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  1. On ‎12‎/‎30‎/‎2018 at 6:10 PM, mertziek said:

    In Dunedin, we did the Taieri Gorge train and City Sites combo tour with Good Company Tours. Very good tour and cheaper than doing a ship tour.  Our ship tour was on a train that went to the same area we did.  Spectacular scenery!  And the ship tour did not do the city tour like we did.


    In Tauranga, we did the Hobbits and Geysers Shore Tour with Cruise Tauranga.  A very busy and very interesting day.  Loved seeing the Geysers and a bit of Maori culture added in at Te Puia and then walking through Hobbiton where much of the Lord of the Rings was filmed.  Finished with an ale at the Green Dragon and on our trip back got to see the “Misty Mountains,”. Again, two different sites for less than seeing one via the cruise ship.


    both tour companies are very aware of getting you back to the ship on time so no fears about that!

    In Dunedin, did Good Company pick you up at the pier or did you need to get yourself to another meeting point?  Thanks!

  2. My husband did one of those sleep studies and, yes, he was diagnosed with sleep apnea. He told the doctor who was giving him the sales pitch for the machine that he would never get to sleep with that mask on.


    After a bit of an argument, the doctor told him that there is a dental device, but he said they don’t work. He went to the dentist - you have to find one that makes them. Not all dentists do.


    He got it and works like a dream - pun intended [emoji12]. After listening to him snore forever, I was able to get rid of my earplugs! We both get a good nights sleep. It’s so much easier to travel with. It’s no more trouble than dentures. There is a case that doubles as a soaker for cleaning, and the cleaner comes in small packets.


    He’s very happy with it.



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    What is the dental device called? Thanks for any information!


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  3. Princess Cays is not really a resort. It is an area that is used by Princess Cruises for some of their cruises. Private Island experience for beach and beach activities without having to pay extra on another island. You tender in and spend your time where and how you wish to. It is a very nice area with loungers, water activities (extra charge) and beach barbeque options. We were there in March of this year and they had added a few food trucks which was nice for a variety. Could do the BBQ-burgers, hot dogs, etc and the food trucks too. Princess has added more excursions then offered in the past but think of it as your day at the beach day. We don't snorkel so can't answer that nor have we walked beyond the boundaries of the Princess area.


    We have been going to Princess Cays for a long time and it's fun to see how this place has changed. Enjoy your day and cruise!

  4. As someone who has dealt with music and film rights on many levels, you were given an oversimplified explanation in hopes that it would pacify your curiosity. Believe me, the last thing anyone wants to do is count song rotations 24 hours a day.



    No need to get snarky. Glad you know it all. Give up trying to offer any help. That is what is wrong with cruise critic. Everyone thinks they are THE expert.

  5. Thanks for taking us with you! We were supposed to be on this cruise but had to reschedule due to home responsibilities. Our son had surgery and both Grandma's are having medical issues so we thought it better to push it back. It was fun to join you and can't wait to be back on the Royal Princess in March after sailing her January 2016. Thanks again for the great review!

  6. I just got done serving on Federal Jury Duty and had some conflicts which they were more than accommodating to excuse me on those dates.


    For the trial I was selected to be on the jury, one guy didn't show up and the Judge assured us all that guy would be showing up in front of him and paying dearly for not appearing!


    Glad my term is now over since I served on a jury but it was a learning experience.

  7. On the letter we received telling us that we were picked to do the tour also included instructions. Part of the instructions included a dress code which everyone followed except one young lady. The longest pants she had was a workout outfit that came to her mid calf. The crew had a discussion as to whether she could go on the tour or not.......they let her go.


    My previous post was to warn the OP about the dress code we were expected to follow. If others didn't have a dress code, good for them. I surely would have like to wear shorts instead of long pants as it was in the mid 80's that day. :D




    That was our thoughts too. It was hot in some of those places and we were the only ones in long pants! I think the staff was thrown off my the late couple who could of cared less that they held the rest of us up. They also took pictures everywhere, even though we were told not too. Someone finally told them at the end they couldn't and they still didn't follow the rules.

  8. If you do book the tour, there is a dress code. No sandals, no high heels, no shorts, no skirts, etc. You are to wear long pants and regular shoes such as gym shoes. Oh, and do please wear a shirt or blouse. :D

    There is a lot of walking and standing......sometimes you will use the elevator and sometimes the stairs. Another thing I should mention.....no potty break.


    We did this tour on the Coral and thought it was worth every penny of the cost. The goody bag was worth as much or more than the cost of the tour. The plush bathrobe alone is priced at $90, if you were to buy it in the gift shop.


    We did this tour on the Coral in February and my hubby and I were the only ones in long pants and closed shoes. One couple was extremely late and didn't have the waivers signed. Felt pretty out of place with everyone else in shorts and sandals. No one said a word so not sure if they actually require the dress code. We did enjoy the tour very much!

  9. I also enjoyed your reviews and hope you continue to post about your awesome adventure. You have become my new favorite read every day so I'll miss that.


    We have sailed on the Oasis and Allure and discovered balconies on the original Regal Princess back in 1991 so I appreciate your comparison comment to the Allure. Can't wait to cruise on the Royal Princess in January, 2016 and know that cruising is constantly changing to adapt to today's passengers. There are things I wish would stay the same but also appreciate new things as well. Every day at sea and on a ship is truly an awesome day.


    Safe travels home and thanks again for allowing us to join you on your adventures!

  10. KruzPrincess: Thanks for letting us tag along with you on your cruise. You can't tolerate the heat because you're from Minnesota! Ha! If you would be so kind to post your patters from this cruise, I would really appreciate it. We are doing this same cruise in January and reading the Patters makes the time go by faster.


    Thanks and enjoy the rest of your cruise(s).


    South Dakota

  11. If you are a party of 2, I prefer the corner bumpout cabins (B416 for example). Yes, the balcony is a bit smaller, but the central location and expanded viewing field make up for that easily.


    I second the vote for the corner bumpout and B416. We have been in both A416 and B416 and loved the location. Enjoy the Coral and PC.

  12. Thanks for trying everyone but it seems that only cruisers on the Norwegian Epic (for NCL cruises) have the ability to order after the fact. Pride of America does not have the face recognition softwear for photos so no photo kiosks to view your pictures from so I'm guessing nothing is saved after the cruise.


    Guess it's a lesson my friend learned-never throw anything away until you get home!


    Thanks again and happy sailing!

  13. From what I have read in the past ( about 6 months old ), the answer would be NO :(


    There is a lot of frustration about this and I "think" on some other cruise line you can.


    Maybe some day they will do something about it...but for now, the memory cards from the onboard photographer are emptied on a daily basis and that's it.


    That's what I was afraid of. Had a friend who thinks she might have thrown away her photos by accident when cleaning some papers while still on-board or else she flat out forgot them. She's not sure!


    Thanks for replying.

  14. St. Martin it docks in Phillipsburg

    St. Thomas WICO Havensight

    Nassau, main docking area (not sure it's real name)


    St. Thomas and Nassau have shopping right outside where the boat docks and St. Martin is about a 10 - 15 minute walk. There are taxis everywhere so if you don't want to walk you can just grab a ride.


    Thanks for the info! Really appreciate it!

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