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  1. Was Chefs Table up and running? How about Bonsai Teppanyaki? You were on the 6 day run. What Days were Elegant night? Was the night club up and running? Chair hogging on sea days?
  2. With the recent startup and sailings at reduced capacity, how is the chair hogging situation? Are we still seeing the one flip flop per chair ? One pencil per Cloud9 Clam ? Specifically on the Horizon
  3. Not necessarily the case for everyone. I have no favorite line I go with the price and itinerary. I am Platinum with Carnival and too have the same deal On Holland America I also have a similar deal. Any cruise line favors casino players immensely.
  4. They have to make up for the billions on losses somehow
  5. Is the night club still a thing or did they stop that to avoid mass gathering?
  6. I noticed on the FunTimes there is no nightclub hours. Is there no longer a DJ spinning into the wee hours of the Morning?
  7. Hello Everyone. Whoooo been a while since I posted anything on the boards. What sea day is Formal Night on the current Horizon 6 Day sailings? Sailing August 1 Thanks all ☺️
  8. Come on Princess. This is not the way to get people back on your ships. 😏 I refuse to fork up $800 up front. Count me out.
  9. November sounds more of a possibility. Fingers crossed for you.
  10. I think what is upsetting to most people is that they are cancelling on a month to month basis as opposed to 3 months at a time. Azamara, formerly a RC line just cancelled until the end of June
  11. I believe OP was trying to do a mock booking to see if May cruises were being cancelled
  12. Ruby and Emerald are both anchored off the coast of Long Beach at this time close to Carnival Panorama. A little further out shore we have Carnival Miracle and NCL Jewel anchored as well. Ships are definitely stretching their legs.
  13. It's due to the sales of the Carnival Monopoly board game.
  14. Yep. that's exactly what they want before they officially cancel. Your money.
  15. As a LB resident, I can say the future of the Queen Mary is not looking well. The operator of the QM filed for bankruptcy last month. The Ship is deteriorating as well due to poor maintenance.
  16. NCL just canceled May, won't be long before Carnival officially cancels.
  17. NCL just canceled May, won't be long before Carnival officially cancels.
  18. The 15 Day Hawaii cruises are not worth it. You use up half of your vacation time in just sea days. As someone who gets 3 weeks of PTO a year I like to use my time wisely.
  19. 22 Days South Pacific Cruise on Holland America on the lovely ms Maasdam First time on HAL and up to date this has been one of the most favorable cruises. Being able to roundtrip New Zealand an visit Tonga, Samoa, Cook Islands, French Polynesia and Fiji and only have to unpack once 😍
  20. Well to each their own but no way I'd like to hog up my vacation time on a masked cruise vacation.
  21. Cruising as we know it has changed..... I wear my mask all day at work, no way I'm willing to wear it on vacation. If you go on a vacation it's to take a break from it all including taking a break from wearing masks. I foresee a spike in AI vacations this year.
  22. That won't be necessary as it's a big possibility the whole Alaska season in general will be axed.
  23. Yup. Hence why I said doesn't work well for those that work and have vacation time approved for only a certain amount of days.
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