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  1. Bob7, thank you for this very informative review. We will have a family group on Horizon in June. This information was very helpful and I have made notes. I’m very glad you enjoyed your cruise.
  2. I have made our dinner reservations for our upcoming cruise to Alaska on the Bliss. But I go back in periodically to see if more desirable times have popped up. For several weeks I noticed that Cagney’s and more recently Ocean Blue have a notation that says: Not available to book. I, of course, assumed there were no more online bookings available. For some reason tonight I clicked on Cagney’s anyway and to my surprise several days came up with availability. Same with Ocean Blue. Savor had the same “Not available to book” message and sure enough once you clicked on it, there was a message that it was unavailable to book and to check back or book once on board. So you might want to click on restaurants showing “Not available to book” in case there are some actual bookings available.
  3. Thank you very much. Has been very helpful.
  4. Once the ship arrives at a port and is cleared for passengers to depart, you can leave when you like.
  5. njhorseman, my inexperience as a poster is showing. I did not know that my quoting you and adding a statement is construed as a correction to your post. That was not my intent. I quoted you because my statement related to the topic of excursion discounts. I wanted to list exactly which Latitudes tiers received the 10% excursion discount for readers who might not know. I am sorry for any confusion I may have caused.
  6. Silver, Gold and Platinum get a 10% discount.
  7. Once we had 4 Platinums in our suite, but only had one Welcome Back set of meal vouchers. I went to the area responsible for this, explained we had 4 Platinums and got another set of vouchers. I actually think it was the Cruise Next desk. I knew we were entitled to the extra set of vouchers because of the great information I read here on this forum.😊
  8. On ships like Bliss that don’t have Moderno, what restaurant is substituted on the LaCucina/Moderno Platinum voucher?
  9. Very informative report. Thank you very much for taking the time to share your experiences. So glad you had a great cruise.
  10. No, not late at all. We cruise in September. Thank you very much.
  11. Thank you very much for providing this info. We have 4 Platinum cruisers in one cabin and thought we would be limited to one set of Specialty dinner vouchers. Based on this info we will be entitled to two sets of vouchers. That is great news.
  12. Excellent informative review. Made notes for our upcoming Alaska cruise on the Bliss. I think I read that this is the time of year with very long daylight hours. Did that impact you in any way? Arrival in Victoria is late. Was it still daylight?
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