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  1. We have worked our way up the ladder over the years. Started with Carnival when the kids were young, we are way beyond empty nesters now. Went to Princess, RCCL and Celebrity. Celebrity has been our go to for the last decade but they have lost a lot of quality especially with cocktails. Hopefully the stock market comes back and we are in a position to take many Regent cruises if it is a good fit for us.
  2. Thanks for the laugh. We have our first Regent cruise booked for October. Hopefully we can sail.
  3. Thanks for the info. Maybe it will change before we sail in April.
  4. Does anyone know what the current Platinum gift is on the Panorama?
  5. Read the restrictions on basic economy on the American Airlines website. You would be the last to board so the five of you would not be sitting together. No overhead luggage allowed, whatever you bring on must fit under the seat in front of you. That is all I can remember. If cost is of the most importance then it is the most inexpensive way to fly. The airlines site though is the only place you will get the definitive answer to what "basic economy" means.
  6. We did an itinerary very similar to this one two years ago. We spent three days in Madrid and two in Barcelona before the cruise. We loved this whole trip. Spain is fantastic and Portugal just as great. I'd go again and maybe will someday. One of the best vacations we have taken and we have taken a lot.
  7. Ours was not filet and was stated as top sirloin on the menu. It was not over cooked in fact all six were cooked as ordered from medium rare to medium. Two were just tough. We did not complain as we did not want to delay our meal. It was edible but not a great cut of meat.
  8. We ate in LPC with two other couples who are good friends on the Equinox on the Oct. 14th cruise. We enjoyed the experience but agreed it was a one and done especially at the $55 cost which we did not pay. The menu is not worth the $55 as the main course is a top sirloin steak. Our six steaks ranged from good to tough. At $55 it should be a filet. There are now two menus and two different shows depending on the menu offered that night. We also liked Quisine and do not see LPC as an improvement. LPC is a set menu with one alternative for each course. The variety in Quisine made it a din
  9. We got off the Equinox on Oct 25th and I did not see Singh at the bar at the back of the Ocean View Cafe. Clarence was there every time we got something from that bar. We did not have service problems at Cafe al Bacio but we did at the Martini bar if you were not seated at the bar. The bar seating was completely filled by 4:45 every afternoon. We also found that if you made an effort to get a waiter's attention we had no problems. On the second day of our cruise at the Martini Bar one of the managers took our order, we were not at the bar itself. We explained we had
  10. A year ago we used Backstreet Guides in Tokyo. We took two tours with them and both were excellent. There tours are walking intensive so keep that in mind and do your research. We walked about five miles with each tour over several hours. We did get a great overall view of Tokyo. We flew Singapore Business using points that we transferred into their program. Very nice flights.
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