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  1. The one change I would do after the gentle wash pcur mentioned, would be to dry it over a rack instead of hanging because hanging could stretch the straps. I used to do work on formal gowns and wedding gowns, and hanging a wet gown could cause some real problems. Something like this --
  2. On the CB in November and have been able to complete everything but the "Cruise Personalizer" circle on the app. Still shows no green circle. On Princess our names are green indicating all is done (I guess!). Have even been able to order our Medallions without problem. That lack of a green circle is bugging me tho - has anyone else had this issue and if so what did you do to rectify it? Thanks!
  3. Where on your cruise personalizer did you see the coupon book? Looking and can't find where to see it 🙂
  4. When we went, my daughter and I dressed smart casual (dress, dressy pants and top type of stuff). We probably were overdressed, but that's the way we roll 🙂
  5. Guess it's just a wait and see at this point!
  6. Just got off the chat with Princess and they say it depends on the 3rd party who is offering the excursion if it is available earlier. They still say that the ones in the area we will be won't be ready until 120 days out. Thanks and hope you have a great cruise when you go!
  7. I would probably do the Skechers, the flip flops (poolside) and the jewel embellished sandals (they could go with anything including the black pants for me 😉 ) - shoes are the hardest!
  8. Haven't ever had a cut onboard but if it were me I would get it fixed before I left on my vacation - otherwise you are going to feel like you have a bad haircut until you get it done, and there isn't any guarantee that the one onboard will be any better. If this is the first time you have seen this stylist, call the owner of the salon and either get it fixed or get your money back. I would go in with my hair dry and unstyled so they can see how it looks. No excuse for someone doing that to you!
  9. We are booked on this exact trip this coming November - will post when we get back 🙂
  10. Which cruise were you on that you could do that? We are headed to the Circle in November and would love to be able to reserve ASAP because I admit it - I am a planning person who wants everything in place EARLY 🙂 .
  11. The other thing is, you have to be about 120 days out from boarding for the excursions to show in your personalizer so you can reserve them.
  12. Thank you - i knew they had that but it looked like you got your dinner off the regular menu - thus my confusion.
  13. the menu for your balcony dinner looks great! Is that something anyone can order up, or do you need to be in a suite to get it delivered from the MDR? The room service menu I saw sure doesn't look that good 🙂
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