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  1. Has anyone had solo cabin 12514 or 12515. They appear to be the only 2 cabins between the stairways and the lounge. Seems very convenient to the lounge but wondering if it’s very hectic with people coming in and out of the solo lounge
  2. I will be arriving in San Juan very late on a Saturday for a Sunday cruise. I am would like a safe hotel close to the airport. Should I hire a car or is a taxi safe enough. I usually use Hilton or Marriott and prefer those hotels. Any recommendations, especially from women traveling solo. Thank you
  3. The show is great! Very talented performers.
  4. There is a non-stop that leaves at 10:20am and my ship gets in at 6:00am, but people were making me anxious about booking a flight before noon. Everything after noon was over $3,000. I'm flying into Miami. I'm solo so I don't have to wait for anyone and can get off early, so I may just book that and hope for the best. I've done Barcelona the last 3 times and it is super easy. I've heard horror stories about lines at the Rome airport.
  5. For me La Cucina was the best meal I had on the ship. Moderno is good for the salad bar alone. I had a not so great meal at Cagney's would not go back.
  6. I was hoping someone had done this but it seems like it is not as normal as I had hoped. I was thinking Florence would be best as it is the same country and I don't do immigration on the ship, it is at the airport.
  7. I am wondering how hard or possible to pre plan an early exit to a cruise. I want to take a cruise out of Rome next year but it is 11 days and I'm having a hard time finding a flight out of Rome that fits my times. If I could get off in Florence or Cannes it would give me the extra day I need, and I've been to those ports several times and would not mind missing them. Can this be arranged in advance?
  8. Sloths and Monkeys in Roatan was the most fun I've ever had on an excursion.
  9. Do the taxi's and private transfer come to the port or do you have to take a bus to the port entrance to get a car?
  10. Does anyone know how much it would cost for a cab from port to the airport? I'm solo and will be getting off the ship unassisted for an early flight. I'm nervous about waiting/meeting a private car and thought a taxi would be easier.
  11. They are skipping St. Thomas and heading straight to Tortola.
  12. Yes, but you have to pay for it. I usually pick up a few cans and keep them in the mini fridge in the cabin. Only soda that comes with the package is from the gun (unless the bar does not have a gun or it's broken). It is like $3.85 per can with tax and tip.
  13. Does the Breakaway show the NFL? If so where?
  14. I usually just ask if I can take a picture of the name tag. No one has ever said no.
  15. The longer you stay on board, the longer you hold up thousands of passengers waiting to start their vacations. I've been outside waiting and heard them call several people by name that had not disembarked.
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