready for the final evening. Thanks for reading and contributing everyone. All the best ian
  4. I think you will need photos and set sail passes completed for everyone. If you go to your set sail pass and then swipe left you should be able to get to the others if they are on the same booking. Alternatively complete on the website. Enjoy your cruise.
  5. Im with you, I much prefer the later theatre time after late seating. The show lasts about 45 - 50 minutes. We managed a drink in the Diamond lounge before 8.30pm meal.
  6. When we arrived there was a sign for Pinnacle, Suite and Expedited boarding. Go to this area and you will be asked a few questions and sent to security. Your sea pass cards will be outside your room. Not or sure how busy it,will be when you arrive.
  7. Cadiz yesterday. We like Cadiz, it is such an easy town to walk around with a decent beach and shopping/market area. At sea today, calm seas and 20C. Towels were on the sun beds nice and early again 😂. It always amazes me the lengths people go to to get a sun bed. Now that we are coming to the end of the cruise i’ll try to sum up with some tips, some of which I have already covered. If you can, complete your sea pass info on the Royal App. It makes boarding a lot easier. The Windjammer can be like a cattle market at times. If you like to eat of there, whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner, try to work out the quieter times for your own sanity. Better still, use the dining room for breakfast every morning and lunch on sea days. Buffet breakfast on deck 3 and a la carte on deck 4. Tender ports, see my earlier post regarding this. Make time to see the sunsets. They are different every evening and never fail to impress. The shows are mainly 7pm for late seating and 9pm for early with a few exceptions. There have been a couple of adult comedy late shows at 10.45pm as well. Formal on this cruise was day 3, 10, 13. If if you enjoy your spa treatments then wait for the discounts in the 2nd week. The full body massage went from $169 to $99. Also, if you are Diamond and above you will get a $50 discount after day 3. The best tip of all, relax, enjoy and let go. It’s your cruise and even a mediocre cruise is better than a good day at work. i may not have time to get on tomorrow so if I don’t thank you for following and reading. If you have any further questions I will do my best to answer them. bye for now Ian
  8. No problem. The Cruise Director is Cuddy Cudworth. He’s been very good and does seminars throughout the cruise on ‘Monkey Mind Relaxation’. Well worth a visit.
  9. Not sure whether we actually docked in Gibraltar but there was another medical emergency during the night before Cadiz so maybe. The cruise has has been quite eventful with a number of medical emergencies, one passenger jumping overboard and being rescued before being put off in Gibraltar. Allegedly it was because he lost $17000 in the Casino but not sure how true that is. You know how the grapevine works on cruises. Then there was a fight among a large group of people (17 I heard) and they were also put of in Cagliari I think. I havent seen seen the seafood night mentioned to be honest. Where did you find the tracker?
  10. Cagliari yesterday. There was a free shuttle into town for those that wanted to do their own thing. Unfortunately I feel that the food quality in the main dining room has deteriorated as we get to the latter end of the cruise. I had the New York Strip yesterday as there was nothing I fancied on the main menu, and although I like it medium rare , it was very tough and somewhat inedible. To be honest the last three nights in the main dining room has lacked menu variety and imagination and also quality of food served. It is a real shame as we enjoy our main dining room experience. At sea today and the sea is like a mill pond. It is warm but a little overcast. There are two performances of Grease tonight, the first at 5.45pm and the second at 8.45pm. There will also be a matinee performance on the last sea day. All the best Ian
  11. Do you mean the coffee drink cards? If so, I believe they were but I don’t know the cost I’m afraid.
  12. Naples today. I wanted to go to Pompeii but all tours were booked so I missed out. I’ll hopefully get there next year as we will be doing a similar itinerary on Anthem. The port is in the city so if you just want to get off and walk then it is easy to do so. The entertainment has been somewhat eclectic but I think that is the same for most cruises. The usual quizzes, bingo and lots of karaoke, some silent disco’s, pool parties and dance classes. The headliner shows have been interesting. There have been a lot of complaints about one particular show which was a comedic string quartet. As I said, eclectic. Many walked out, some stayed. I stayed and enjoyed the originality of the performance. Apparently it won an award at Edinburgh festival. Not everyone’s taste but full credit to Royal for trying something different. We’ve also had a juggler, a comedy/variety entertainer a swing vocal group and the usual music/dance shows. Tonight is a London West End singer. It is also formal night so I’d better sign off and get spruced up and the tax on. All the best Ian.
  13. We are on Silhouette in September so we will see if it is still the same.
  14. I did go n one night as Tracy wasn’t well and I was hungry. I agree, the food was good but I do prefer the main dining room for dinner.
  15. Civitaveccia today and another warm one, if a little,cloudy. Lots of people off the ship this morning heading to Rome so we decided not to follow the masses and head on a tour to Tuscania and Olive oil tasting in the afternoon. A good trip and the village of Tuscania was beautiful. Back in the room getting ready for the evening. One strange thing that I have noticed on this cruise is how empty the main dining rooms are in the evening. I would say that they are less than half full every night. I have never noticed it on other cruises we have done. Perhaps the whole concept of cruising is changing and people don’t want to be served anymore. I’m all for change if it is for the better but I think I would like to stick with traditional dining on a cruise. No main show tonight, they are putting on the ice show again tonight. Oh and the white night deck party is on. I have brought some white shorts and white plimsoles but I think if I turned up they might think I’ve come as one of the Village People. Oh well, I’ll see how I feel later. 😂😂😂 Right, time for that shower now and out we go.
  16. I’ve already mentioned that the public spaces get very crowded, especially at night and the bar servers are somewhat lacking, however that shouldn't’ put anyone off cruising on this wonderful ship. She is obviously a family oriented ship and even outside of school holidays there are still 400 children of all ages on board, but they are well catered. Even the older kids at heart can enjoy the amenities. I love the flow rider, but have only tried boogie boarding. I’m going to try the sky dome before the end of the cruise, strapped in a harness with VR goggles on jumping on a trampoline. I can’t wait. Yes I am a 55 year old kid 😂😂. There are some areas I could be critical about, Windjammer can be a cattle market at times, but if you choose your times carefully then you can avoid this. The food in the main dining room can be hit and miss, more of a miss tonight as everything I had was over cooked and dry, but generally I would say that 90% of the time the food is good to great. The staff are are always polite, helpful and will do anything to please. We are Diamond members and, as there are around 700 diamond and above members on board they have opened the Viking lounge as an extension to the Diamond Lounge in the evening. I like the fact that there is a nice comfortable place to go for pre dinner drinks and nibbles. Thats is it for tonight. We were late out of La Spezia tonight due to a medical emergency but are due in Civitavecchia on time tomorrow. Night all Ian
  17. Villefranche is a small coastal village in the South of France. It is situated next to Nice and within 30 minutes of Monaco by train. Most cruises use the bay at Villefranche to anchor and tender passengers ashore as Nice is unable to accommodate the larger ships. The communication onboard regarding the tendering process process has been excellent. The cruise compass detailed what to do, it was reiterated in the theatre the previous night and also on the morning TV show. Let’s just say that it hasn’t been kept a secret!!! In a nutshell, upward of 4000 people need to get off the ship in small tenders. There was a ticketing system. If you wanted to get off early you could go and get a ticket for your group from 7.30am but you must be ready to get off as soon as your number is called. If you are not ready and you miss your number you go and get another ticket and wait. Easy right? Apparently not. The vast majority thought it was easy but a few felt that they deserved special privileges and either wanted to get off without a ticket or long after their number was called and then sit on the stairs blocking legitimate ticket holders from joining the line for the tenders. Some people eh?? Anyway full credit to the Royal Staff for getting people off and back on the ship with relatively few hitches. My my advice is if you want to travel to any of the towns and cities away from Villefranche then get your tickets early. If you want to stay around Villefranche get your ticket later (after about 11am) then be prepared to wait up to an hour after getting your ticket to get a tender. Open tendering started around 1.30pm.
  18. We are in La Spezia today and although there is some cloud it is hot. For those not wanting to venture too far the town is a short free shuttle bus away. The bus drops you off at the port gates. Gibraltar was our first port of call. We like Gibraltar, even though we have been here many times before. The town is a 15-20 minute steady walk from the ship and is relatively flat. Once you go through the arch of the wall to the town you are in Casement Square. This area is filled with Bars and restaurants, some exhibitions and also duty free shops for your tobacco and alcohol. Through the Square is Main Street which takes you through the town and eventually to the cable car that takes you up the rock. We didn’t have much time here so we just wandered into town, browsed around and had a drink in the square. After Gibraltar we had another day at sea. This was the first sea day where people could use the outside decks without having to wrap themselves up. A nice warm day with plenty happening around the pools. Wherever you you go you will always come across people who feel that the rules of common courtesy don’t apply to them. In this instance I’m referring the the sun bed hoggers who place their belongings on the bed and disappear for an hour or two or more and believe that it should be available for them when they return. I’m not talking about those who use the bed, go to Windjammer for a bite to eat and come back within a reasonable time. I think 30 minutes away is acceptable. There are signs all over the pool deck and in the cruise compass asking people not to reserve seats and it was refreshing to see that Security was patrolling and taking towels and other personal items from the sun beds left for longer than 30 minutes. A few people were not too happy when they came back to find someone in ‘their personal sun bed’. 😂 Before I finish this a couple of tips: If you can, download the Royal smartphone app and complete the set sail pass on the app a few days before cruising. Then, when at the terminal use the Expedited check in. It will make the check in process so much easier and quicker. Once on board, use the app to find out what’s going on and to view your onboard account. You can even see the dining room menus as well. Got to go now as I’m sharing the WiFi with Tracy and she wants to use it. I will let you know about Villefranche and the tendering process next time. Take care ian
  19. Late dinner is 8.30pm. The app will only show the correct menus when onboard. There is a pie on the classic menu every night and they have an Asian inspired dish every night as well. There wasn't any welcome aboard bubbles when boarding.
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