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  1. Thank you for your compassion - we have pulled the plug and trying to cancel flights for tomorrow now . ..
  2. We have called both TA and Captain's Club - at the time we actually got thru, both had not yet received any notification our cruise was cancelled - I get the press announcement, but I need confirmation from the people holding my money.
  3. THANK YOU for your kindness - it's even a bigger disappointment because these vacations are treasured times with family that don't live nearby we were looking forward to seeing tomorrow . . . . (yes, we could all still hang out in FLL, but not the same)
  4. Because we are outside the cancellation period on the regular program - we need confirmation that our cruise is not sailing or risk losing all our money as Celebrity is still telling us it's not cancelled ($15k for family).
  5. So, I just went back again and now it is on public page (it wasn't earlier) - thank you all for your input!
  6. I appreciate that but when we call Captain's Club we were told there was no knowledge of our cruise being cancelled - you can appreciate that I need someone to confirm from Celebrity vs. a press release I can't access on their public page, I'm sure.
  7. Celebrity Silhouette - FLL departure Sunday (March 15-March 27 sailing) - all our flights are tomorrow and we can't get official confirmation from X that we are cancelled . ..
  8. At least you are driving - my family and I are all trying to figure out if we get on the plane or not tomorrow . . .
  9. So, what options did they give you for cruise refund? We were due to sail this Sunday and called Captain's Club and were told they have no knowledge of cancellations???????
  10. I agree with you, kenevenpar - I also think there are "bigger fish to fry" than cruise ships re: carbon footprint . . .
  11. Ditto on ORD for us - but we are Sat flight for Sunday Silhouette . . . . cruising with family flying in from North Carolina and we were all looking forward to our vacation, spending time with each other and enjoying our connecting hump cabins booked 18 months ago . . . (I am not implying that is more important than the illness/people staying well of course, just can't help but be disappointed is all).
  12. IF you go/IF you can go, I'd bet you could upgrade now for cheap!
  13. With the most common embarkation days being Saturday/Sunday, I just hope Celebrity (and others) make a call and announcement ASAP before we all get on our plane to board our cruise leaving this weekend!
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