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  1. Well... Unless everyone is paying their own.... I can't see how this is cheaper. In our case I paid for everything on our cruise..... So no value for us there!! Lol
  2. It was me, my wife and my 9 yr old grandson... Wife and I didn't need to be online frequently.... Your on vacation lol.... Grandson mostly used before going to bed... So we had no problem sharing the one connection with 3 devices. But I understand your point if people are not interested in beverage packages.... But in our case it was a no brainer since we always purchase beverage package.... It was also nice to get the voom + streaming.... I think that's why our online experience was so positive... Faster speed
  3. They have carribean night and a few other nights.... But to be honest I did not see many people dressing theme specific. However for 70's night and other entertainmentv/party events.... There was alot more participation dressing wise
  4. May be true.... But we had 3 in our party sharing one connection... Never a problem with all wanting to be on at Sametime... $9 vs $28/day is quite a cost savings
  5. You can bundle with soda and/or beverage package. If you purchase any of these... This will be your best deal. I paid a $9 add on for the voom+stream on my recent Adventure of the Seas cruise. Excellent speed throughout cruise as well.
  6. We enjoyed the resort.... Very nice, friendly people and a beautiful pool with swim up bar. Resort has several restaurants and you could order lunch from a limited menu. This is an all inclusive resort so you fit right in along with the vacationers staying there. 2 slides... One straight into pool and other is a circling slide into pool. Says slides are for 10-15 yr Olds but there is no lifeguard and no enforcement. My 9 yr old Grandson is small as well and had no problems... We also saw younger children going down slide. Short walk to beach and great view of planes landing. We had a relaxing day and would do again. About a 25-30 min cab ride from pier... Cost us $30 with tip
  7. No worries here.... I did not find the coffee in Windjammer bad at all... But you can always go to Cafe Promenade and get the Starbucks brand for free as part of Beverage package (if you purchase one).
  8. We had late seating on 4/13-4/21 Adventure of Seas Cruise and they only sung/marched around 2 out of the 8 dinners....We appreciated that since we've been on cruises where it occurred 4/5x on a 7 night cruise!! ....And It was usually about 1 hour into our dinner....so depending when you eat.... you probably could catch it whether it be from early or late seatings
  9. Customs didn't even look at our BC/DL and my grandsons BC and Notarized letter when we got off Adventure of Seas last weekend!! Instead we received a 3 min lecture on why don't we have Passports or a Passport Card. I was going to politely state....laws are laws and its currently permissible to use BC and photo ID on closed Loop cruises from same US port... but figured he knew that!! LOL Sometimes you just need to bite your tongue and just move along!! I am still amazed he didn't look at anything...not our DL or BC.....Just mumbled anyone can make those documents on a printer!! We were probably in the last 100 or so passengers out of 4000...Just probably tired and too lazy to look...Then again my wife and I are in our 60's...so probably didn't feel any imminent threat from us...LOL
  10. Unfortunately I do not. My grandson downloaded a bunch of movies onto his tablet so never had interest in watching what was on the TV. I do know they had a on demand channel...but never looked what was playing. Some of the movies which played on tge big screen over pool deck included Aquaman....Instant Family...Night School....Fantastic Beasts The crimes of Grindlewald....Glass....and Venom. Several of these movies were shown more than once on different evenings. Usually a movie at 7pm and then 10pm
  11. I was happy to see Caribbean Stud.... Haven't seen that table game on my recent past cruises on other cruise lines
  12. Perry came on Adventure in early April... So pretty good chance he will be there in July
  13. Yes.... There were shows nightly...several days with RCL singers, dancers and orchestra doing different programs...had a talented vocalist who did many genres of music (Nicola Ward)... Had a group called the Las Vegas Tenors.... and had 3 comedians (Sam Fedele, James Stevens and Jackson Perdue) And yes they had the normal gameshows and adult gameshows such as " blankety blank"; "Battle of the sexes"; "Quest"; "Love and Marriage"...etc. Plus lots of Trivia and karioke
  14. No..I am not Diamond. I did go up to the Blue Moon and it looked like the Diamond Lounge entrance was on the back side with rear view...not front view as Blue Moon had
  15. Yes...I would check your cruise Planner several days a week. It started at $49 ...went up to $52...then down to $49 and then about 60 days out it dropped to $46 and stayed there until we left. As Katiemylady stated it can even go lower and I had read of similar drops to $42 on other ships as well. Being a Easter week cruise and a very crowded cruise.... I don't think RCL needed to discount the $46 rate any further!
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