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  1. Thank you! I would love to hear about your experience. And thank you everyone else for your feedback. It gave me some things to think about.
  2. I am looking for feedback regarding the Zaandam and Amsterdam ships. We are looking at an Eastern Canada cruise next June and both these ships do the itinerary. They look very similar but I was wondering if there is an advantage of one over the other? Also, in terms of the itineraries which go from Montreal to Boston and in reverse, stopping at the same ports, is one direction better than the other? Perhaps it's splitting hairs. We have never done this itinerary. We have sailed on the Zuiderdam and Eurodam previously. Thank you in advance for you help!
  3. Thank you for sharing your experiences. This has been very helpful! I just booked a February 1st cruise and booked with a refundable deposit. The difference was $200 between non refundable and both rates included prepaid gratuities. I am not sure that the price will drop, but this gives me options. When it's time to make final payment, if there is a better deal with the non refundable deposit, I may do it then.
  4. I was wondering if this is a good special for HAL and would appreciate feedback. I have not been watching prices, but am planning on booking February sailing. With the free gratuity fare, the TA said the deposit is non-refundable which sounds like it also limits the possibility of taking advantage if a better special comes along. For those of you that keep track of HAL specials, can you tell me if this is a good promo for them? UPDATED to add: I just found out the Explore 4 is not available for my sailing. So for us, this special of the free gratuities is the only perk being offered right now. Thank you for your help!
  5. We are Disney Cruise fans, but when their prices got so much higher than other options, we tried some alternatives. One of my favorite things about the Disney ships is also the nautical aspect. Although we have been very impressed with Celebrity and feel like the service and food are on par with Disney, the Celebrity ships do feel like floating hotels. We still really enjoy Celebrity cruises. We have also enjoyed Holland America cruises and enjoy that they feel like ships. And they have the full teak promenade deck like the Disney ships.
  6. Other than Sushi on 5, is sushi offered other places like in the Oceanview Café for lunch or dinner? Thank you!
  7. I have a question about the $10 per person minimum at Paradise Beach. If you have a group of 5 people, does each person have to spend at least $10, or as long as the total bill is greater than $50, does it matter if not everyone ordered something? Thank you for your help!
  8. We will be in Grand Cayman on the Equinox in August. The time is listed for 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. The cruise ship has a tour that does both stingrays and the Turtle Farm. Does anyone know of an independent operator that offers a tour to do the combination of the two? Thank you!
  9. Can anyone recommend companies that offer shuttle service from Miami airport (or a Miami airport hotel) to Port Everglades? I am specifically looking for options other than Uber/Lift. There will be four people with luggage. Thank you!
  10. I searched this forum but couldn't find Chala-Michal. Has anyone done a snorkel tour with them? Looking for feedback from those who may have booked with them. Thank you!
  11. We are sailing Equinox August 10th. I would be thrilled if we get the chance to sail with her. It sounds like we may either just make it, or just miss her.
  12. We were on the July 21st Zuiderdam Baltic sailing. We thought the staff and crew were fabulous!
  13. We used the HOHO bus in Helsinki. It was a last minute decision, so I can't speak for buying tickets in advance. We were docked at Hernesaari and the HOHO bus was right there and the most convenient option for us. They allowed us to charge it to our ship account which was an added bonus.
  14. Thank you for the honest replies! Many good points brought up. I wasn’t thinking about which dining room, dinner time, etc. We actually decided to do open seating, instead of a set late seating, this time thinking that would give us more flexibility based on what our touring plans are each day. Not to mention I hadb't thought about possibly being too tired to go to the MDR some nights. And unlike a Caribbean cruise where we may not handle our baggage that much, we are spending a few days in Copenhagen priory the cruise and are planning to use the metro from the airport. I expected there would be a mix, but wasn't sure if in Europe the vast majority would be dressing up. I think we are are going to do less formal this time. It doesn't sound like we will be the only ones. Thanks again!!
  15. We are sailing on the Zuiderdam in a couple weeks. We have not cruised on HAL since they switched to Gala nights, not have we done the Baltic itinerary. Can anyone give me feedback on how many guests still get dressed up on Gala nights? And if the Baltic itinerary would be more likely to have many in formal attire? While we enjoy dressing up, we also don’t mind traveling lighter (flying from the US) and not bringing the tux, suits formal dresses if the majority of folks will not be in formal ware. So I am trying to get a better feel of what to expect on Gala nights and for this itinerary. Thank you for the help!
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