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  1. Usually both. On a couple of cruises when we did not purchase Cheers in advance, we were able to purchase it right by the Atrium bar on Embarkment Day. There is someone posted up ready to sign people up. We've also purchased it at one of the Lido deck bars too.
  2. That is true if it's a true side to side (meaning getting off of one Carnival ship and getting on another one the same day). We had a unique situation where we decided to spontaneously schedule a 4 day "pre-cruise cruise" on the Carnival Liberty the week before our 8 day on the Carnival Magic in January 2022. Problem was the Liberty cruise was ending on a Friday and the Magic was not until the next day. So we checked with Carnival and they would not agree to test us for the Magic cruise since we were getting off the Liberty the day BEFORE. We ended up just canceling the Liberty and instead switched to the Magic the week before for a true B2B. 🙂
  3. My buddy just got off the Pride yesterday and he said that there was Crown at all the bars; even Crown Apple. There was also plenty in the Fun Shops to purchase to take home.
  4. Huh? So Carnival is no longer serving Crown Royal products on their boats at all? WT entire F? I mean why can't they like offer both Crown Royal and Jack Daniels? Makes no sense to me! Sorry, just venting at the situation, not shooting the messenger. 🙂 lol I guess that means more trips to the Alchemy bar for my upcoming January cruises (well, I usually spend a lot of time there as it is so that wouldn't be much of a hardship)! 😁😆 First World problems huh? lol
  5. This happened some years ago so some of the details are blurry but the gist of the problem was that her birth certificate was valid for a closed loop cruise which is when you start from a port in the US and return to the same port in the US on that same cruise ship. In this instance she was trying to fly back to the states from Belize so therein was the problem. She did not have a passport. And due to the delay in getting medivaced back to the US she had to endorse some not so ideal medical accommodations and treatment in Belize (which is a very poor country). I understand that the cost of passports for a family of 4 or more can add up but if you plan to travel out of country it just makes sense (to me) to have a passport. But, like everything else, everyone has to do their own risk assessment to help them make their decision on whether or not to travel without one. Happy sailing all!
  6. I hear ya but I had a cousin who went on a cruise with just a birth certificate and she got so sick in Belize that she had to be hospitalized. Needless to say, it took her over a month and thousands of dollars and help from the State Department before she got back home. Get a passport folks; it's makes traveling overseas much, much easier.
  7. Most bars will serve you whatever you order but there are some specialty bars that only serve certain types of drinks. For example, the Alchemy bar is a martini bar. They will make drinks other than what's on their menu but they use high end alcohol and they don't make your typical basic bar drinks. Like you can't order a tequila sunrise or rum and coke there. But you can say "make me something with gin and strawberries" and they will concoct a special drink with those ingredients.
  8. Oh man, gotta love the "patting themselves on the back" folks that love to come on the forum to brag about how much of an "angel" they are for tipping beyond the prepaid gratuities. Many of them also love to look down on those "devils" that have the "audacity" to not tip after every drink. Those halos must feel heavy on their heads. Tipping is a matter of personal choice. No one is OBGLIGATED to tip beyond what is already auto added to the price of the drinks. Also, prepaid gratuities is just that...PREPAID, meaning that tips are ALREADY included. This is Carnival's way of helping you tip without HAVING to add anything more. If you choose to add more, ain't nothing wrong with that either; to each his/her own. I wish people would find something better to do with their life than trying to shame others that don't think like them. It's one of the biggest problems in this country today.
  9. I hear ya about driving to Miami. We've driven down there twice from VA and we vow to NEVER make that drive again. We hit the FLA line and still have another 6 hours to reach Miami. Not a good time! lol
  10. I've never flown the first 3 airlines but I've heard many complaints about them. We used to LOVE JetBlue and we still fly it now but the service seems to have gone down the last couple of years or so. As for the other luxury airlines, we'll fly any of them depending on price and flights available but our least favorite is American Airlines; we've had a few issues with them over the years with delays and cancellations so they are like a last resort for us.
  11. Yesterday after reading this thread I went to the Carnival site and did a mocking booking for the 9/4 sailing on the MG and sure enough DW and I could have booked a 7 day in a Cove balcony on deck 5 for less than $1100. That was with taxes, prepaid gratuities, and vacation protection included. We didn't book it but that offer was there under my VIPF offer. P.S. we are NOT hardcore gamblers at all.
  12. Yes, you need to call Carnival to have the b2b linked if you booked them separately. We just added a first leg of a b2b months after booking the 2nd leg and the Carnival rep specifically stated that she was linking the bookings in the system. We’re staying in the same cabin both legs too.
  13. Nice pic. My wife and I are good friends of the family of the lead singer (CJ). We cruise with them all the time.
  14. Well BlerkOne…..I totally missed your suggestion of doing the b2b on the same ship but wifey saw it and was shocked that I didn’t try to talk her into this option! So…..we talked it over and decided to switch the Liberty cruise to the 6-day cruise on the Magic that week! So now we are booked on a b2b on the Magic!!! lol We even got the same room for both cruises!! Talk about destiny!!! 😜😂
  15. Yes sir or ma'am, You, BlerkOne, and Brew12 have given me some very good advice on how to handle my situation.
  16. That one is new to me so that works. Now excuse me while I store that one in my mental rolodex to spring on someone on a future thread. 😆
  17. Apology accepted in advance! Now go think up something mean to say and make it good! 😁
  18. Brew12, that is very true. Asymptomatic infections and false positives do occur so getting the test before the end of the first cruise could risk the possibility of a false positive that would cancel the 2nd cruise. And, yes the 2nd cruise is the one we are most looking forward to so I think you're right; we probably should just cancel the 1st one to eliminate that risk factor. We're in VA and the cruises are out of Port Canaveral and in January. We've driven all the way down to Miami a couple of times to catch cruises in the summer but would not even think about driving to FLA in the winter time. Man I swear you can get some very good advice on CC. That is why it's good to have a forum where you can toss around ideas with fellow cruise addicts. You can get a wide variety of ideas and perspectives to help you make decisions on your vacation.
  19. Whoa, whoa, whoa....say it ain't so. So it's not available for pre-order for the room but they still are serving it the bars and it's available for purchase in the Fun Shops right? Inquiring mind wanna know.
  20. Well that's the beauty of being individuals, we don't all assess risks at the same level. 🙂 We are paying thousands of dollars on an 8 day cruise that we really are looking forward to so we think worst case scenario. Getting tested and having results back 1 day before our cruise is not a GUARANTEE. It'll probably happen but if it doesn't we don't get to go on our much anticipated cruise. You might be willing to bet on that but we aren't. Unless Carnival agrees to test us at the end of the first cruise, we're going to cancel that one and just do the second one. We have a couple of months to try to work this out with Carnival. To each his/her own. I brought this scenario to this thread just to present a unique circumstance that someone else may run into while this testing requirement is still in effect. Not looking for sympathy or judgement. We have a plan of action in place. Thanks to everyone for your inputs.
  21. BlerkOne, thanks for the suggestion and especially thanks for starting this thread. It's an important issue for vaccinated cruisers with the new testing requirement. The Magic cruise is our priority so if we're going to cancel either cruise it would be the Liberty cruise. We really are trying to figure out how to keep both cruises but I don't know a way we can do that without running the risk of not getting test results back in time to board the Magic. Again, the protocols could change by then so this all could be moot but we are trying to think ahead and think worst case scenario.
  22. As promised, I am back with the update on my situation in which we are booked to sail on the Liberty 10-14 January 2022 followed by jumping on the Magic the next day, 15 January, for a second cruise. So off the Liberty on Friday and on the Magic on Saturday. Which means we would be in a race against time to get tested for the 2nd cruise. Well, the Carnival rep basically told me that the only option we have it to schedule somewhere in Port Canaveral to get a COVID test on January 14th so that we can get tested after we disembark the Liberty that morning. Right now, Carnival is offering onboard testing to back-to back cruisers and unvaccinated cruisers. There is no exception for people in our rare situation. So, we have until 27 October to make our Final Payment on the Liberty cruise (the 2nd cruise on the Magic is already paid in full). Wifey and I will make a decision before then on whether or not to cancel the Liberty cruise; which was just a 4 day "relaxation cruise" we booked spontaneously to satisfy our cruising itch before our big 8 day on the Magic. I told the rep that I understood Carnivals current policy and I know that the rules may even change by then but I also recommended that Carnival think about offering onboarding testing for those rare situations like ours where cruisers may be getting off one Carnival ship with a day or two between cruises. We really don't want to run around Port Canaveral the day before the 2nd cruise trying to get a test and hoping we'll get the results back before boarding the Magic the next day. Considering that these are both Carnival cruises, it seems like they would be willing to help us with the testing requirement for the 2nd leg.
  23. That would be cutting it too close for us. We don't want to risk not making our cruise on the Magic due to delays in getting results the day before we board. Also, what if the Liberty gets back late? That would be even less time to get tested before boarding the Magic the next day.
  24. Brew12, the PVP suggestion is a very good idea; thanks for suggesting that! We have been on so many cruises that my wife, who is very thorough, usually takes care of all of our bookings but this is indeed a unique circumstance. We'll call back to get set up with a PVP who can run this down for us. Thanks again for that great suggestion! As Ontheweb stated, it would not be beneficial to Carnival for us to have to cancel a cruise because we can't get tested for the next cruise; I'd think they would want to work with us. We shall see and I'll report back once we get a definitive answer.
  25. I am the one that asked that question about getting tested before our cruise on the Magic in January when we are booked on the Liberty the week before that sailing (we get off the Liberty on Friday and get on the Magic the next day). I called Carnival and the rep, while very nice, was not very helpful. She didn't know the answer to my inquiry so she emailed another department and was eventually told that we need to go to the Guest Services desk once we board the Liberty and ask if they would test us before disembarkment so that we'd be good for boarding the Magic the next day. That of course is not a good answer. We have decided to wait until close to Final Payment date for the Liberty (which is October 27) to see if the protocols beyond October change as far as testing requirements for vaccinated cruisers. If not, we'll probably just cancel the Liberty cruise (a 4 day cruise) and just go on the Magic (an 8 day cruise that is already paid in full).
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