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  1. basketsuze

    Maybe I'm just weird but....

    [quote name='sthrnbll']I dont think I'll spend the extra money on a balcony again :eek::eek: I had my first balcony in September mainly because my husband smokes. It was an aft balcony on the Sensation. While it was nice to get fresh air I didn't really spend a whole lot of time out there. I would much rather just have an OV room and save the extra $$$. Anyone else feel the same?[/quote] Ok, don't BOO me, everyone, but in 14 cruises, we've usually had a balcony because I was (note past tense) a heavy smoker. I quit back in September, so we booked an OV for our May cruise on the Pride. This will be the very first cruise I've ever gone on as a non-smoker. My DH loves the balcony for photo opportunities, and we have one booked for our November Conquest cruise. I, however, mostly used the balcony to smoke. We're also folks who like to socialize and be out and about on the ship, so I don't believe it will get as much use from me. I'd rather save the $$ and get an OV.
  2. basketsuze

    Chris and Cassandra's Quickie on the Pride

    [quote name='ElementN']Hey guys my 3 year old is deathly afraid of dogs, have you guys ever encountered a dog while going through customs or security when boarding the pride in Baltimore? If he sees one we will never be able to get him on and off the boat peacefully :). Thanks so much![/quote] We have seen German Shepherds and the beagle. In fact, while waiting to embark on our Pride cruise in September of '10, a police officer walked the shephered up and down the rows of seats while we were all seated. It was a tight squeeze for the officer and the dog. We assumed it was a narcotics dog. This is the only time in 10+ cruises out of Baltimore that this has happened. Also, while embarking, you may see them outside taking a shepherd around the crates to be loaded. We have seen the dogs most often during disembarkation - again, outside sniffing the crates to be loaded, plus they have walked the shepherd and the beagle up and down the lines of those of us who self-disembark with our luggage. There is a good chance you may see the dogs. Maybe you could explain to your little boy that he might see a few dogs, but they are very busy working to keep everyone safe. Good luck!! Suze!
  3. [quote name='NeptunesGoddess'][B][COLOR=darkorchid] Hi Everyone,[/COLOR][/B] [COLOR=darkorchid][B]We got to meet[/B] [B][COLOR=red]Don and Colleen[/COLOR][/B] [B]at lunch. They were seated to our table and we got to talking and found out we were both cruise critic posters. Had a nice chat.[/B][/COLOR] NeptuneGoddess - Please send a shout out to Don & Colleen from Suze, Kenny, Ron & Connie. Ron & Connie boarded the Pride Sunday, and were to meet up with Don & Colleen at Port Canaveral. Unfortunately, they canceled the Pride cruise so Ron & Connie had to go home. Best wishes to all of you and hope you're having a nice time in spite of the weather. I haven't read the entire thread - just posted as soon as I realized you met our friends! Suze!
  4. For years we were told by our TA that Carnival was a "lower class" of ship. We cruised RCCL and Celebrity. Then, in 2009 we had some financial setbacks, but wanted a quick getaway and asked the TA to book us on the Pride out of Baltimore (our home port), since it was relatively inexpensive. The TA was actually quite belitting about Carnival and said she did not book this line. (Did I mention she's our ex-TA?) So, we ended up booking it ourselves. Went onboard with very low expectations and was very pleasantly surprised to find out it was no different than RCCL, except the cabins are bigger and the food was much better with a MUCH lower price. Same type of crowd, same everything else, including a few rowdy revelers, of which there are plenty on RCCL. I am not knocking RCCL, by the way. I'd be happy to board them again, if their prices were a bit more in line with Carnival's. This August we will be boarding the Pride once again for the 6th time. We did stray from her this past November when we went on the Carnival Legend. That makes 7 cruises in under three years. No way could we have afforded that on RCCL!! As I get older I find it's better to try things out for myself rather than take someone's word for it. As for the eye-rolling gentleman....didja roll his eyes back to him?? HA!!
  5. basketsuze

    should they be compensated?

    Hey! Where did everyone go?? Did we offend someone??? Ok, I'm sorry about the offensive remarks I made about my own backside looking like the back of a Greyhound bus due to consuming multiple milkshakes from the specialty shop. I apologize for that, and if I hurt anyone's feelings, I am very sorry.:D Sincerely, Stupid Suze!
  6. basketsuze

    should they be compensated?

    Wherever we're going.....it's not to work or staying home to do chores! It's all good!!!
  7. basketsuze

    should they be compensated?

    [quote name='Snowball']Hey there Stupid Suze! I have to tell you, I developed a serious addiction to the milkshakes from the specialty shop on the Spirit. I had to go on a 12 step program when I got back home. Just wanted to warn you, from one stupid person to another. Now if only I could figure out how to walk and chew gum at the same time. Have a great cruise! :D Stupid Debbie[/quote] Hee hee hoo hoo haa haa!! See my post above yours! We're talking Greyhound Bus, here! :D
  8. basketsuze

    should they be compensated?

    [quote name='basketsuze']Hey, Stupid Debbie! We would also like to invite you to join us on the Pride Cruise tomorrow! We'll buy you a DOD or whatever you'd like. I am hankering for one of those milk-shake thingies they make at the specialty shop. I am wondering if they would be willing to put a shot of Baileys in it. Hmmm....! Anyway, there might be cabins open, so please join us! You're a HOOT! Sincerely, Stupid Suze![/quote] And....I wonder why my butt looks like the back of a bus! Gee, it couldn't have ANYTHING to do with those marvy chocolate milkshakes with a shot of Baileys, could it??
  9. basketsuze

    should they be compensated?

    [quote name='Snowball']Sorry Stupid Bill - as our new friend Hurricane Irene just showed us, hurricanes can affect areas outside of the Caribbean. I think they should suspend cruises all along the eastern seaboard as well. Your friend, Stupid Debbie :D[/quote] Hey, Stupid Debbie! We would also like to invite you to join us on the Pride Cruise tomorrow! We'll buy you a DOD or whatever you'd like. I am hankering for one of those milk-shake thingies they make at the specialty shop. I am wondering if they would be willing to put a shot of Baileys in it. Hmmm....! Anyway, there might be cabins open, so please join us! You're a HOOT! Sincerely, Stupid Suze!
  10. basketsuze

    should they be compensated?

    [quote name='S.S.Oceanlover']WOW! Now anybody that cruises during hurricane season is stupid.:eek: Maybe they should suspend cruises from June 1 to November 30th in the Caribbean to protect the stupid people from themselves.:rolleyes: Stupid Bill[/quote] Hey, Stupid Bill! We would like to buy you and yours a DOD!! Care to join us on the shortened Carnival Pride cruise leaving tomorrow? I have a feeling there are some open cabins! Sincerely, Stupid Suze!
  11. basketsuze

    should they be compensated?

    [quote name='tef43']The "gimme gimme gimme me me me" mindset is simply stunning. If you are stupid enough to cruise during The Season, then at least get trip insurance. Bravo to NCL.[/quote] We always purchase trip insurance. Wouldn't travel without it. It really doesn't cost that much and it's peace of mind should you ever need to use the on-board medical center or God forbid, something happens before or during the cruise. We also make a point to cruise during the [U]end[/U] of the hurricane season for several reasons: 1) The rates are cheaper; and most importantly, 2) This is the time of year we both can get approved for vacation time from our jobs since it's at the end of peak summer season. We have been onboard thru numerous hurricane avoidance maneuvers, changes in itinerary, rocky seas, outer decks closed, flying deck chairs, and so on. We love it and do not plan to change our travel plans. It's the luck of the draw and you get what you get. This is why you will never see either one of us complaining about any of the above issues. You do realize that the official Hurricane Season is from June 1st through November 30th, right? So anyone who cruises during this time frame is stupid, right? I take exception to your comments. Cruising during hurricane season can be a wonderful experience, as we've done it for the last 11 years and only had issues a few times. There is nothing more humbling than being out on rough seas realizing that all our little problems and concerns are really very insignificant in the greater scheme of things. But, that's just me. Suze!
  12. basketsuze

    should they be compensated?

    [quote name='Snowball']The thread is not about your cruise on Carnival - it is about a cruise on NCL that is also leaving a day late due to Hurricane Irene. Unlike Carnival who has already said that guests will be compensated, NCL has not yet said whether they are offering any compensation to guests who paid for a 7 day cruise but will only be getting a 6 day one. Have a great time on your cruise, and I'm glad that you aren't letting the shorter cruise length dampen your excitement. :)[/quote] Ummm, yes....you are correct, but this is the Carnival board!:)
  13. basketsuze

    Wow, The Pride Is WAY Behind Schedule!

    We WILL!! Thanks for your thoughts! Better a six-day than a no-day! Suze!
  14. basketsuze

    Do you tip more, less, or the same?

    We tip the same or more. It is not the crew's fault and they are still expected to give the same exemplary service, no matter what. I cannot imagine withholding tips, thereby blaming the crew, for circumstances that had nothing to do with them.