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  1. Since the state of Florida is suing the CDC, I always wonder who foots the bill for these things? Tax payers and do they ever release the cost? I can't believe that the lawyers have been sitting around doing nothing, so they have to put other things on the back burner?
  2. Make it up? No. Allowing feelings and frustration into their opinions? Most likely. Thank you. Well said.
  3. Again, can you please share a link to where the CDC said this?
  4. Hello Waltin37, could you please share the information/link where you found where people need to wear a mask while chewing food? I came upon an article from the Associated Press that seems to fall inline with what has been said for quite sometime. Including what other lines have done in other countries. I see you are in Florida (lucky you), Florida is wide open compared to other parts of the USA and the world. So I can see where this seems very constrictive to you. I'm from Minnesota and in the next month we will loosen up, but not totally.
  5. Also in other areas as well.
  6. To the original post/question, we won' t be cruising until January 2023.
  7. We drink, a lot. The only drink package that I have not liked was Carnivals, because they have a daily limit.
  8. As with the other 40 or so folks, I said "NO". I would not cruise without a vaccine being mandatory. BUT, how are we going to honestly prove everyone is vaccinated? There are so many questions that have not been answered and it seems that some folks are willing to take it as it happens. Not us.
  9. I've mentioned on other threads that we decided to scrap our January 2022 cruise and do a land based vacation instead. We worry that the start of cruising out of the USA is not going to go smoothly, with many learning points (hiccups) as they go. We are almost to May and it will take months to get the ships and staffs and logistics ready. I could be misinformed, maybe they have things figured out? But I don't think so. Not trying to be negative, just trying to be smart. I hope we all can get back to worrying about those silly little traveling issues and not worrying about getting Covi
  10. Getting close to me, it is a neat place with a lot of space in between. Have a fantastic time!
  11. Hello and welcome! Forgive me if it has been already been said, learn to post in the proper forums. For example when you have a ship or cruise line question, you would ask in the Regent forum. Air fair question, there is a forum for that. There is also a forum for first time cruisers, oh wait...you're here! 😁
  12. I worry about all pre-cruise issues. Flight, pre-hotel, getting to the port and lastly getting through the paperwork to get on the ship. Once we get on the ship and I know we are fine, I then let my three hairs down and get in the mood.
  13. It seems there are some folks who only enjoy speaking about one or two topics and they will find a way to bring them up in any thread.
  14. Yes, agree. There is also talk that some are also turning into long haulers and no one knows the extent of it.
  15. Unfortunately as the younger generation is getting infected, it is hitting them hard. I think even after cruising restarts it is going to be an ever changing situation. And if masks are required, based on what I have seen TV with sports fans there will be plenty who won't listen. Target field the home of the Minnesota Twins baseball team has a mask mandate and you can only take it off when eating or drinking, many-many folks don't wear one.
  16. Good to hear! Maybe the website got it's second vaccine shot?
  17. DaveKathy, happy for you. Unfortunately it is random. I had no problems for years and then two years ago it was very buggy for me. Tried three different browsers and private mode in each. I'm on a Mac and I had my wife on Windows give it a go. Nothing worked. Then a week later it was fine. But these are all trivial issues, this internet thing is a fad and I can't imagine they are losing any money let alone frustrated customers.
  18. You know little things like keeping kids out of adult areas and chair hogging.
  19. If cruise lines would have actually enforced their own rules starting years ago, it certainly would have enhanced many passengers trips immensely. And those rules were nothing compared to what they will have to deal with now.
  20. Instead, 'to the extent practicable' In a new checklist for port and local health operators, CDC replaced the 'within the same 12-hour period' phrase in both references with 'to the extent practicable.'
  21. 😁 The whole situation is fluid. As others have said, the November date could very well get moved again and possibly more than once. I might be in the minority, but I don't believe there is a conspiracy to keep cruising down. One of the reasons we all love cruising, is the unique experience. That unique experience is also going to make it even harder to have proper Covid procedures that work. From embarkation to debarkation and everything in between. Finally as hard as it may be to hear, there are more important things we are dealing with right now. We are still losing to many souls and on
  22. We have to fly and do some major planning to go on vacation, nothing less than seven days is worth it. Since the cost of air is a certainty, we try to maximize our time away.
  23. We decided last month to try to move our deposit for our January 2022 trip to 2023, if we can't we'll just eat the $100 deposit. Were tired of all of the unknowns and instability of the ever changing situation. I booked a villa on the south side of Jamaica, near a small village. Wide open house plan and right on the beach, so lots of fresh sea air. We invited our two adult kids and their significant others, they just have to get there and we'll cover the rest. If need be because of the Covid situation, we will just stay at the villa and have the cook pick up any grocery items.
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