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  1. Also curious if the ships carry any non-alcohol wines. Yes, there are some reasonable ones.
  2. I'll second the motion and suggest someone start of separate "footstool" thread for interested parties to share. 🙄
  3. Where does Celebrity advertise footstools in Aqua Class? I was just looking at the Celebrity website and couldn't find any mention of footstools. Are you saying that this used to be advertised but no longer is?
  4. Welcome to Cruise Critic. Anyone remember the time when this Equinox Revolution thread was about the significant upgrades intended for Equinox, those which could not be accomplished due to the shift in dry dock and the final result? I never realized that some items, such as table sizes on the veranda and whether a bottle of so-so sparkling wine was found in the cabin, are of similar significance. 😕
  5. In the past, a suite benefit (maybe in all cabins?) was a "pillow menu" so you could request pillows with varying degrees of softness/firmness, etc. Maybe with the "revolution", they will offer a "mattress menu"! 😎
  6. Didn't you at least get the new mattress & linens in the CS?
  7. Has anyone confirmed whether the RFID technology has been installed (& working) or not?
  8. Looks like the ships' deck plans are a "work in progress". For example, looking at the Equinox's Retreat sundeck via the date-range selection, the layout likely reflects what was done versus what the old "Solstice Deck" previously showed. But the Silhouette's deck plans (next to be "Revolutionized") still shows the same layout for the "before" & "after" dates... with just a renaming. I'm guessing they'll figure out what to show when plans are solid or finished. And the Equinox "post" date version also appears to reflect what was NOT done this time around... such as postponed changes to Sky Lounge area, iLounge removal, etc. Silhouette's deck plans still show those changes. Time will tell.
  9. One item in the above news article states the following: Digital enhancements across the ship, such as the addition of RFID lock technology and Xcelerate WiFi, as well as the brand’s industry-first facial recognition technology with the implementation of the Celebrity Cruises app, allowing smooth port arrival and expedited boarding, plus additional features including guest-to-guest chat and digital room keys. Can anyone now on board Equinox comment on whether these new technology upgrades are working... including the RFID locks and facial recognition technology? (Not sure what's that all about.)
  10. Just saw this "news" item posted yesterday on Cruise Critic. I assume this is mostly, if not completely, accurate. https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/4151/
  11. This morning the Port Everglades webcam appears to show two cranes next to Equinox. Can't tell for sure from this angle, but wonder if some last minute updates are being completed.
  12. This terminal is just temporary. Equinox is docking at terminal 19 today but shifting to terminal 25 for embarkation.
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