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  1. We had a great stay at the Hampton... was a bit worried about its location but overall no complaints and would stay again. We arrived around 630... traffic was busy but not crazy. We quickly made our exit and at the hotel in no time. Once at the hotel we stayed there for the evening, enjoyed the pool and early bedtime. Up early, nice complimentary breakfast and out the door around 930am.
  2. I may regret this... but I think (right now anyway which could change) we are going to stay at the Hampton. It appears to be right off the highway we need to take to get to the pier anyway (although we will have to travel through some urban area). Im thinking of stopping for dinner in the suburbs and then early evening heading to the hotel for the night. We dont plan on doing anything once we get to the hotel except use the pool (which is a bonus as the budget ones did not) and call it an early night.
  3. Thanks! That was the one thing I was concerned about being in an urban area but the reviews were really good. So an hour out would put me in which town? suburb? I will plug that in and try to see what is avail.
  4. Hello we are making the trek from SW Ontario to Cape Liberty in the few weeks. We will be staying the night before in the Newark area. I am looking for route suggestions from Buffalo (we will be crossing in Fort Erie, although we could also cross in Niagara Falls) to Cape Liberty. I have put it into google maps and has a couple of routes that vary quite a bit. Anyway have any suggestions... Also what kind of toll highways will be come across. Do you have to have cash? Thanks!
  5. What do you think of? I booked it last night (free cancellation) bc it was a timed deal... got for $139CAN all included. Looks kinda weird to get there as you have to bypass cutoff and turn around but no biggie. Thanks so much for your help... you seem to now this area so well. Hampton Inn & Suites Newark-Harrison-Riverwalk, Harrison
  6. What do you think of? I booked it last night (free cancellation) bc it was a timed deal... got for $139CAN all included. Looks kinda weird to get there as you have to bypass cutoff and turn around but no biggie. Hampton Inn & Suites Newark-Harrison-Riverwalk, Harrison
  7. So we are just over 2 weeks out for sailing and I still do not have another hotel booked.... looking for something $150 or lower. WE wont be there long... probably arriving 7pm and leaving 9am or whatever time is recommended to get to port with lots of time to spare. 138east I tried dm'ing you but it wouldnt let me 🙂 Also, what travel route is best to get to the port?
  8. Now to find an inexpensive yet decent hotel within an our drive.
  9. There are 4 of us. Thx for the extra info. That was the rate we got, but I didnt know about the extras you mentioned so thanks. I am considering staying 45mins to an hour from the port and just driving in the morning of and parking at the port as well. Some people are saying Morristown or Secaucus.
  10. Has anyone done the stay, park and cruise package from the Hilton Garden Staten Island? I have not been able to find much information on this. Wondering about the security of the parking lot and overall if this is a good choice. How was the shuttle to and from Cape Liberty?
  11. How much are the kites from the vendors outside of El Morro? I have tried to find this info online but all I can find is that there are vendors. Trying to figure out if I should purchase some on amazon and bring them along or buy them there. Luggage space is not an issue since we are driving to embarkation port so we can easily bring them if needed.
  12. We will be docking at King's Wharf for 1 day in May from 8-4pm. Would like a bit of site seeing and some time at a beach. Will have 2 kids in tow 8 and 9 years old. Any recommendations? I have been before years ago but spent 3 days there docking in both St.George and Hamilton.
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