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  1. On that cruise too. On my first Azamara cruise we were tendered ashore for the AzAmazing Evening, then buses. I was fascinated by the logistics. It was so well done. In fact, I'm certain is was this same port as it will be for us.
  2. Every time we have done it, they retook it anyways when we went onto the ship and through their security. Can't save more than 15 seconds.
  3. I have to agree with benjoon I was on the same cruise. The whole trip was magnificent.
  4. I was on the first Alaska in May. They have lovely fleece blankets on the back of all of the chairs on the patio and on the sunset deck. Very Cozy. However did you see that Juneau just broke it's record for highest temp in 110 years? 83 degrees F!
  5. Same as experience as Jem12 on two different occasions. We had the island to ourselves and it was very easy to find a lounge chair. I could not imagine it with other ships there too.
  6. I was aboard Quest in May and there was a session with the Environmental officer which was very interesting. There was a lot of discussion about the little bottles and we all agreed that wall dispensers were the best solution. I travel extensively for work, and see this more and more in upscale hotels and like it a lot. The response to refillable bottles was the hygiene problem that it presents.
  7. I was on the Quest in May in Alaska and the first thing I noticed was that the clock was gone. It was frequently frustrating throughout the cruise not to be able to check the time at a glance. The Binoculars were still there. I didn't notice about the umbrellas. I did notice that there was always big bowls of fruit in the windows cafe at the buffet which I made good use of.
  8. Yep - never really considered the spelling of Ridgway! - It was auto-corrected for me anyways to the wrong way. We just got a Fox's Pizza Den on East main street where it meets South Kendall. There must of been one in Bradford once before. Holiday Valley is still going strong. Ellicottville is quite the charming town. We just lost our Sears Catalog store!
  9. whoa. I don't "meet" many people who know this part of PA! I lived in Ridgeway for a few years in advance of Kindergarten. Alas, the Bradford Mall is not what it used to be. There was still at least one class that cost money - A boot camp class. But yes - game changer for me with the no charge for spin classes.
  10. I'm just off the Quest a week ago and made good use of the gym. Nothing like seeing whales while running on the treadmill!! I travel a lot for work - almost each week - so gyms in hotels are very important - many are not as well equipped for it's size as the Quest and Journey. There was a treadmill out of order the entire cruise but I have to assume a new part was on order. I also took advantage of the Spin classes - which no longer cost extra as they did the last time I was on the ship (and therefore, I did not do) Quest opens their gym at 6am, which I love and Journey not until 7am (at least last Christmas when I was on) - which meant a shorter or not at all work out for me if we were heading into port. I certainly appreciate having the gym - easy access to water, Purell wipes and towels. And, it was never so busy that I had to wait on a machine but there was always a number of people working out.
  11. I see that others have posted about this stateroom but not in a while: Cabin Number: 8063 Ship: Quest - May/June 2019 Would you choose again: Yes Is noise an issue? For some it would be. There is noise in the early morning and late night - sounds of rolling things, chairs moving, etc as preparations and clean up is happening above. Considering how much work is being done above, they are clearly working to minimize the disturbance. We were not bothered by it. Balcony Size: 3 chairs, 1 table. Lovely. Comment; Bathtub in Bathroom. Lots of drawer space and closet space in room,. Chair can become a pull out bed for third bed. Close to Aft stairs/elevators but not so close as to hear the noise - easy access to Windows and the 7th floor laundry.
  12. Excellent for Stephen. Penn State! I remember him from Journey too. All the Azamara cruise directors are so good. On other cruise lines, the CD's are not nearly as accessible, visible and certainly don't call passengers by name! (thus ending oure time on "other' cruise lines.
  13. Our Azamazing Evening was set up to be in Victoria British Columbia at the BC Museum. We left ISP/Hoonah in late afternoon. It certainly is a different way of life and very enticing! (with the exception of an absence of a trauma care center in those little towns)
  14. I found Hoonah to be quite charming. The highlight was watching the wood workers work on a totem. I liked that it was just a town - no Diamonds International stores! and the walk to town from Icy Strait Point was stunning.
  15. We did have a white night party and it was outdoors! They had trouble scheduling it as two of the ports that we had scheduled did not allow music on decks or even announcements. We arrived in Haines at 5pm and the White Night Party was that same night. People who had booked tours missed the evening. I went ashore and to explore the town and was back on board in time for the performers to sing and the buffet was kept open longer than usual. I enjoyed the "Colder weather" cruise. I was a wonderful cruise and I would go back on the same ship in a heartbeat. Since it was an LCV cruise, Azamara made it extra special and, of course, the crew is amazing. I would much rather do Alaska on a smaller ship like Azamara than any of the larger ships that we saw along with us.
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