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  1. You will get a email....Usually the day of your sailing. This happened to us the day of our sailing.
  2. I question whether the YC bartenders even know or check?? My daughter drank champagne throughout cruise.... One evening she ventured down to Champagne bar on Seaside...and had a glass of champagne down there. She asked for same brand she had been drinking in YC..... When I reviewed my end of cruise invoice I had a $30 drink charge showing (lol)..... So unless your ordering top shelf liquor outside of YC.... I see no need to do it
  3. We were on Seaside for 11/23 cruise... I waited a couple weeks and received nothing. Instead of calling I decided to email MSC... I received a response within 24 hours... But as other have also stated...it said it would be applied when we make our next reservation. They have a record of our cruise and to mention it when we book. (Sure thing...LOL.....I'm sure this will happen!!). I never book directly with a Cruise line....but assuming they do find my trip information...it looks like I will be forced to book directly with MSC to get the voucher credit.
  4. This doesn't sound right... I recently sailed on Seaside.... I am a Voyager member and booked thru a 3rd party internet agency. I booked this cruise last minute so I payed in full at time of booking. Several days later I emailed the travel agency and explained I am entitled to a 5% discount as a Voyager member. Within 48 hours I was issued a new invoice showing the 5% discount and was told MSC would credit this amount to my credit card. Approximately 2 weeks later the credit appeared on my credit card.
  5. Thanks for the tip... Eventhough I booked through an Internet Agency...I will check with them and see if they received any information regarding my voucher.
  6. Sidari ...I agree. However I have learned that MSC is so inconsistent with their practices.im likely to get a email with the amount next week...lol. I've read others who supposedly received an email with the amount. I can only hope!!
  7. I was on 11/23-30 Seaside sailing. Sent email to MSC-Usa asking for status on my discount voucher ....Believe it or not....This is the reply I received!l I don't trust their system in keeping history of this. I want something in writing!? The discount will apply when you book your next sailing, there you will see the credit. Thank you for choosing MSC Cruises!
  8. I would tend to agree... I forgot to turn my phone off and into airplane mode. When I woke up I received a message from T Mobile stating I had unlimited text and 2GB of data at no charge...and I would be charged 25 cents a minute for phone calls. I did text several times during the cruise....and when I received my monthly bill....There was no additional charges
  9. Yes...all of you can be connected concurrently. And don't worry about disconnecting.3 of us always stayed connected...Didn't come close to using all the 6GB. Then again we mostly used it for web searching and social media
  10. For what its worth.....Seaside was smell free on our Thanksgiving week cruise.... with the exception of a middle eastern individual who ate 8 hard boiled eggs and a huge plate of french fries for dinner in the YC right next to us one evening!! lol
  11. Just off Seaside and stayed in YC... My band was blue and gold with YC showing on it.... It stood out from other bands I saw.... It worked perfectly on the priority elevator and I never used my card except for leaving ship. When ordering drinks at bars outside YC.... Worked just fine and of course no charge
  12. You will have no problem what so ever.... 15-20 min cab ride to Airport. WE just returned yesterday off of MSC Seaside. WE didn't disembark until 9 am (disembarakation started at 7am but we chose to leisurely leave ship) and were thru customs and at the cab station at 9:30 and at Miami Airport by 10am
  13. Totally agree... We visited Maya Chan this past Monday (11/25)..... Wonderful experience !!!
  14. Let's put it this way.... My wife and I sat comfortably on couch together with space between us.... Just translate that to sleeping on a bed. Additionally my wife slept on pullout with my daughter one night when my grandson hijacked the bed.... 😂 Also... Look at room designator... Some YC cabins show a Pullman and couch for sleeping four... I believe our cabin (18012) shows a triangle designate which is a double sleeping couch
  15. Just returned from Seaside.... Staff informed passengers Seashore will eventually be replacing Seaside out of Miami as they continue their North America focus
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