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  1. Especially when he shows the world that lasik surgery works. Who Dat!!!!
  2. I'm originally from New Orleans. My family moved to Conroe, TX when I started high school. My dad told me that Texas was a big state - "pick a school somewhere within the borders". I married a soldier (at the Bryan County Courthouse) and 23 years later we retired in the Augusta area, a couple of hours east of Atlanta. Yes, I can see the Saints when they play in Atlanta but I'm also a Saints season ticket holder, so I drive to New Orleans every couple of weeks to see the games. I chose wisely - Gig 'em! I love my Ags on Saturday (never, ever LSU) and my Saints on Sunday.
  3. I called NCL a couple of weeks ago and the agent was more than happy to change my cabin without any extra charges.
  4. I booked my first NCL cruise with this discount/5 freebie thing last week. Should my reservation on the NCL site say something about the 5 freebies? It only shows the amount paid.
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