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  1. I’m sorry my information made some folks annoyed with me on your OP . I only shared to help folks be prepared but sailing to Bermuda is a unique set of requirements, unlike all other sailing with ncl at this time . It’s that last PCR at the pier that leaves you hanging till day 2 of sail hoping no mistakes are made and you are good to go .
  2. Bird travels I never disagreed with ncl protocols this is why I sail with them ! As I said several times I relayed there experience as they described on the phone several conversations. I’m glad your enjoying your cruises that’s awesome you have been on 3 so far . Yes we all know ncl testing protocol and agree with it . Let me ask have you sailed on a cruise that requires a PCR at the pier ? I’m not talking about the quick 15 min one that’s standard for all ncl sailings . That’s what makes the Bermuda cruise different because that extra PCR doesn’t give results till like day 2 on your cruise. On all other cruises you get onboard knowing your all set because your test results came back before you boarded ! This was my point in sharing the info. To OP
  3. I did not go a step further I just told the facts I had did you read the part my husband added that we spoke to the couple via phone that they tested again immediately after disembarking ship and we’re negative. The reason you missed all of this is because the couple doesn’t know you and did not call you ! We did not know ourselves untill last evening of cruise . As far as NCL I never said there protocol was not needed . The reason I’m booking cruises now is because I feel safe with them . I was merely sharing this couples experience and how they described it to us on the phone , over several conversations. If the couple themselves were on this board and gave there experience I figure folks would give them a hard time as well . I can’t win . The difference with cruising to Bermuda is that last PCR test where results don’t come back till your out at sea and at that point can’t just go home .I hope folks can just read what I’ve posted without suggesting I’m embellishing or have a problem with ncl . I love ncl just relayed what could possibly happen on a Bermuda sailing again folks to answer OP question.
  4. In my original comments I stated the couple retested as soon as they disembarked results were completely negative, my husband spoke to the couple when they called to tell us . I have no need to continue telling folks the same thing over and over , take what you want or not from my sharing a real actual situation that occurred on our cruise to Bermuda. My reasons for sharing were to give an actual account based on OP original question , if I were about to sail to Bermuda I would have appreciated this information. Much better to be prepared for the possibility that this could happen.happy cruising to all ! Looking forward to our next ncl getaway sail in March
  5. The couple did. Not test positive multiple times ! We actually spoke to them , the only test they took were the usual tests all of us took to sail to Bermuda 96 hr pcr then pcr at pier & the quick test at pier . They were not offered another test after the Husbunds one false positive . They were only ably to get retested after they got off this for debarkation . They did ask ncl for another test onboard but it was not possible.
  6. We just got off the Bermuda sail sept 26- oct 3rd .we know first hand what happens if your second pcr comes back positive. You are quarantined on board ship , we met a couple on day one in vibe - very nice folks , did not see them rest of week figured they were just busy, but on last night of cruise, said couple called our room letting us know they had been moved after second pcr came back for Husbund positive , they were put in a different cabin along with other folks . They were very upset, ate out of styrofoam meals delivered to room , could not leave cabin , neither was sick or had any symptoms. We kept in contact with them as we were very concerned, they tested again when finally off ship Sunday oct 3 and they were negative ! Six days in a cabin and not sick . They asked to be retested by ncl but no dice .we will not cruise again if the port like Bermuda wants a test result after you are sailing , if you get a false positive too bad your still locked up in a cabin till ship returns to NY. If my test before boarding isn’t good enough and a Port of call wants a second PCR before you embark think again before taking the chance of what this poor couple experienced they were horrified and distressed with no options . I personally will not cruise to Bermuda again untill they change their policy for that second PCR ,I get it for Bermuda but I can’t imagine getting stuck in a cabin all week for a false positive nightmare.we were very fortunate this did not happen to us .
  7. Correction testing time at pier was 9:30. Not 8:30 sorry about that .we did park a 8:30 and then walked in for the testing phase before boarding no one stopped us as we were early .
  8. Just completed our Bermuda cruise sept 26th _oct 3rd we had COVID test at 8:30 slot , we were in line getting vibe passes at 11am after stopping at bar ! Needed a drink after testing, got number 46 and number 47 vibe pass . So happy I would have been unhappy without them made our cruise ! They sell about 60 sometimes more depending on ship size and vibe space .book your arrival slot as early as you can this is done by getting your cruise documents done as early as possible and then your eurofin registration as soon as possible. We got the port arrival time at ncl checking online . The earlier time slots help you get your vibe before sold out , but you must proceed directly to where they are selling them the minute you board to better your odds !it’s worth every penny this is very personal preference I like to visit the main pool deck when I’m in the mood to be in a party crowd . When I wanted peace and a few hot tubs with a small crowd and a private bar I stayed in vibe 😁
  9. Only haven suites have the umbrella to use if needed it is in th main closet of your suite .
  10. May I ask what problems did you have with the Bermuda TA we are in the process currently already paid now waiting for pcr results hoping they come in in time ,so we can upload to. Bermuda I def agree it’s a stress .
  11. Well we didn’t get the haven this time but we did get the club balcony with the extra large balcony the one that you can have lounge chairs M6
  12. I’m planning to use room service for hot breakfast even with the surcharge! Mornings I move slow.
  13. Thanks I also think osheenans is the closest venue to our room to grab breakfast , I sleep in ,trying to find a nearby place for the DH who wakes up early and likes hot French toast , not in the trays at buffet. .
  14. Can anyone tell me if moderno restaurant serves breakfast? I thought I read someplace that they did , I know the garden cafe buffet and main dining rooms serve breakfast was looking for alternatives or other options .
  15. An anyone tell me if there are hot tubs in the vibe area over look the ocean on the breakaway?That would be a good reason for me to get a vibe pass .A drink in hand and a view whilst relaxing in the hot tub . While I really loved my haven experiences the hot tubs had no view on the breakaway ship, wish they had put one on the haven sun deck .
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