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  1. I'm following your topic. We are in the same boat and would love some input.
  2. I agree 100 %. It's taken me longer to research the expiration dates on the tests than it has to plan for my entire cruise. By the way, my cruise leaves on Jan 2, 2022 and my tests expire on 12/28/2021... so close... but not close enough. I just got off the phone with a rep from the company, and after I gave my explanation, I was put on hold for a supervisor. Word came back to me that I would be offered a refund but they could not send me a test with a longer expiration date. I asked when I would receive the refund and was told "someone will be contacting me". I'm not holding by breath on getting a call-back.
  3. My lot number is 140709C. When I look that number up on their website it gives me an expiration of 9/28/21, but states that the expiration has been extended until 12/28/21, or three months. The letter states that the expiration dates have been extended "up to 12 months" so I didn't get a lucky package that gave me the full 12 month period as I thought was promised.
  4. I'm having bad luck too. My first shipment expires before my cruise leaves. I've been trying to call and email to see if I can get some shipped with a longer expiration date but so far no answer.
  5. I just received my six-pack and they expire five days before my cruise on January the 2nd. I have emailed the company but they haven’t responded yet. My issue is that the manufacture date was February of this year. I may have misread but I thought the total time was extended totaling 12 months from the manufacture date. I checked their website and it directed me to a letter explaining the extension. It seems that they are dumping their oldest tests first, which from a business standpoint is a sound idea, but I’m not sure what to do now. My fear is if I reordered a month from now would I still get a test expiring days before my cruise. Again, I may have totally misread the letter, but I don’t want to lose another $150.00.
  6. This is the most stressful part of our whole cruise… we are traveling with a 7 year old that needs a per test and we will be flying into Orlando the day before the cruise so the travel day is basically a day wasted when it comes to testing. To top that off we live in an area that doesn’t have easy access to rapid pcr testing. I have my fingers crossed that a vaccine will be available for his age group prior to our cruise in January. Then maybe an antigen test will suffice.
  7. We are not in connecting cabins but we are side-by-side.
  8. Currently I have myself and my wife in one cabin and my mother-in-law and our son in an adjacent cabin. It looks like my mother-in-law may be heading for a back surgery due to a recent injury and may need to drop out. We cruise in January on Harmony of the Seas out of Port Canaveral. We have only paid our deposits and not yet paid the cruise in full. I wonder if I could find another adult relative to come cruise with us and fill the space? I'm really not worried about money... I'm just trying to put another responsible adult in the room with my son so mommy and daddy can have a little alone time if we wish.
  9. I'll book the cheapest balcony available over the most spacious spa cabin any day in my opinion. We have tried compromising on ships like Freedom of the Seas that have interior cabins with windows overlooking the promenade - they could be had at fairly cheap prices at one time. The room was fine but my curiosity always got the better of me - I'm one of those that loves to see where we are going and I couldn't help but feel like I was missing something by being inside. I feel the same way on airplanes. Some people like window seat and some like the isle... what can I say.
  10. I'm flying in the day before and staying in the hotel at the Orlando Airport. I wonder if I can arrange Carnival bus transportation even though I'm technically not flying in the day of the cruise.
  11. I'm experiencing heavy marketing for our January 2022 sailing... so much so they hooked my on a drink package today for 30% off.
  12. I noticed where someone on this board asked about a private catamaran recently but we are looking for something a bit smaller for a day sail. We will only have seven people and would like to find a charter to hit a few secluded beaches and maybe hit St. John. Does anyone have any recommendations for a small-ish boat that can get the job done?
  13. Having to lug a Cpap around is no fun but I suck it up and do it. I generally just use tap water while onboard.
  14. Years ago when I was trying to decide which route to take, an old travel agent told me to go western if you have kids and go eastern for a more romantic experience. Maybe 10-15 years ago that might have been good advice but with Coco Cay as an option for eastern cruises and the sheer size of the Oasis class ships, I think eastern cruises are about equal for families. On the flip side of that, my wife and I have had lovely experiences with all-inclusive day passes at resorts in Jamaica, great beach days at Nachi Cocum in Cozumel, and so on. I've never felt like I compromised going eastern or western, and, these days the ships have become an attraction unto themselves.
  15. I'm sending my mother-in-law down the highest waterslide!
  16. I'm hoping for the best for our January 2022 cruise on Harmony of the Seas... it's just difficult to get too exited yet.
  17. After many sailings on Royal Caribbean we tried Carnival two years ago and I can honestly say it was a great experience. We typically have a short window of time to cruise each year so any ship that comes in the crosshairs is fair game.
  18. I just wanted to see if any others are experiencing this... When I booked Harmony of the Seas for January 2nd, 2022 a few week back, I went to the app to load in my cruise and take a look around. The app successfully recognized my sailing, but that where it ends... I can't explore anything in the app and I receive a message that says, "We're working on the fun. Check back later for more details". Is this common?
  19. I’ve noticed that the Hertz location in front of the Residence Inn isn’t showing on their website any longer. I hope they are able to open back up as cruising restarts. Walking across the parking lot to return my rental was super easy and I’ll miss it if it’s gone for good.
  20. January 2nd, 2022 - Harmony of the Seas - Eastern Caribbean.
  21. Thank you everyone for the input! It sure is fun to plan a cruise again.
  22. I just booked Harmony of the Seas leaving on January 2nd next year and I was just wondering... who sails in January? All of my cruises so far have been in the spring and summer, and the summer cruises are understandably kid-heavy. I’m not a hater - I’ve got a little one of my own, but I’m just curious if anyone has noticed if the demographic tilts one way or the other for a January/February cruise versus a May/June/July cruise.
  23. I'm about to book a ocean view balcony on Harmony and considering a cabin on deck 14 due to the proximity to the pool deck. We'll spend a good deal of time up there due to my energetic 7 year old. Other's on the board have suggested to avoid that deck all together due to noise issues. Does anyone have any experience, good or bad, in relation to the noise on that deck. I'll be fine but I'm worried about my mother-in-law that's tagging along and she's a light sleeper.
  24. I’m very excited about our Mardi Gras cruise set for next year but I’m not as happy about the itinerary. We picked the eastern and sure we’ll have a good time but I was hoping for better stops. Oh well... I’d rather be a sea than stuck at home any day.
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