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  1. I logged out of Carnival and went in as if I was going to buy as a gift for someone. No booking was referenced and the price was still $4. It will probably go up eventually.
  2. I saw this image on another site, not sure if it is accurate.
  3. I checked the Carnival web site again today, November 4th. The sailing pre-purchase price is still $4 a day. The cruise fever site still has the November 2nd article about the price increase! Fake news?
  4. I saw an announcement on a cruise website with the following headline. I checked the Carnival website and the pre-purchase price was still $4 a day. Has anyone heard any announcements from John Heald or CCL? Carnival Cruise Line Hikes Price of Social Media Internet Package Carnival Cruise Line has raised the price of their internet plan by 60% that allows access to the most popular social media apps. Carnival offers three different internet packages on their cruise ships: a social media package, a value WiFi plan, and a premium WiFi plan. While the latter two WiFi packages will stay the same price, the social media package will now cost cruisers a bit more money. The new price for the social media package is now $8.00 per day, or $6.80 per day if pre-purchased before the cruise. Passengers can not purchase day passes for the social media package, they must purchase a cruise long pass. Carnival Cruise Line has the following description for this package: This change in pricing went into effect on November 2, 2018. The old price for the social media package was $5.00 per day, or $4.00 per day if pre-purchased.
  5. Thanks for the reports. We are doing the Ecstasy 12 day Journey cruise next month. Did anyone notice if the Fun Shops sell the Samsung smart watches?
  6. Great, thanks for the info! Maybe it's the Carnival Master Card points redemption rules I was thinking of.
  7. I've searched the Carnival website and cannot find out how many days before the sailing that Fun Shops pre-orders can be made? I'm thinking I read in the past that all orders must be placed 14 days before sailing, but cannot find that info now. We are sailing on Ecstasy 12 day Journey cruise on November 10th. We are 17 days away from sailing and am waiting for Carnival gift cards to arrive to use for purchases.
  8. Occasional noise from deck chairs, but not too bad. We could only hear music from the Havana area while out on the balcony, but only when a band was playing. Could not hear canned music. The stairs said Crew Only so we did not try to use them.
  9. Here are a bunch of pictures on Carnival Vista's Premium Vista Aft Wrap Balcony Stateroom (Cabin) #9471. I hope you enjoy the pictures. The Vista cabins only have two closets. John Heald explained this as space was taken where the 3rd closet would be in order for each cabin to have independent HVAC with thermostat. For our 13 day TransAtlantic cruise we found the closet space insufficient, but should be fine for shorter Caribbean cruises. The life jackets are under the foot of the bed instead of in the 3rd closet that we have noticed on other Carnival Ships. Cabin 9471 does does not have a couch, but we did not miss it. The aft wrap balcony is huge and had four chairs, two tables, and two loungers with plenty of room for more if needed. The dividers on both ends of the balcony can be opened if you have friends or family in adjacent cabins. I measured the wooden rails on the balcony at 51 inches long for each section and their are 10 sections for 9471; so 510 inches divided by 12 inches equals 42.5 feet. Looking down on the aft wrap balconies on deck 8 and below they were several sections shorter so the two deck 9 aft wrap balconies have the longest balcony and wrap further around the side of the ship. The bed faces the aft (back of the ship). Stateroom 9471 has one large window adjacent to the window and one glass door out to the balcony. Bathroom is next to balcony door. TV is a LG Brand and appeared to be about 42 inches. Remote is generic. Refrigerator is under the TV enclosed in cabinet. Let me know if you have any questions and i will try to answer. Enjoy the pictures.
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