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  1. But yes around March. And remember its not considered a group and Royal wont give you the benefits of a group unless you book 8 or more cabins
  2. Wow what a great week you've had Mr. & Mrs.Radio I followed along so closely that I have the cruising blues. How many cruises have you been on? This next one is only 7 for me. I've been a CC member since 2008 but not with this account and I always follow your Live reports.
  3. One safety tip for you research your ports. Just because your on a cruise doesn't mean that the ports are safe. One time we were in PR, and a guy from our ship was robbed and ended up getting stabbed. And by doing that you might find some hidden gems that some people might not know about. Just have fun enjoy your first cruise youll be hooked. Keep an eye on your time if your late the ship WILL NOT wait on you
  4. Beautiful I think Bermuda will be our cruise in 2015. Just one quick question Radio how much are the internet packages onboard. I am going on Allure in 2 weeks and need the internet to do a virtual cruise in my agency's FB page
  5. Thank you Radio your really giving my fix so I can get through the next two weeks. Who ever said herion was the most addictive drug in the world never been on a cruise
  6. No I don't think so the only way you could do that is by having MTD which you could change to at any time before your cruise
  7. Love Love Love sea days. get up go to the Windjammer eat go to the pool get some sun and maybe fall asleep. go to 150 for lunch sit and people watch then to the boardwalk for a snack and people watch. followed by the casino then on to the room so no one can see me cry over the money I lost. get ready for dinner pig out in the MDR then the parade on the promenade then to Dazzles or walk through Central Park and enjoy the night then to bed and get up and do it all over again. How about a 7 night cruise to no ware? Who agrees?
  8. So Allen Brooks will be our CD for our Sept cruise on Allure how is he. He keep everyone informed of what's going on very active with the guest. And over all a fun guy.
  9. Books, magazines, billboards, even the Bible has gone electronic. I wouldn't call it the death of the savings book more like the death of the writen word. But that's another argument I think its a great idea cause I always forget them in the room, aslong as you have the option of when you want to use it, and allow it to carry over on a B2B.
  10. Ok as far as the pools and spas free you can use the changing rooms and fitness center all for free. Not sure if they have saunas I dnt use them. The soda package is 7.95 per adult per day and 5.95 per child per day USD. For fountin drinks only not the cans in your minni bar. And for the wine package I'm sorry I don't know. Enjoy your cruise I'm envious I would love to do a Med cruise. You will love Royal best cruise line 10 years now.
  11. Great review do you remember if Gemma was still at the Champagne Bar best bartender in the fleet
  12. Yes more then likely you have whats called an eticket youll get them when you check in. Its the airlines version of will call.
  13. It seams like its luck of the draw fingers crossed for our Sep cruise
  14. You can book the two Broadway shows, Ice and Diving shows, comedy. and headliner Yes you can do more than one reservation for each show. Some people book all them so they have a garentied one. Yes one person can book for the cabin you can do them online. The shows are all the same they dont normaly change the show for four or five years I hope this helps enjoy your cruise
  15. Another good place for sail away since you have a suite is your balcony if your looking for something quite and intamate
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