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  1. Autism On the Seas is the best, contact them, let them know what triggers your child, and they will work with the cruise line to make sure everything goes as smooth as possible, My son hates to wait for anything, they made sure we got on board fast, we never had to wait to get a seat for meals, and never had to wait on food, It came right out, we had a table to ourselves also,
  2. I upgraded to a suite, can not decide if I want to cancel my faster to the fun, would love to hear from those you stay in suites, Do you still get faster to the fun or not
  3. I have had a difficult time finding a good PVP, The last one I spoke too sounded like she had just woke up and when I answered her call, she was returning my phone call, instead of introducing herself all she said was you called, OK first who is this that I am speaking too, I thought these were professionals. My last one I had would only send information that I requested to my ex-husband, even after telling them many times to please send it to me. I give up!!
  4. every time I try to go into manage payments it takes me back to the main page, is anyone else having that issue can not get into manage my payments
  5. so very sorry to hear about your wife, I lost my son several years ago pain gets better but always there, never truly leaves you.
  6. he never went in the casino, he was always with me and the kids
  7. it does not annoy me I just wish they would send some offers my way, I would use them
  8. My ex husband keeps getting Promotion offers from Carnival but I never do, He does not even go on cruises only reason he is a past guest is because I forced him to go with me, I know he is getting them because they come to my email address in his name, I called today and tried to use one of the offers but since he is not sailing I was not able to, I asked Carnival how come he gets the offers in his name and I have never received one and I am the one that go on cruses, of course they said it was random, dang send the offers to someone who will use them.
  9. Has anyone ever called Carnival themselves to see if they had any upsell offers and was able to get one. Instead of waiting for the offers to come to you.
  10. can you get the MDR menu for the evening before you go eat, just incase what they are serving is not to your taste and want to eat somewhere else, I don't want to wait to be seated and then nothing on the menu is what I want. Thanks it has been a long time since I cruised and I just don't remember
  11. I got it for my up coming cruise, My husband is a heavy drinker but sticks to beer, I am not so much but again it is something we were able to budget for a prepay ahead of time which make one less worry for us when we go on the trip.this is my first time getting it will see how it goes, Then I will decided if I want to do it again or just get cruise cash instead
  12. I just booked my first ocean suite on the Breeze August 8, 2020. Hope I did not make a mistake spending the extra cash, but figured have a long time to get it paid off, LOL Should I still get Faster to the fun with the suite, thanks
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