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  1. Maybe redneck isn't the right word... LOL. I've got some friends who used to always do CCL and finally convinced them to try NCL. They say they'll never go back to CCL now they were so impressed with the difference. Every cruise line has their thing though...


    A lot of people feel like NCL nickels and dimes people to death but I don't think they do. Yes, if you choose the UBP or SDP, you pay gratuities up front but you know what, if you buy drinks onboard or buy speciality dining on board, you're going to pay gratuities anyway (and likely more than if you just booked the package). And sure, CCL's drink package if you are going to pay outright is cheaper than NCL but I think that is part of the reason they get the bad wrap as party boats. You can sail cheap and drink to your hearts content.


    Yes, we usually get the drink package and it is cheaper, we get specialty coffee's and large bottled water at dinner to take back to our cabin we like and I can buy CCL gift cards thru AARP with points, so I actually pay less on the package, about a day's worth free and then I put those cards on our account so it usually covers the costs of tips. I noticed NCL grats were higher than CCL their's is 15%, so when we booked I chose the "free" drink package NCL offers and it actually comes out a little cheaper, may also purchase the restaurants to try a few, I do like getting on a ship though where I know some of the staff already, especially the bartender's, lol, I had one call me by name when we boarded on Sunshine, haha, he remembered I love his key lime martini's, he makes the best!

  2. I've done a couple on Carnival (years ago) and hands down NCL is better. I've had several friends do Carnival in the past few years and the one constant is everyone always says it's like a redneck party boat. I would be hard pressed to venture beyond NCL at this point but may one day try RCCL Oasis class just to see what all the talk is about.


    We love NCL.



    I don't know about redneck, lol, but we have never had any problems, yes the shorter cruises 3-4 days are a little more "party" atmosphere but 7-8 days have always been great but we cruise with friends a lot of times and have our own stuff planned, lately the last 2 or 3 cruises I see many changes that are not for the better happening, so we thought let's try another line and see how it compares. We live in FL but like to cruise out of PC/Tampa if possible so CCL has more choices for a quick getaway but Breakaway looks awesome.

  3. We like cruising out of Port Canaveral when possible, so we just booked our first NCL cruise on Breakaway for Nov 2019 in PC, we have done 12 cruises with Carnival so far, thought we would spread our wings a little, this will be the largest ship we have been on also, glad to see she get's some refurbishments in 2018.

  4. Anybody heard about flooding on the Magic right now? Just curious...


    Someone posted on another site this....

    "On the Carnival Magic going thru crazy heavy rain. 3 of the 6 elevators closed due to flooding. Gallons of water just came pouring thru the elevator. Floor 10, the lobby, lido deck all flooded."


    Radar does show heavy rain coming across S. FL and Bahamas right now.

  5. They did have face to face interviews yesterday per John Heald on the Freedom upon debark, delaying embark for the new set of passengers, perhaps they knew it was coming but maybe not which ship or all of them? Per John:



    US Customs and Border Protection are doing what is called face to face checks with each guest getting off the Carnival Freedom today so embarkation has yet to start

    Hopefully it will start soon and meanwhile the wonderful embarkation staff are taking great care if the guests

    I am on my way to help


  6. This is SO disappointing to hear.:(


    We were looking at cruising on her at the end of June for an 8 night Eastern.

    I know she is going into drydock, and I know she's getting the 2.0 upgrades.


    But crappy carpet and rust are a no go. I don't want to see that.


    Not when we're looking at spending $3300.

    Is carpet something that can/will be replaced during dry dock?


    I don't see why not, our last cruise on the Victory we had a very nasty neighbor who threw a fit about the floor in their cabin and that her luggage got wet, well it was raining in Miami on embark. I think she as looking for an upgrade but they moved her down the hall and next morning we were woke up to banging and hammering. They had completely removed everything from the cabin and replaced the carpet to fix an indented floor.

  7. Last cruise my hubby took off his tennis shoes (brand new only worn 2x) in front of the bed and the comforter must have been over them because I thought he had packed them, I am usually meticulous about not leaving anything but unfortunately on the drive home after our cruise, I couldn't remember seeing them in the luggage and asked him did he pack and he said no.


    Upon returning home I filed a lost claim with CCL who responded with they could not find them and would keep my claim open for 30 days. Have not heard a word since, they were a size 12 and our steward (lady) assistant (man) was about his size, I am left to think I shall never see them again. :D If he needed them that bad then so be it.

    Glad I snagged them at a black friday sale for only $25.00. I have never had a problem while on the cruise though.

  8. We also sailed her a few years ago for a birthday and now again next week for my 50th, so yes, party, lol. People are drinking more but nothing was really any different than any of my other cruises. Don't know if they have the Alchemy bar now, hope so, I love those Cucumber Sunrises!


    I cannot remember though is there a elegant night on a 3 day cruise?

  9. That's weird that the date is incorrect on the letter. Also, how did they distribute the letter to all of the passengers?


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    I know, I noticed that too, not sure yet how they distributed, waiting for an answer....he just says he is now at the Marriott with 3000 of his closest friends, lol.

  10. My mom just called. She stated they aren't allowed to reboard today. They are being put up at a Marriot. No access to their money, phone chargers or clothes, at all. Someone is getting my dad's insulin however. What a disaster...


    I leave on Thursday for a cruise on Sunshine. Yikes... what a bad taste


    Where is she hearing this, employee? Both of John Heald's post state they will be welcoming everyone aboard later...

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