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  1. To me my cruise begins when I get all my documents in order, log on to Cruise Critic every day and start reading and re reading reviews of my ship, my port, my destination, Roll Call for our cruise. Then I start obsessing about the weather, Checking out the layout of the ship, places I want to hang out-mostly around the perimeter but not always. Finding websites that track the ship we will be on and dreaming of the day we will set foot on board--about a month out. T
  2. Thanks for all the replies. Yes, not having to pack, unpack and lug our luggage around is a huge plus. Also, this past year I've loaded up my Kindle with several books I hope to read out on deck. If I'm busy and dont finish them all-that's OK. 10 of our 15 day cruise will be at sea and I can not wait. T
  3. OK Ill split the one word into 2----sea scanner. T
  4. Hey, not sure if you are wanting to know before you cruise or during. Besides the weather channel, I found Cruisemapper and ***** websites to be quite imformative. Enjoy T
  5. In other words-why do you cruise as opposed to taking an all inclusive vacation or a structured tour of some sort? What is your attraction to cruising? I guess mine is I love being on the ship on the water with the ocean motion (within limits of course). I love just wandering around or not. Participating in the activities or not. Trying new and different food every day. Having a Casino handy. Meeting new people.....etc. And you all? T
  6. Our cruise is in 23 days and My phone is supposedly unable to connect to my Wi-Fi or get on line any other way. Thought it might be my VPN but that didn't help, I have a Samsung S7 running 8.0.0 T
  7. Do people mostly power walk or just stroll? T
  8. Thanks everyone-so I can pretend I'm walking a NASCAR track, lol T
  9. Hey all, I did a search and couldn't find the information I want. I remember reading it on a previous post and the question I have is How many laps around the promenade deck is a mile. I'm starting to walk and want to take advantage of our sea days. We are on the Star, Nov 4 to Hawai'i. Thanks, T
  10. Thanks for the replies, I already had all my forms completed. I guess I was overlooking the Travel Docs link. T
  11. Hey All, I did a search for "Happy Dance" which, if I remember correctly, was when you received your luggage tags, dinner time and location , ,,,,etc. I couldn't find any posts about this. With the expansion of the Internet since we last cruised, does this still happen and about how close to sail date do they arrive? Or, is everything set up to print from home?. Much appreciated, T
  12. Thank You!, Some how I missed it on my previous Princess cruise. T
  13. What exactly do you hang them on? Sounds interesting. T
  14. Hey all again! Does Princess have Slot Tournaments? Will be on Star Princess early November. T
  15. Sorry, It's a buffet--I'm not a fan!! T
  16. I am amazed by the cavalier attitude about safety and the concern about Lugging those Heavy Cumbersome life vests to your Muster station. I've spent my life working on Drilling rigs on and off shore. Let me tell you, we wrote up a safety concern every day. It's not a joke or an inconvenience. It could possible be some ones life. OK Jumping off my soapbox! Have a great cruise everyone!! T
  17. Thank You Shmoo for that valuable Info!! Much appreciated!!
  18. Hey All, going on a cruise from LA to Hawaii in and back in November and on the night before we get to Ensenada is the peak of the Leonid meteor shower. I realize it is all dependent on the marine and cloud cover but If by chance it is clear, are there dark areas on deck to watch this? Thank for answers in advance. T
  19. Not meaning to sound Stupid-What does POA stand for? Off the top of my head I can think of 2 things but don't think they apply. T
  20. Oops-I missed some letters. I meant to say Escargot
  21. Hi all I've heard Princess has cut back on escargot on dinner offerings. Is this true? T
  22. Thank you Diver, I will check that out.
  23. Thanks everyone for your answers. Weather and seas are anyone's guess, Unless there is an unprecedented El Niño, we can expect cool air temps gradually warming up. Checking weather several days prior to sail date will partially guide my packing of accessories. Thanks again!!:cool::cool:
  24. Would it be worth bringing along sweaters, sweatshirts or windbreakers or one of each for the first and last few days? Something to cover ears? thinking of bringing a couple of mini umbrellas. I just don't want to not have them if I need them. T
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